Authored By Raynolds Agbenyenu

Episode 1

Wife: Tilly come take your breakfast it’s getting cold.

Tilly: I wanna take it with dad together on the dinning table.

Dad: Tilly baby, I’ll soon join you dear, go start it.

Tilly: okay daddy.

Dad joins Tilly no sooner after she got to the table.

Tilly: Dad, my tea is too hot.

Dad: Sorry dear, let me cool it down a little for you.

Wife joins from the kitchen.

Tilly: Mum are we going to school tomorrow?

Wife: No baby, you will go to school soon but not now OK.

Tilly: Okay mum.

Wife goes to the kitchen to pick something.

Tilly: I love you dad, you are not like the uncle who comes here when you go to work. He does not eat on the dinning table, he eats with mum in your room.

Dad in shock, stops taking the breakfast and sighs.

Wife: Honey you ain’t eating your food, are you OK?
Why the sudden mood swing?

Dad: I’m good dear I just lost appetite.

Wife: should I make something else for you?

Dad: not really babe, I think I’ll eat later. (He leaves the table)

Tilly: Mum, why did daddy stop eating? Is he sick?

Wife: Daddy is fine, he needs to do something inside.

Later that evening, Dad was watching TV in the hall.
Tilly runs to him.

Dad: Tilly baby, have you taken your bath already.

Tilly : Yes daddy.

Dad: good girl. So tell me, do you know the uncle who comes here any time I go to work?

Tilly: Yes daddy, one day he left something on the table so I took it and use it to play, it’s in my school bag.

Dad: Go and bring it.
(Tilly brings a voters ? that fell from the said Uncle’s wallet)

Tilly: This is it dad.

Dad: Good girl, is that the only thing he left here?

Tilly: yes dad

Mum walks in from the bedroom.

Mum: Daddy and daughter, what are you guys discussing.

Dad: Quickly he replied, we are watching movie and discussing it.

Mum: Smiles and asked Tilly to come for her medicine.

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