RUDE MR POPULAR: Episode 21-The End

Rude Mr Popular
(I fell for him)

Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 21

Caught up

Sofia POV
I woke up having headache, I looked around, I was at home in our room.
“ how did I get here?”. I asked
The door suddenly flung open and Shayne walked in, he was already dressed up.
“ Good morning baby”. I greeted him.
There was no response from him, he was checking something on his laptop.
“ maybe , he didn’t hear”. I thought.
“ Good morning baby”. I greeted again, this time louder.
There was still no response
“Shayne “. I called.
He didn’t even spare me a glance.
I stood up from the bed and walked towards him.
“ baby”. I said holding his hands.
He removed his hands from Mine and glared at me.
“ don’t ever hold me again”. He said and stormed out the room.
“ what is wrong?”. I said to myself.
“ how did I get to Tina’s house from the club”. I thought and the memory started flooding in.
I remembered feeling sleepy and dozed off after seeing three men.
“ what really happened”. I asked myself.
I soon started feeling hungry and I decided to grab some lunch from the kitchen..
I saw Shayne’s two sisters and his dad in the sitting room, they were whispering something.
“ Good morning”. I greeted them with a wide smile.
“ morning”. Shayne’s dad replied and looked away while the remaining completely ignored me.
“ weird”. I thought to myself.
I entered the kitchen and the maids were also whispering something.
“ what the h.ell is wrong?”. I asked them.
“ Nothing ma”. They said and bowed.
I grabbed my food and walked out of the kitchen lost in thoughts. I thought about Shayne’s strange behaviour when I bumped into Shayne’s mum.
“ I am sorry mother”. I apologised.
She looked at me and I realised she had been crying.
“ why did you do that?”. She asked.
“ what did I do?”. I asked
“ oh, you want to pretend. She said, let me list it out for you.
*. You broke my son
*. You destroyed him
“ why?”. She asked.
I stared at her confused as she turned to leave.
“ oh, she exclaimed turning back, you can go online, you will get your answers.
“ what is wrong with everyone”. I thought as I headed upstairs
I searched everywhere but could not find my phone, I decided to use Shayne’s laptop.
I opened it and clicked on Today news and I gasped in shock when I saw the headline
I clicked on it and saw a blurred picture of myself with a man I could not recognise…
I fell on the floor
This is the reason everyone despises me………..


I watched my body guard torture Tina, her friend and the bar man. They were all crying..
I knew it was some kind of setup but could not bring myself to forgive Sofia.
She lied to me, she betrayed my trust
I was boiling in rage when I saw her picture with a strange man surfaced on the internet, I immediately suspected she was being framed.
“ why were you guys at the club instead of your house?”. I barked at Tina.
“ I am sorry sir “. She said spitting out bloody spittle, we lied so you can allow her leave the house.
I scoffed in anger.
“ and you can see where the lie got you to”. I mocked.
I signalled one of my bodyguard to untie her, she was innocent.
“ take her to a private hospital and pay for her treatment”. I instructed two of my men.
They nodded and they left
I looked at the second girl
“ who are you ?”. I barked at her.
“ My Name is Donna”. She said.
“ Donna”. I muttered, I have never heard that name from Sofia mouth before.
“ you are not a friend of Sonia”. I said.
“ yes, she said . We just reconciled.
“ you reconciled and immediately invited her to your birthday party where all this stuff happened”. I said panting
I watched her countenance, she kind of became frightened.
“ Who sent you ?”. I barked at her.
“ I don’t know what you are saying “. She pleaded.
“ if she did not talk, cut off her hands”. I ordered my boys.
“ please i will talk”. She pleaded.
“ who sent you”. I barked at her.
“ I don’t know her name”. She said.
“ are you kidding me?”. I asked
She nodded.
“ cut off her hands “. I ordered my boys while the bar man looked on in fear.
“ please I know her”. She said begging , i will tell you but please don’t hurt me”. She pleaded.
“ deal”, I said.
“Her name is Alexy”. She said
I gasp in shock.
Lexy is behind all this.
I will destroy her, I will make sure she spend all her years behind bar
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