Episode 51

By Chidimma Mirabel

Jackson drove into the mansion and parked his car. He looked at Angela and she already asleep.

He came out of the car and walked to the side of her car. He opened the door and picked her up before walking in the mansion.

“Make sure you guard this mansion well” He said to one of his bodyguard before entering the mansion.

Jackson entered their room and placed her on the bed. He sat down beside her and stared at her sleeping face.


“I’m sorry I didn’t arrive earlier” He said and tugged her hair behind her ear.

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. That seemed to wake her up.

Angela slowly opened her eyes and what she saw first was Jackson handsome face.

“Jackson?” She called.

Jackson smiled at her.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. I’ll protect you till my last breath.” Jackson said.

Angela smiled and kssed and kssed him. He kssed her back with his hands resting on her sides supporting his weight.

Angela suddenly pushed him away and ran to the bathroom.

Jackson stood up with a confused expression. He walked up to her and saw her throwing up.

He held her hair up as she threw up.

After some minutes she washed her face and faced him.

“What’s wrong Angel? You’ve been acting different lately” Jackson asked worriedly.

“I don’t know. All I know is I’ve been very tired lately and also I eat alot plus nausea” Angela said confused.

Jackson hugged her tightly.

“Don’t worry, tomorrow we’re going to meet a physician” Jackson said.

Angela nodded. They broke the hug and she walked up to the wardrobe in order to change her tattered dress.

She stripped and rummaged through her dresses in order to see something to wear.

She gasped as she felt someone arms round her belly. Only her and Jackson was in the room so it was definitely Jackson.

He kssed her bare shoulder and then her neck which made Angela close her eyes as her knees was beginning to weaken.

She turned to him and kssed him deeply. He picked her up and walked to the bed with her.


** Next morning **

Angela woke up and yawned lightly. She looked at her hands, shoulder. They were all filled with hickeys.

She looked at Jackson and shook her head unbelievably.

She straddled him and kssed his forehead.

“Come on wake up, you need to go to work” Angela said.

“Just some minutes won’t hurt please?” He said his eyes closed.

“Nope, wake up!!” Angela said.

He opened his eyes and sat up while staring at her. Angela gulped down as she drooled at his abs and tattoo.

Jackson chuckled as he caught her staring. He snaked his hands round her waist and kssed her bare chest.

“I love you so much Angel and no man that was born from a mother can stand in between us” He said.

Angela hugged him.

“Me too jack” She replied.

“They broke the hug and then went and took their bath together. Angela cooked breakfast as usual and they ate it happily while feeding each other.

After breakfast, Jackson went to work. He told Angela to stay at home for today, should in case William comes looking for her at the mansion.

“What will I do in this boring house alone” She whined.

An idea came up in her mind.

“I have an idea, I’ll go for the check up I told Jackson about.”

She quickly got dressed and took a guard with her before driving to the hospital.


After getting his wounds treated at the nearest hospital, William went back home in his car that morning.

He arrived and entered the mansion. It was usually calm.

Paulina came out of nowhere and walked up to him.

“Have you seen Mindy, I came back home yesterday and she’s nowhere to be found” Paulina said worriedly.

“I don’t know and I don’t care” He said ans walked to his room.

Paulina stood there, surprised by the sudden change in William’s attitude.

William entered his room and received the shock of his life. He saw his father lying lifelessly on the ground on his own pool of blood.

He closed his nose as the odor emananting from his body. Looks like he’s been dead for hours.

William smiled evilly…

“I’m sure it’s Mindy who killed him that’s the reason she escaped. Wherever you are Mindy, I want to thank you for this huge favor you did for me. Now that this old man is gone, no one will stand on my way, no more evidence to threaten me with. Don’t worry dad, I’ll take over your business for you. What are son for?” He said and walked out of the room.

He went downstairs and the TV was on

*Breaking news, the popular Mr William Perry was accused of attempted rappe over Jackson Peterson wife. And arrest warrant was issued for him. Please if you see him anywhere, do inform the police* The journalist said

Paulina who was also watching the TV looked at William in horror.

“Don’t tell me you did this?” Paulina asked.

“Yes I..

He was interrupted by a message on his phone. He opened them message and an unknown number sent a video to him.

He opened the video and ached his brow as he watched it. It was a video of Paulina and Mindy. They were seen in the living room, discussing something. On the video Paulina said that she is the reason why Kaila was klled. She even explained everything to Mindy. At the end they laughed loudly….

William looked up at Paulina with rage filled eyes.

“You klled the love of my life, how dare you” He said slowly approaching her.

Paulina took steps back. Right now William looked like some possessed man.

“You’ll pay for that” He said with a smile on his face.



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