REMEMBER ME: Episode 21-30


?episode twenty one?

?By Authoress Anita?

“In my live,I’ve never disobeyed my parents before,but because of you,I have no choice. Nick,don’t ever make me regret my decision. Don’t just use me and dump me please”she pleaded.

“Don’t worry,your are safe in my arms,I will treat you like an egg”I said.
“One more thing,I will never forgive you if you fail your exams”she said.
“I promise to pass with flying colors”I said.

“Here,I heard that you’ve not been eating lately. Here”she said while handing me a snack.
“Thank you Sophie”I said.
“Now,as a commander of your life,go home and study”she said as she hug me,gosh my joy knows no bounds now.
“Bye”she said before walking away.


“what the Lord has done for me,is just so hard to tell,what the Lord has done for me,is just the hard to tell”I said as I walk into the house.
“Young master,you look happy”said our chef.
“Aunt Becky,prepare me all the delicious meals I’ve missed”I said.
“Okey sir,I will be done soon”she said before walking to the kitchen.
“Nicolas,what’s this with your strange mood?”mom said while walking down the stairs.
“Don’t you like my new mood,should Invite back my recent mood!”I asked my mom.
“No,this mood suits you better,this is the son that I know”mom said happily.
“Mom,dad I promise that I won’t disappoint you,I will pass it flying colors”I said.
“That’s my boy”dad said with a smile.
“I will be upstairs”I said as I walk away singing”nalekelemo”

That night I studied hard and did well throughout the whole exams.


“Nicolas,you look happy these days,what is the cause?”asked promise
“It’s a secret”I said.
“A secret that you cannot share with your best friends?”asked Jenny
“Yap”I said with a smile. Just then Sophie approached us.

“Hi guys”said Sophie.
“Hi”chorused promise and Jenny.
“Hi Nick”she said shyly.
“Hi angel”I said with a smile.promise and Jenny looked at us for a while.
“Can someone explain what’s happening here?”said Jenny.
“What else is there to explain when the answer is right in front of you?”I said while putting my arm around Sophie’s waist.
“Jesus!so,you guys are now…. I wonder what could out a smile on Nicolas face if it was not Sophie”said Jenny.
“Yap,finally she is mine and mine forever”I said while holding her more tight.

“Hey,don’t hold her that tight as if your afraid that she will run away from you, she’s arleady yours”promise teased and we all laughed.

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