REMEMBER ME: Episode 11-20


?Episode Eleven?

?By Authoress Anita?

Those words,those words really hurts a lot,those words made me totally lose myself. My whole world has now crumbled.

We wrote out mock examination last week,but to be honest,I don’t even know what I wrote coz it’s been long since I last studies.

“Nicolas,your sleeping inclass again,what’s wrong with you?”asked the teacher.
“I am not feeling well,I have a bad headache”I said.
“Should I call your driver?”the teacher asked and I didn’t hesitate but say yes.

In no time,my driver come and picked me up.
“Young master,this is very strange,no matter how sick you’re,you’ve never skipped classes,this is the first time”my driver said.
“It’s strange right?I don’t even understand myself. Uncle,what happened when your in a one sided love?”I asked and he looked at me.

“It’s really painful,one might go insane”he said.

“Yes,I feel as if am now insane”I said.”uncle,I am in that kind of love”I said.
“Young master,I thought you said that you will never fell in love till you graduate”he said.
“Love is something powerful,on this girl,I don’t think I can wait till I graduate”I said.
“But have you confessed?”asked my driver.
“No,it’s not easy to confess to her. She hates rich people “I said.
“Young master,it’s better to confess than bearing the pain all by yourself. No matter what the result will be,just try and confess”the driver said and he gave me some courage.

“Okey,I and promise will help you,we cannot bare to see you kill yourself all coz of a girl”Jenny said.
“Yes,we’ve known Sophie for over 12 years now and it will be very hard for you to win her heart on your own”said promise.
“Thank you very much,I really appreciate”said promise.


I was at the river with Jenny .
“Today the weather is so cool”I said.
“Yap,your right”said Jenny.
“How is school?”I asked.
“Mmh,school is fine,but am worried about Nicolas”she said.
“What about Nicolas?”I asked.
“There is this girl that he like but he cannot confess”she said.
“That’s too bad,why can’t he just confess instead of bearing the pain all by himself?”I said.
“It’s not easy,do you know that ,that intelligent boy score 45%in our weekly test? this girl is killing him slowly”Jenny said.
“That’s too bad. He must confess,who cannot accept such an intelligent,hundsome boy?Nicolas is perfect in everything and no girl in her right mind will reject him”I said.

?she just said no girl In her right mind?does that mean she,herself is mad?

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