REMEMBER ME: Episode 31-40


?episode thirty one?

?By Authoress Anita?

She sat down at a corner ,holding the blood stained towel tightly

I looked at her and could feel nothing but guilty over my actions.
“Sophie,am so sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you”I said
“Shut up!just shut up!!!”she yelled in tears,I could feel the anger and hatred in her voice.

“Sophie,I don’t know what come over me. Please forget me”I pleaded.
“Nick,get out!!I do not want to see you,just get out!!”she yelled the more.

I looked at her for a while,before walking out of the room.

?down stairs?

“Nick,what took you so long?”asked promise.
“Nothing,just that it was hard to find the dress”I lied
“Where is Sophie?”asked Jenny.
“She is still changing,she will be here soon”I said.

In like 30 minutes,Sophie walked down the stairs. Many eyes were on her. Of course I must admit,my girlfriend is so beautiful.

She sat a little far from me.
“Sophie,why are you silent?”asked Jenny.
“It’s nothing”said Sophie.
“Have you been crying?”she added.
“It’s nothing thing Jenny”repeated Sophie.

Just then my eyes met with her’s,she looked away.
“Sophie,Nick,can someone tell me what going on between the two of you,the mood is strange”promise said.

“I need to go home,I think it’s arleady past five”she said. I checked my watch and it was past three but I didn’t want to stop her.
“Dad,Sophie is leaving”I said.
“Really?why so fast? Sophie,promise me that though Nick won’t be around. You will visit me”dad said
“I will sir”she said.
“I will see her out”I said holding her hand.



“Lima,have you packed everything he needs?”I asked one of the bodyguards.
“Yes sir”he said.
“Where is Nicolas now?”I asked.
“In his room”he said and I went upstairs.

I knocked on the door then entered. He just sat on his bed,looking sad.
*Nick,what is it again?”I asked him
“Dad,I will miss Sophie so Mich”he said,then he hold my hand.
“Dad,please do me a favour,whilst am away,look after Sophie for me. She is the only girl I will ever love in my life”he said
“If you love her that much,I will treat her like my daughter,don’t worry”I said while hugging him


How could he do that to me,why is it that the more I try to hate him the more I love him? Sophie,forget it,it’s all in the past now.
No, but what he did..

“Sophie,promise is outside”mom said and I rushed out
“Sophie,Nicolas is waiting for you at ..

Before he could finish his sentence,I was arleady on my way to the river.

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