REMEMBER ME: Episode 1-10


?By Authoress Anita?


Nicolas, an intelligent and only son to the former president of Malawi, falls deeply and madly inlove with a poor girl Sophie whose parents forbid her from falling in love with a rich guy.

Nicolas is tormented coz of his one sided love and his life is turned into a total mess. His bright future is in verge of turning as black as a smouldeling pot and only Sophie can give him back his normal life.

Will sophie accept Nicolas love and disobey her parents advice?

Why did her parents advise her not to fall in love with a rich guy?

Why is the story tittle remember me?

Let’s find out together in this very interesting story.



?Episode One?

?by authoress Anita?

I just finished tying my shoe laces whn mom called me.
“Nicolas, what are you still doing up there? “She said.
“I am already done”i said as i rushed down the stairs.
Mom and dad were already having their breakfast.
“Morning dad”I said while seating beside him.
“Morning my prince charming”said dad while chewing the meat with his mouth open. Gosh, my dad doesnot behave as if he was once a president of this country.
“Eat up the two of you or you will be late to your schedules”mom cautioned.
“Don’t worry, we won’t be even a second late, not so son? “Fa said while shoving a spoon full of rice.
“Daddy is right”I said while taking a sip of my drink.
“I am done”I said as I picked my school bag.
“Have a nice day”mom pecked me.
“Where is my own peck? “Dad said with puppy eyes.
“Are you jealous? “Mom asked.
“Mom, now its obvious that you married a jealous husband”I said and they they laughed.
“Son, let’s not keep the drivers waiting, “dad said and we both matched out of the house.


As soon as I stepped out of my car, I spotted Promise, my best friend.
“Hi buddy”he said as I approached.
“Hey, where is your angel? “I asked.
“There she comes, jenny, why are you coming just now? “Promise asked Jenny.
“I was with sophie, you arleady know what happens when i am with sophie”she said with a smile.
“Who is Sophie? “I asked.
“She is our best friend, you have not yet met her”she said.
“So guys, lets go in”Promise said and we all entered the main building.


I just finished sweeping when mom called me.
“You called for me”i said.
“Yes, take tgis money and buy me a packet of salt”she said while handing m some cash.
“I will be back soon”i said as i took the money and run off.


Mr smith, the minister of finance, entered his house only to find his wife sullen.
“My wife, you look sad”he said.
“My husband, its our daughter, it been five days but she is not yet home”she said.
“Is that all? Excuse me”hhe tried to wall away.
“My husband, is that all you can say? Am talking about our teen age daughter here”she said.
“Do i look as if i care? Is it her first time to sleep outside the house? I am tired “he went upstairs.


I was on my way back from the errand when Daniel broke my way.
“Hi sophie”he said but i didn’t respond.
“Don’t you wanna talk to me? “He said. Just then he grabbed my hand.

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