(Be Careful With My Heart… )



Raphael stared at his phone for a while and shrugged at whatever thought was coming to his mind before entering his house

He switched on the lights as he walked to his room and into his bathroom tiredly. He left the bathroom minutes later with a towel which he used to dry his hair

” Is she asleep already?” He asked, staring at his phone on the bed

It was strange that she wasn’t even sending him a text

” Work must be hectic for her ” he sighed, falling on the bed

He picked up his phone and began going through Cerlia’s pictures on his phone..

Staring at their pictures together gave him excess joy..


She meant more than the world to him and he was ready to marry her.

? Goodnight ?…

He sent to her before tossing his phone away and closing his eyes. It was a long day already for him


” I miss you ” Exton said, kssing Cerlia

” Or you miss my pvsy?” She teased

” Well, I miss both ” he grinned naughtily and she giggled

He was sleeping over and she was happy about it..

She loves Raphael no doubt but she needed money to take care of herself and her parents since Raphael couldn’t afford all what she needed

Exton had the money and he was ready to take care of her even though he knew she had a boyfriend but that didn’t stop him either

” You don’t get tired do you? ” She chuckled, getting ontop of him, straddling him

” Of course I don’t get tired ” he replied squeezing her à$s softly as she kssed him

His hands moved into her bI.ouse touching her bbs teasingly while she mo..àned

” It’s gonna be a long night for us baby ” he said, flipping her around

” Anticipating ” she bit her lips se..ductively, feeling wetness between her Iegs as he teased her tips with his fingers




The air around the mansion turned cold as the wtch laughed loudly, her laughter echoing and slowly turning into a shrill cry across the mansion

The maids shivered in fright in their rooms as the wtch laugh loudly not caring if it was late or not

They still couldn’t get use to the way she laughed.. she was at it again, laughing at the middle of the night when she ought to be sleeping..

The maids only complained in their rooms cause none of them had the guts to say anything about the way she always scares them at night

She sighed loudly when the movie came to an end

” I wish you didn’t end.. ” she muttered, checking the wall clock

” Still 1am? ” She sigh again and stood up.

” I need to sleep now..”

She switched off the TV before heading directly to her room to sleep. She fell on her bed and Immediately, sleep came without warning



” Argghh!!!! ” A maid screamed as she got into Godiva’s room

” And who could be so unfortunate this early morning? ” Godiva yelled, opening her eyes which fell on a maid

They just ruined her pretty sleep

The maid had come to clean her room when she saw the snakes on Godiva’s bed and out of fear, she had to scream

” You just had to be the unlucky one this morning ” She shook her head at the maid

” Just pack your things and leave..” she said standing from her bed and the girl immediately went on her knees

She glanced at the time and exhaled when she realized it few minutes to 8am..

She looked back at the girl who was still kneeling and a frown creased her forehead

” Did I stutter young lady? I just said leave..” she said but the girl burst into tears

” I don’t wanna loose my job ma’am..” She pleaded .

” Lydiiia ..” Godiva shouted at the top of her voice and Lydia ran into her room but she staggered slightly when she saw Godiva’s bedspread

” Take her out of this house..” she said and most of the maids rushed into her room..

” Argghh!! ” Some of the maids screamed while some fainted at the sight of the snakes

” All of them are FIRED ” she said sternly before turning to a girl who stood at a corner looking all scared

She was gonna scream too like the rest of the maid but she lost her voice that moment and that seemed to save her else she was gonna loose her job like the rest of the maids

” Clean my bedroom..” Godiva said to the girl and walked out of the room.

Lydia shook her head, sighing softly

” She’s only getting worst ” She sighed again, looking at the bedspread before leaving the room too



Exton stood up from Cerlia’s body and entered the bathroom

They were just through with their morning make out

She got a shirt from her wardrobe and put on before leaving for the kitchen to make him breakfast..

She set the table before walking back to her room to meet Exton already dressed

” You’re dressed!!. I made your favorite dish ” she said, kssing him

He broke the kss seconds later and held her waist as they headed to the dining

She made him seat and sat next to him

” Aren’t you gonna join me?” He asked

” I will, when I clean up.. I smell like cvm right now ” she replied and he laughed

” I’m not complaining. Moreover It’s no big deal since it’s mine anyway ” He grinned

” You’re something else entirely ” she laughed

They were done in minutes and Exton stood up

” I’ll call you when I get to the office.. ” he told her and she nodded.

He kssed her lips, then her hair

” See you tomorrow baby..” he said and she smiled at him as she watch him leave the house..


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