Written By Faith Lucky

Episode 11

Rodney sat at the balcony upstairs having lunch with his mum and megan.

Megan seems to be saying funny things and mrs Houton was laughing uncontrollably.

But, Rodney couldn’t participate in the jokes as his mind and attention was else were.”Oh my God megan” you don’t mean it” mrs Houton said, Laughing hysterically.

“Of course, aunt i do” Megan replied and they both bursted into another round Of laughter again.Mrs Houston looked at Rodney and noiticed he was just picking at his food and looked absent minded.

SEARCHING FOR JOCELYN : EPISODE 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“Rodney are you alright? Have you even been listening to us? She asked and Rodney cleared his throat to talk. But just asked he was about saying something, his phone rang and his countenance brightened up a bit. But he kind of looked nervous as well. It was a call from Davis.
‘ Excuse me, he said to his mum as he took the phone and left.
He walked away from where they where and stopped in front of his room.

” yes? He said on the phone after the call.
” Hello? Rodney watsup? Davis said from the other line.
” i’m fine . How did It go?
“She just left my apartment and well your suspicions are wrong. She is not Jocelyn.

Rodney sighed heavily and leaned on the wall. He placed his hand on his fore head and suddenly felt weak.
“Is ……is that so? He asked Dissappointment resounded in his voice.

“Yes She told me about her past, mostly her childhood memories and none of them reflected she might be Jocelyn.

They left for North America even before Jocelyn went missing and just returned her to L.A few years ago. In a nutshell, her childhood memories doesn’t include you.

Rodney remained silent, trying to hold back his tears.
” But why did you think she might be Jocelyn? Davis asked and Rodney sniffles before speaking up.

“I…..i just….” he paused and cleared his throat ” It is hard to explain, But she kind of felt different. She felt unique.

” The first time i heard her sing, It was Jocelyn favorite song and her voice was just took perfect. At that moment, i wished to hear her sing forever.

Then, when she didnt show up in the next contest, i felt incomplete i was so worried. I wanted her to be around, sing for me . And where she came to my house pleading to get back on the contest i couldnt be any happier.

“If it were to be someone else eering the way she did in the contest, i’d had never given a listening ear to them.But with this Audrey of a lady, i find myself crossing my own lines.
He paused and took in a deep breath.

“Anyway, just…forget about it. It was just a thought. Thanks for the help. He added and almost ended the call
“Hey, Hey, Rodney; Davis called just before he’d hang up.

“Dont rack your head over it, okay? If jocelyn still alive and is meant for you, she’d definitely return. Okay?
“Yeah; Rodney said under his breath and ended the call.

He bent his head in sombre as He felt shattered. Since jocelyn left, Audrey was the first person He had suspected to be her.

That was why he had purposely sent her to Dr Davis so He could question and know If his suspicions were right. But, it turned out He was only imagining.

Maybe it was his much thinking of jocelyn That resulted to it. Oh, Jocelyn! How badly He needed her back.

He was still standing there, listening in thought when a cold hand embraced him from behind and rested on his chest it was megan.

“Rodney, she called in a mild voice and placed her head on his shoulder, still hugging him from behind.

“What’s the problem, huh? Talk to me! She said and Rodney fred himself from her embraced and stood, facing her.

I’d fine, He replied in a croaky voice, although He tried not to sound That way, But couldnt.

“Rodney, come on. Stop pushing me away. What else do you want me to do so you could see me as a friend just we once were before?
Rodney sighed and held her palms, softly.

“Megan , i appreciate your efforts, okay? And what makes you think we’re not friends?we’re Friends, okay? And you’re important to me. But…..
“But what? Megan cut in and he let go of her hands.

“Tell mum i’ll be in my room, he told her and faced the direction of his room.

“Rodney….” she called , but he ignored her and walked into his room.

Audrey knocked on the gate and awaited the gateman to open up.

“Hi please, is Mr. Rodney around she asked with a smile and the gateman nodded and ushered her in.

“You can go in. He’s expecting you he told her and Audrey walked away headed for the door.

She pressed the doorbell and a maid opened up. She were a blue gown and a hairnet.

“Hi i’m looking for Mr Rodney. He’s expecting me! She said to the maid who let her into the house.

“Please, take a sit while i call him, the maid replied and climbed up the stairs.

“Wow! Audrey gasped as she sat on a couch, her eyes going round the sitting room.

It looked like paradise to her. The sitting room was so large and the floor was tied with HD wallpaper and It was designed to looking like a waterfall.

The room was air conducive and different colors light were puined to the ceiling fan in such a was that as it rotated, the different colors rotated.

Even the stairs looked like royol stairs that was meant to lead one to heaven.
Mehn! The gouse was killing and she wondered how people who lived in this house felt.

She picked a toy pillow that was on the couch next to her and played with it. It was so adorable.

The next, she heard the sound of someone climbing down stairs and she discovered it was Rodney.

She sprang on her feet immediately and straightened her gown.

She looked at him as he walked lovelly, starring at her. He inserted his hand in his left trouser pocket and walked so calmly and all the time he kept starring at her.

He was so cute and Audrey almost found it difficult breathing.

“M….Mr Rodney , she called and bowed a little.
By this time, Rodney was already standing in front of her.
He didn’t say anything to her and she decided to going on.
“Here, Dr Davis signed the file, she said in excitement and gave the file to him.

He collected it but still didn’t say anytjing and Audrey became a little surprise became he kept starring at her.

“Uhm. ….Mr Rodney, hope i was able to reach your conditons? So…..does that meant i’m back on the contest.

“Y….yeah, of course, he stuttered a little and took him eyes away from Audrey face.

Audrey itched her head as she suddenly feet nervous at Rodney strange behaviour.

“Uhm….Thank you so much, Mr Rodney. You’ve really done a lot for me and i will never forget it. Don’t worry , i wont dissapoint you again, Audrey said with her both palms placed together..

Rodney didnt say anything as he fixed his eyes on the floor.

“Okay. Uhm ……so, i’ll take my leave now. Bye; Audrey said and turned to leave but surprisingly, Rodney held her back by the wrist and she turned to meet his sea-blue eyes staring into hers.

Oh, that cute stare. But, somehow, she could notice some sadness into his eyes.

The were staring at a close range and he kept staring at her in such a way Audrey felt he might kiss her.

“S…..Sir, is there a problem? She asked in a lot turne, confounded.

“I need a favour from you ” Rodney replied. “In tonight’s contest i want you to repeat the love story song”
“The love story? Audrey thought.

“Oh…..sure…..No problem, she replied and cleared her throat and that was when Rodney fred her hand.
“See you later, Bye; she told him and he nodded just before she left.

As she walked out of the door, she touched her wrist he had held and smiled.
“Mr Rodney held my wrist! Oh my God!!

Megan watched from the upper part of the room and couldnt believe what she saw. What was going on between Rodney and that thrash girl?

Why was he holding her wrist like that? Why did he keep starring at her the whole time? And what brought her Here in the first place?

That Audrey of a lady was even smiling at the hand he had held. She was proud of it.

And Rodney? He kept starring at her even when she left and close the door. He stared at the closed door for some time before walking away. He kind of looked sad.

What was going on?


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