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Alexander Leighton, popularly known as Alex is the second son of CEO Leighton. His family owns a larger share of the college and they own a big technology producing company with many branches all around the world.


He’s 23, in his second year and a popular basketball player in his school.. Not only that but he’s handsome and fréaking sxy with eyes capable of putting any girl in a love trance, lips that every girl dream of kssing and he’s tall and has an athletic body.

Girls always swoon around him, throwing themselves at him and him being the arrogant playboy that he is, who is he to refuse??


Meet Abigail Ha-rin Kim popularly known as Abbie, half Korean- Half American. Her parents divorced when she was 5 so she spent her childhood with her father in Korea.

She’s a pretty girl of 22, heart shaped lips, round pretty eyes, long brown curly hair. She’s not the bu$ty kind of girl, but she’s not flat too. Let’s just say she’s in-between the two.

Abigail is a kind soul, always ready to help those in need but that doesn’t mean she’s the kind of girl you’ll step on whenever you want.

Let’s just say she’s a fuzzy warm ray of sunshine with a little touch of cràziness.

What will happen when Abigail comes to America to live with her mother and she’s then transferred to ‘L&C University’?

What will happen when arrogant meets cràzy??

Chaotic right?? ?

Join me in this fun filled ride!!! ?




“Hope you’ve taken your dinner dad? And don’t forget to drink lots of water” Abigail said on the phone as she chatted with her dad.

Mr Jeong Kim chuckled on the phone

“I already did Ha-rin”

“And my adorable twinnie, hope they’re sleeping by now.. It’s late already” Abbie asked.

Well his father remarried and had twins with his new wife.

“Yes they are.. I have to go to sleep now, don’t cause trouble in your new school okay?” Mr Kim said.

Abbie chuckled.

“I will try” She smiled.

“Saranghae appa! Geongang haseyo (I love you dad! Take care)” Abbie said and blew ksses to him before hanging up.

She kept back her phone before looking out of the plane’s window.

“We’ll soon land” She said inwardly.

She sighed and pouted, resting her head on the seat. When her mother called and asked her to come live with during her college life, she was so happy but that will be leaving all her friends in Korea and also her family.

“I miss Korea” She pouted.

“I heard America is fun too, I just hope I meet a lot of cool friends there too.. And Lucas” She said dreamily.

Thinking about him now, she quickly brought her phone to check her messages. A blush crept up her cheek when she saw he dropped a message for her.

? Can’t wait to finally see my baby in person! Just let me know the moment you land.. I love you ?

“Awwn!!!” She gushed loudly, stumping her feet loudly.

“Shh!!!!!” Everyone around her said at the same time.

“Oh, sorry..” She muttered.

Well Lucas is her boyfriend. They met on Instagram and since then they’ve been great friends. Slowly they began developing feeling for each other till one day they became a thing.

It’s been six months they’re dating now, online dating though and finally she’s gonna meet her prince charming since Lucas lives in New York, America.

Abbie faced back her phone and made to type a reply when her phone switched off

“What!! Battery low!! Fk!!” She cvrsed loudly.

Everyone turned to her, glaring at her. She immediately clamped her lips tight.

“Sorry,, it’s not in my nature to be silent” Abbie said.

Few minutes later, the plane safely landed and the passengers began alighting the plane.

She got out and smiled widely as the wind blew on her orange-brown hair.

She was putting on a pink crop top with a sky blue boyfriend jeans and pink Jordan shoes.

“New York!! I’ve arrived!!!” She screamed so loudly that the people passing by couldn’t help but turn to her.

Unknown to her that someone took her picture.

She tugged her hair behind her ear before going to get her luggage.



Lewis Mansion

The car stopped in the mansion and Abbie got down the car.

“Wow! Mom must have hit the jackpot!!” She gaped at the mansion.

Her mother sent a driver to go pick her up.

“This way miss” The driver said, carrying her luggage.

She nodded and followed the man who led her into the mansion.

“Gail!!” A short haired woman exclaimed. She was in her mid 40s but still looked so beautiful. Just one look at her one will know it’s Abbie’s mother.

“Mommy!!” Abbie exclaimed too and ran to her embrace..

They hugged each other so tightly..

“Gosh, I missed you so much mom. You look old!!” Abigail said.

Mrs Veronica Lewis smacked her head.

“I look old? Are you trying to say I’m ugly??” Veronica began fanning herself as she cleaned her fake tears.

Abbie pinched her brows. That’s just how her mother is,, a real drama queen.

“Has Abbie arrived??” A voice said, coming downstairs.

She screamed loudly and ran to Abbie then jumped on her. They both went down..

“OMG!! She’s so pretty!! I love her doll eyes!! Mom, you never told me she’s prettier than me!! Now I’m jealous!!” Kate ranted, hugging Abbie tightly.

Veronica chuckled.

“Abbie meet Kate, my daughter.. And that’s Rudy” Veronica pointed at a boy standing by the stairs with his headset round his neck.

“Sup?” He winked.

When Veronica met her new husband, the man already had a son who was Rudy. They now got married before giving birth to Kate.

Kate is 17 years, a high school student while Rudy is 23, his second year in college..

“You’re so cute.. Can I call you sis? Can I?! Can I?!” Kate said.

Abbie chuckled and nodded, touching her hair..

“Come Kate, let’s go see how the preparation for dinner is going out.. Rudy, you can take Abbie to her room” Veronica said and left with Kate.

“Follow me” He said and Abbie immediately did so..

“Um,, so you’re sort of my elder brother.” Abbie said to break the awkward silence.

“I don’t like the sound of that, just call me Rudy. I’m just a year older than you if I can clearly remember” Rudy said.

He glanced at her, checking her out.

“You’re cute” He muttered.

“Thanks Rudy, you’re handsome too” Abbie smiled.

Rudy smiled back and opened the door of a room for her.

“Here’s your new room. Hope you like it” Rudy said.

“Wow!! Purple, my favorite color! I love it!” She smiled.

“I’m glad you do.. I’ll come and call you when dinner is ready” He said.

Abbie nodded and walked in. She jumped on her bed, swinging her legs.

Rudy turned back to look at her..

“Never knew my sister will be this hot” He smiled before closing the door.


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