She’s the one,Odette!???

???Chapter one????

????(???)?Odette’s pov?

They said darkness comes with the night,but for me?…it’s always coming.

One day, I’m going to lose my voice,one day,I’m going to forget my name,one day, I’m going to lose all my power. My hair will stop glowing. The faint voice that always whispers in my ear would be gone also,I’m going to lose everything the way I lose my mother.

My hair reached my feet,it’s too long but kept glowing whenever I sing. I was born with power,my voice alone can melt your soul.

My face wasn’t revealed to the world. But there is a secret behind my hair and eyes.

Wait! Let me introduce myself. My name is Odette,21 years old. I had a sister, step sister to be precise. She’s Kendra,and kendra also had a sister whose name is Kennedy. Kenney is 20 years old while kendra is just 18 years old.

My life is a game,my world is crushing, fading like a shadow. But I knew that one day I’m going to find her. She’s the only one that knows much about me.

I packed my long hair, put on a big hoddie and covered my face with a lace mask.

“O…de…tte.” I heard the faint voice again.

“Come out, you have to show yourself to the world…you’re chosen… You’re my goddess.” I heard her faint voice again.

I put on my footwear and jumped out through the window. I climbed the tree and jumped out of my house. Yes I owned the house. I walked on the lonely road in the midnight. That’s my midnight routine.

“Hey stop…” A husky voice stopped me.

I stopped but I didn’t turn back.

“Come here …you little $lvt.” I heard their footsteps.

I turned back and faced them.

“I don’t wanna paint this road,so leave now before I change my mind.” I mumbled.

“Oh my! Geez her voice.”

“You should lost your voice now.” I commanded and casted a spell on him.

“Wha……..he couldn’t completed the word, he looked at me with a puppy eyes. Begging me to stop tutoring him before I could say anything the other guy ran away.

” you should leave now. Your voice would be back but your ear isn’t gonna work again because you heard my voice.” I said before walking away.

That’s me,my words is a command.

I walked inside the forest,I kept walking until I reached my destination.

I sat on the floor and started singing. I believed that my voice light up all animals souls in these forest. I untied my hair. Immediately I started singing my hair glitter,shine, glows and blows.

?~uhm~uhm it may seems like crazy but you’re weird.

?~A word from you light up their heart

?~sing,the world is yours. Your palm speaks the future.

?~oh~oh~sing let fear be your great enemy… I kept singing until fairies surrounded me, glittering different color.

“Good my daughters, good…my soul can rest now.”

I stopped singing and looked around the bush but I couldn’t find where the faint voice is coming from.

“Please show yourself.”

“I’m enchanted, I’m on spell. I can’t free my soul but you’re the only one that can melt it. Go home now.” She whispered.

“Please where are you,I want to help you.” I mumbled.

“You can’t and if you do, you will never have your voice again. You’ll lost everything…just go….go…gooo.go.” Her voice eco.

“It’s 11 years now. Please let me help. I want free your soul.” She didn’t say anything.

I didn’t know her name. I didn’t know who she is. It all happened when I clocked 10 years of age. I can’t forget the day she called my name.

She directed me to this bush. I sang for her. So that’s how I got addicted to this bush.

I stood and went back home. I glanced over at the clock. It’s 3:00 am already. I laid on the bed and slept off.


“Good morning Odette.” Kendra yelled barging on my door.

“Didn’t I tell you that the next time you wake me up,I will have you executed? I yelled.

” open the door Odette. ” she barged the door.

“Okay ma’am.” I stood up from the bed and walked sluggishly towards the door. I opened it and she rushed inside. She was holding a comb and pearl pins.

“You should take a quick shower. I’m already late for school.” She said.

That kendra my sister. She loves playing with my hair. Whenever she wants to help,she will asked me to sing so she can see my hair glowing.

I came out with a towel wrapped around my chest.

“I love your eyes color.”she said.

” it has changed again? Blue or green? I asked,dressing up.

“Nope,it’s grey color with a little bitty black. You may use contact lens if you don’t like it.” She said and I sat on the stool facing the mirror.

“All right.”

“Odette come on,sing.” I started singing as she brushed my hair and braided it.

“Ta-da Odette,you love it?

” yeah. Kendra I need your help.” I whispered in her ear.

“Really? Odette needs my help? I can’t believe it.” Kendra jabbered foolishly.

“Can you help me get the Pearl pin from your Mom.”

“What? It’s impossible Odette, you know mom hates me,she won’t allow me to steps inside even just for a second..”

“Okay,you’re late for school hurry. Kennedy is waiting for you.” I said as I pushed her out and locked the door.

I promise you Sharon, I’m gonna have my pin back and end everything. You will regret everything.

???Kendra’s pov?

I know there is something Odette is hiding away from me but I’m gonna find out soon. I wonder what the hair pin is. We alighted from the car and I went to the class room.

“Crazy cheerleader is here.” Mia shouted,gestured everyone to make way

“Make way for your Queen.” Genevieve yelled.

“What again mia,Genevieve?

“Nothing girlfriend…”

“Where is Laura?

Mia,Genevieve and luara are my best friends. Talking about crazy friend,they are. Lousy and noisy Queens.

” well Fred broke up with her. Jeez! Kendra can you believe that Laura didn’t come to school because she didn’t want to see Fred.” Genevieve said.

“Really? I’m just wondering why he sent a letter to me.”


“Fred of course. The last time I told you that Fred is just using luara for his reputation, you never believe me.”

“How the hell did you want us to believe you when you are just a broken liar. You kept saying that there is someone who can sing and melt one’s soul. Where is the lady.” Mia uttered.

“Such a lady doesn’t exist mia. It’s just a cook up ruse.” Genevieve said with nonchalant shrugs.

“Really? You think am lying?

“We are not thinking Kendra, we knew that you’re just lying.” Mia sbapped.

“Then let’s make a deal.”

“Kendra.” Kennedy called out.

“Your psycho sister is here. We gotta go now.” Mia and Genevieve walked out.

“Psych©path btch.” I mumbled.

“Kendra where is the tape?

” what tape? Odette didn’t sing,I can’t force her to sing for me. She knows I’m a cheerleader not a singer. If you really wanna contest for the voice winner use your voice idi©t.” I glared at her.

“Since you ain’t ready to help,I’m gonna talk to mom.” She said and walked out.

Jeez! Odette mustn’t sing. Because If mom was involved there is no way she’s going to sing.

“I have to do something.”

??Authoress POV ??

Sharon stared at the mirror and laughed dev1lish.

There was a dev1lish look of mischief in her eyes. She picked the pin and kept it inside a box and kept it beside the standing mirror. She covered the mirror with a curtain.

She kept wondering how she was able to survived all the pains.

“Daisy am coming for you. This time am gonna kill you.” She mumbled and existed the dark room.

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