Authoress: Racheal Dennis.



A 22 year old graduate, she’s from morfield, a small town. All her life she’s always wanted to be a game designer, always looking for opportunity to leave her small town. Finally the opportunity comes and fortunately for her the opportunity lands her in San Francisco. She left morfield even with her mother’s disagreement, but getting to San Francisco, she found out she’s being scammed. What is she going to do in a place where she knows nobody??


A 26 years old bachelor, the youngest billionaire in San Francisco. He’s a little cold but a great workaholic, he hates women who throws themselves at him.
His three rules are (1) Never speak at work (2) Never enter my room without my permission (3) I never want to find you under my sheets………..

Follow CLAIRE and KILLIAN in their twisted love story……….


? Living with my boss?

By: Racheal Dennis.

Chapter 1

? Knight in shinning armour ?

? Claire’s POV ?

“Finally” I exclaimed.

“This is it!. San Francisco! The building are so tall!” I said bouncing in excitement.
The cab driver grunts in reply.

” I’m sorry, I’m just so excited. I’m from morfield, a really, really small town upstate where everyone knows, everyone. I made it my life’s mission to got out of there”. I explained.

Plus, I landed the internship of my dream! I’m starting at Knight Gaming tomorrow!”I blabbed on.

“Woah, that big Gaming company” the cab driver asked.

“Yes! The biggest. And the best part is I managed to rent a cute apartment just a block away! Everything is perfect” I paused but resume instantly

” Say, is it normal for landlords to ask for a year’s worth of rent upfront?”.

I was expecting a reply from the cab driver, but instead the cab stopped.

” We’re here” he said.

I looked out of the window expectantly but there’s nothing outside just an empty plot of land.

” Ermm, are you sure? There’s nothing here…..” I trail off.

“It’s the address you gave me” the driver replied.

Oh my God, what should I do now? I don’t know anybody here, I brought out my phone from my back pocket.

” J-just let me call my landlord to check real quick” I told the driver.

I quickly dial the number I was given. But there’s no answer.

” I don’t have all day miss dreamer” the driver said, anger laced his words.

” Sorry. I’ll get out thanks”. I got out of the cab and paid the driver, my breathe turns shaky as the cold, harsh truth sink in me.

Was it all just a scam? Was I cheated on my money? I thought to myself.

No, no, no! That was all the savings I had! I poured everything I had into the apartment! And the worst part is………….

My flashback to the conversation I had with my mom before coming to San Francisco.

(Flashback conversation)

” What do you mean you’re moving to San Francisco?!?!” Mom asked me.

” I applied for an internship at one of the biggest Gaming companies in the world, ayingmom and I got it” I told her, looking at her face was void of any expression.

“Why can’t you be happy for me? Do you know how hard it was to get it?”

“You’re going all the way to San Francisco to play games?” Mom roared angrily at me.

Not this again.

“I’m not playing games, mom. I’m designing games. You know it’s my dream to become a game designer she’s getting me angry with all these words she saying to me.
“is that why you got an art degree ?to play with it no, you are not allowed to go there”she said with finality in her voice, but guess what I’m not gonna have any of that ,I must follow my dream

“I’m already 22 !I’m not asking for your permission I’m notifying you, wether I get the job or not , I’m moving to San Francisco and that’s final. Even paid for an apartment already. I’m never coming back to this small town”

There’s a brief moment of silence as we both stare daggers at each other.

” Fine. Go to San Francisco , just don’t come back crying when everything goes wrong. Mom finally said

*’End of flash back.*

Great—– just great —what I’m I going to do now ?I sign frustrated.

speak of the dev1l ,my phone beep.
it’s mom on video call, I can’t let her know what happened to me !calm down,you can do this.i encourage myself.
I answer the video call and put in n my brightest, everything is fine smile. Or so I think—–

“H-hey mom “I tried to be enthusiastic.

“I’m no my way there —“I lied smoothly.

“Hmmm,is something wrong ?I know when you’re lying to me , Claire.”

why is she always thinking the worst of me ? she never think I can make it anywhere

“was I right ? Are you already in trouble ? She asked.

“so, I may have been scammed—the address my landlord gave me was a sham . there’s nothing here–“I told her the truth

“what ? !” she exclaimed

“it’s knew it ! I told you so !you can’t trust_tho__ ”

“got to go mom “I hang up before she gets a chance to say any thing.

Well that was they what to do new ? Suddenly the weather changed.

Great I now it’s raining . I look around for shelter and spot a bar nearby. I drag my luggage and run over to the bar. I enter the bar with my luggage .in tow, it’s almost empty—–
I took a seat at the bar and the bartender takes one look at me

“you look like you need a drink what can I get you ?”he asked

“cocktail”I replied. he poured me one shot ,I carried it and brought it close to my mouth, I’m too miserable to sip it, I just down it all, thinking abou my predicament

“This scotch isn’t so bad . ” I said after taking a sip.

“what did I tell you ?and you didn’t want to come in here “Lucas,my secretary said

“we have to get back to the the office for a meeting with Shanghai at 8.remind me again ,am I your secretary? I asked


“it’s after work hours, and as your secretary, it’s my job to make sure my CEO is taking his well_deserved breaks.

I raised my brows at his silly excuse.
“A bar on one of the shady streets in town? you sure do make the best decision.which reminds me, did you pick out the new housekeeper?” I asked him.

His facial expression changed from goofy to seriousness.

” Ugh, not yet. It’s an absolute chore. You’ve already fired four of them in the last month. Why did you even fire last one? She was hot” he said with a smile.

I shot him a glare and the smile left his face.

“I’m looking for a leave-in housekeeper, Lucas. They’re just there to clean my apartment and run errands nothing more” i paused and frown a little. ” Yet I found her naked in my bed one morning. She invited herself under my sheets. Of course, I chased her out”. I said frowning more as I recall that day.

Lucas laughed but quickly covered it with a cough.

” Wouldn’t blame her for trying to land a shot with the most eligible bachelor of San Francisco” he said.

” Lucas…” I called warningly.

” Sorry boss” he apologized.

I sigh.

” I’m just saying- you’ve been hiring questionable characters. They all seem to have a hidden motive for moving in” I said in clenched jaw.

“If you’re unhappy with the housekeepers I choose, how about you interview one yourself?” He suggested.

” You know I don’t have time for things like that… ”

” Here me out, Killian! Take this time to create a questionnaire for potential housekeepers to do before they apply.” He cleared his throat and lick his dry lips. ” It’ll be an indication of their character and personality…… like those character- based quizzes job candidates have to take” he conclude.

I considers Luca’s suggestion.

” No more rude wake ups to naked gorgeous ladies. The next housekeeper will be purely of your choosing” he smirked.

” Give me that” I took his phone from him and begin to type on it for a bit. ” Here” I give it back to him.

He looked at what I typed and gasped dramatically.

” Why are these questions about classic r©mantic films? And what’s this? Look, Killian, I know you’re the CEO of Knight Gaming, but really? What does becoming your housekeeper have to do with their knowledge of games? He asked utterly surprised.

” It’s my way of figuring out who they are. If anyone gets every question right, he or she is hired. No questions asked” I explained.

” Even if he or she is a serial killer?” He exclaimed almost too loud. I rolled my eyes before taking a sip of his Scotch.

” And keep my identity a secret this time. I don’t want anyone with an ulterior motive” I warned him.

” Now you sound like the serial killer” he said. ” Anyway, the job advert is up, I hope you find the one”

I sigh and nod thoughtfully.


I’m already at my third glass. Getting wasted seems like the right step to take in this situation.

” Hic………..I moved here………. Thinking that my whole life…….., My whole life……hic………was about to change…….but damn it … mom’s right….hic…….. I’m starting my internship tomorrow and I don’t have a place to go or any money left…….” I hiccuped out, the smell of the cocktail fills my nostrils.

The bartender walked up to me.

” Alright, that’s your last cup”. He told me, trying to take the glass of cocktail from me.

Just at that moment,one creepy guy that had been sitting next, to me turned to us.

” Aw put the lovely lady’s drink on my tab. Have some more, sweetheart.” The creepy guy said.

” Wha…..who are you?” I asked my eyes almost dazzling.

His eyes shifts to my luggage.

“is that your luggage?do you not have a place to stay,
Sweet lips? She asked with a sickening smile.
“I have plenty of space of space in my apartment–“he added

Even though I’m wasted, I still know not to trust creepy guys like him. I stood up and pick my luggage and try to walk away without giving him any attention . but he reaches out and grabs my arm.

“aw come on, where are you going, sweetheart ? The creepy asked. And pull me closer to him

All of a sudden , I’m shielded by a towering figure.

“What do you think you are doing?” A male voice boomed, the voice full of authority.

“Step aside, wise a$$. This is none of your business” the creepy guy said.

“She’s clearly not interested” the mysterious guy said in a low growl. Even in my drunken state, I can feel the sudden chill in the air. But with his back turned towards me I can’t see his face. Not that it matters, everything looks fuzzy right now.

“W-w-who are you to say that?, Are you her boyfriend or something?” The creepy guy said in shaky voice.

“Step away” the mysterious guy ordered icely.

“You’re messing with the wrong guy” the creepy tried to be brave. I heard chairs been dragged. I looked around and realized a group of burly men are slowly surrounding me.

The creepy guy has friends! And they’re definitely up to no good. The creepy smirked.

“You’re on my turf and nobody gets in my way of nailing a chick when I’m on my turf” the creep said.

“Fk!” The mysterious guy exclaimed.

The mysterious guy grabs my hand.

“We need to get out of here, don’t let go” he told me.

Maybe it’s the alcohol or the adrenaline, but there’s something electrifying about his touch. His hands feels warm and comforting, I’ve never felt anything like this……. I got goosebumps in my stomach. I listened to him and we make a run for it.

“Thanks” I told him after we successfully escaped from that creepy guy. I try to take a closer look at my savior but I’m too intoxicated to make out his exact features.

“They went that way” a voice shouted from far behind us.

“Oh no, they found us” I lamented.

I’m pressed up against the wall by the mysterious guy. He’s close enough that I can make out the hardness of his body. I feel his hot breath on my face as we both struggle to catch our breath. That and a mix of his earthy cologne were sending my senses into overdrive.

“Sorry, they won’t spot us like this” he explained awkwardly.

I’m suddenly very aware of how close our lips were……… And how my whole world seem to be spinning. Darn those drinks. I instinctively leaned against his hard chest to balance myself. I feel his arms wrapped around my waist protectively, but it’s a gentle, tentative touch.

“Are you okay?” He asked me.

“Not really………. Everything is spinning……….” I stuttered. “I just can’t catch a break can I?, Or is this a sign? Should I just move back to morfield………” He placed a finger on my lips.

“Did we lose them? Fuck! They humiliated me” that creepy guy voice shouted. “Ugh. Whatever, it’s not like that chick was cute anyway”.

I heard the footsteps going away, he removed his finger and take a step away from me. Strangely….. I already miss his warmth.

“I think the coast is clear”

“Sorry I dragged you into this” I apologise. He chuckled softly.

“Are you kidding me? You didn’t deserve that” he fetched his phone from his jacket pocket.

“Let me call Lucas” he said.

“Lucas?” I asked myself confusedly.

“I left my phone behind, I’m going to go back to get some help. Do you think you can stay here by yourself?”

“S-sure…..” I replied unsure.

He lingers for a bit before he runs off. I sink to the ground and try to wrap my head around what just happened. Suddenly that creeps voice came back again.

“Hey, did we check this alley?”

Oh no, not again!

I dash off in the opposite direction, I arrived at a park bench, the cold breeze helps sober me a little as I slump onto it.

Can this day get any worse?

My thought drift back to the mysterious guy who stood up for me. It’s such a pity I didn’t catch his name…..or what he looked like. But thanks to him, today wasn’t all bad.

Wait…… where’s my luggage?. No, no, no, no!. I’m literally left with nothing now. I feel a vibration in my pocket, it’s my phone. At least I have a phone. I checked my phone.

A spam email? Great.

I decided to watch some cat videos, cats makes me happy. Wait. What was that spam email about again?

I gasped.

A new job posting in San Francisco area?. I remember I signed up for the job notification in the S.F area back when I was desperate to leave morfield.

They’re looking for a live-in housekeeper……

No way! It’s close to Knight Gaming, highpaying, has flexible hours and accommodation is provided!. This is my answer to everything! But there’s a questionnaire I have to complete first…… Classic films? Game history, those were the only thing that kept me entertained back in morfield. This is going to be a breeze, I smiled.

? Killian POV ?

“Are you okay Killian? What did you think you were doing back there?” Lucas said immediately he saw me.

“Saving a defenseless girl, what were you doing?” I asked eyeing him.

“Calling the cops like a normal person” he said “I told you to stay put! Do you know how dangerous that was? It’s my job to protect you”.

“Then who’s going to protect her?” I fired back. “I hope she’s alright” I pinched the bridge if my nose and slumps back onto the car seat.

“I’m postponing that meeting with Shanghai….” Lucas takes out his phone. “Woah! You’re not going to believe this!”

“What now?” I asked boredly.

“Someone actually scored full marks on your questionnaire. We found you your new housekeeper” he said excited.

? Claire’s POV ?

No way! I got it? I got the job?!


But it seems too good to be true, I didn’t even have to be interviewed….
What if he’s a criminal? What if this is another scam?

Just then, I heard a bunch of rowdy men heading my way. It’s those trouble makers from the bar. One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely not safe out here. I’ll just take a quick look at this apartment I’m supposed to take care of.


“Your new housekeeper is already here!” Lucas told me immediately I stepped foot in my penthouse. I dropped my jacket on one of the couches.

“Whatever. I’m going to take a shower and later I don’t want to be disturbed for the rest of the night” I said nonchalantly.

“Got it” he salute. “I’ll stay behind to show him or her around” he added.

I leave the room.

? Claire POV ?

I arrived at the penthouse. I ring the doorbell. A man open the door, he’s tall and quite handsome.

“Hi….are you the one who posted the ad for a housekeeper?” I asked him with a smile.

I take a closer look at the penthouse, I haven’t gotten over the grandeur of the lobby……..or the security. I followed the address here, expecting the worse. But the doubts I had are definitely chipping away.

“Wow” I awed. “This place is amazing! Y- you live here?”

“I wish, but it belongs to my boss. He’s the one looking for a housekeeper for this place. Congratulations on getting full marks on that questionnaire! You must have quite an interest in films and games” he said.

“Thanks, they were a huge part of my childhood”

“Wait a second….. Do I know you? You look awfully familiar. Have I seen you from somewhere?” He asked.

“I doubt that, today’s my first day in S.F” I answered.

“Really? Huh” he wondered. “My name is Lucas by the way, I’m his secretary” he introduced himself.

“Claire” I told him a small smile.

“Claire……is that alcohol I smell on you? We’re you drinking?” He asked in a disapproving tone.

Way to make first impression.

I chuckled nervously, there’s no need to lie about it.

“Y-yeah, but there’s a story behind that and I can assure you that I’m very much sober right now” I explained.

“All’s cool Claire! I was just teasing, no need to get so uptight” he laughed, I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

I wanted to join the laughter but first I need to be clear with something.

“By the way, am I really hired? Just like that?

“Yup, just like that” he said. “I know it all sounds a little fishy but the standard hiring technique we adopted in the past has failed us. Hence, we came up with the questionnaire. I’m surprised someone could even get past first question. I had a look at it and even I was stumped” he looked at me like a proud father praising his son.

He sounds rather genuine…..

“Let’s face it we know just as much about you as you know about us. But I’m someone who trusts his instinct a lot and I have a good feeling about you Claire, what about you?” He asked looking at me expectantly.

“You seem nice” I replied, but you talk a lot I wanted to add.

“Thanks, I can assure you I am” he said

“So who’s the owner of this penthouse?” I asked looking around for the owner.

“He asked for his identity to be kept a secret because he doesn’t want people approaching him for the wrong reason. He’s pretty prominent figure in society…..” He paused and observe me as if to read my expression.

“But you’re about to live with him, so you’ll find out eventually. I can assure you though, he’s a nice guy”

That doesn’t sound very reassuring.

“Okay, maybe he’s a little around the edges and eccentric at times, but overall, he’s nice. You? What’s your story?”

“It’s been my dream to move to S.F and here’s I am!” I told him vaguely.

“Well, welcome”

“I actually have a day job as an intern, but I promise to fulfill my housekeeping duties when I’m off work” I quickly explained.

“That won’t be a problem. If anything, my boss admires a hard worker. He’s quite the workaholic himself, but I digress, follow me I’ll show you to your bedroom” he led the way.

When I saw the room where I’ll be staying, those doubt I had, all gone out of the window. This is the bedroom I’ve always wanted! This is the bedroom I thought I paid for! Now I’m being paid to live here. I’ll take it, I jumped excited.

“Huh” Lucas said. Wait did I say it out?.

“I mean the job, I’ll take the job” I told him.

“Great! When will you start?”

“Tonight” I said almost too quickly.

“What? I mean that’s perfectly fine by me. But you’re moving in tonight? Don’t you have to bring your stuff over?” He asked.

“This is all I have” I said sadly, today had really been a bar day .

“Oh Kay……. I’ll draw up the contract and send it over tomorrow. But hey, if you need anything, just let me know. Helping damsels in distress is mine and, from what I’ve witnessed today, my boss’s thing”

“Thank you” I thanked him.

“Do you want me to give you a tour of the house or you can explore around by yourself. That should be fine”

“I’ll stay in my room” I’m tired after everything that happened today, I need a long rest.

“Yeah, you should get some rest. You look like you had a long day. Oh right! One final word of caution before I leave……….my boss wouldn’t like it if he found you naked in his bed one morning” he warned me with a teasing smile and left.

What is he talking about!

After Lucas leave, I toss and turn on the bed as the events of today play in my head. I can’t believe how today turned out. I went from being homeless on the street to staying in one of the most luxurious penthouse ever.


My stomach growls, then I remembered I need food. I left my room and managed to locate the kitchen. I picked an apple from the fridge. Then I heard some footsteps shuffling across the living room towards the kitchen.

Could that be the owner?

I turned around……………..

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