AFRAID TO LOVE: Episode 71 – 80

Afraid to Love

Episode 71

“It has to be here,” a male voice whispered to a person behind him.

They were both in a control room. The room was dark as night. In order to aid their vision through the room, flashlights was with each of them.

The lights kept flashing here and there, as they both searched for something. It was really important. And they had to do it quickly.

No one could find them, no one had to see them, they just had to get the d–n tape and flee.

They hid their faces behind masks and were dressed in dark clothes. The camera – they didn’t want it capturing their faces.

The taller of the two moved towards the computer screen he saw as a result of the flashlight he held. He situated the flashlight on the table where the computer would enable him search for that tape. He carefully searched for it.

The other accomplice dressed in the same attire as his, distracted him by tugging his shirt.

He got angry. “What’s up with you? Let me quickly get this and get out of here! Give me some space.”

His partner refused to comply, he kept hovering around him. “I am scared,” that was a female’s voice, “Let me get close to you.”

He was feeling angry, more and more. “I did not ask you to come here with me, did I? If you are frightened, you can go back home.”

“So rude,” she mumbled.

He ignored her and continued what he was doing. His heart gladened as he put the monitor on and the videos saved were displayed. He held on to the mouse, scrolling down to get what he wanted. His heartbeat increased as he couldn’t find it. He nervously searched around for it. “This can’t be happening,” he gasped.

“What is it?” his partner inquired.

He ignored her again and searched for the tape, having left the computer and mouse.

She couldn’t understand what was happening. Hadn’t he found the recording? Time wasn’t on their side and they really had to leave. He was fidgeting. What was with him? “Haven’t you found it? C’mmon, lets get outta here.”

He immediately turned to gaze at her. His expression couldn’t be read since he ws masked. “Its not here,” he bitterly told her. “Someone got to it first. They took it.”

“You can’t be serious,” she sighed.

He glared at her. “Lets get out of here.”
“Now here’s exactly what happened,” Darren said, with an aura of authority, as he paused the video they were watching on the television screen.

Allan and Jeremy looked at him, the look on their eyes showed trust and confidence, they looked up to him. He was like their elder brother and trusted advisor. They were eager to hear what he had to say despite the fact that they understood what they watched.

“After you two had argued, you turned your back on her and walked away. She tried running after you, she tripped and fell. That didn’t make her scream. As she got up, a hand caught her, the shock made her scream, then she was forcefully taken into a room and drugged. That same person smashed bottles on your head and stole your cell phone.”

“What you said is just as we have seen,” Allan replied, rolling his eyes.

Jeremy sighed. “I can’t understand this. He was actually here all these while? God! What’s wrong with his guy? I can’t love again?” he seriously pondered.

“Don’t worry, brother. We’re here for you,” Darren consoled him. “We’ll catch that criminal and get your woman back. Lets catch up on old times. I’ve really missed you two a lot.”

That idea excited Allan, “Yes! Yes! Lets get relieved a bit. Lets go out.”

Their words made sense. Yes, he was so concerned and worried about his love, but he still needed to rest and relieve himself of stress, get more energy to search for her and battle with the scumbag who had taken away his precious. It’d be just tonight and the following day, he’ll get to work. He fully bought their idea. He tirelessly hauled himself off the sofa. “Alright. I’m in. Lets go with the tape, I don’t trust anyone.”

His reply got both Allan and Darren smiling sheepishly.
Darren, with his deep blue eyes stared at Jeremy with an uneasy expression on his face. Jeremy tried to have fun, but he was not. The smile on his face and the laugh he gave wasn’t natural, it was all forced. His missing girlfriend was really getting him worked up. He had thought the outing would ease him pains, but it was not, it only made him drown deeper into despair. What could he do to help?
“Hey,” he whispered to Allan who was seated by his right. “Allan, do something for Jeremy. He’s not okay.”

Allan nodded in agreement. “Tell us, Jeremy.

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