Ashely! She’s the real boss

???Season Three????
??? Prologue ?????


They call her Queen not because of her hidden power but because she truly deserve the title.

She’s a bully Queen, she hates commoners like sht. They disgust her or I should have said she’s allergic to ’em. She’s a burning fire that only ice can quench her burning soul and that’s Gabriel McGregor, her great enemy!

When I say she’s a secret superstar, yes she is… She sings and uploads it on YouTube with anonymous tags on it. Despite the fact that her parents are very rich you won’t know until you read about her history.

Her long golden hair is the only thing that makes her look more attractive, she’s just a replica of her mother, Odette! Amber eyes, amazing voice and killer curve.

She’s an introvert, she hates the word friend, the only friend she ever has is her aunty Anel Winston. Her partner in crime. When I said PC, you understand what I meant right?

Crazy right? How can a president son disguise to be a no body? Meet Gabriel McGregor, don’t doubt it he’s the most handsome teenager, that little gap teeth and a side dimple can create conflict among friends. Gabriel’s dream is to attend Harvard school but what happened when he found that the treasure he sakes isn’t in Harvard but Diamond Star (high school)

He finally got the chance to go for his dream, what happened when he finally come across the real deal? The boss btch! He disguise to be a commoner and Ashely hates commoners, would they ever get along even there many reason to do that.

Remember two devils can’t stay in one place, one has to give up or else it’s gonna lead to endless battle. Ashely or Gabriel?

?(?`^´?)?sneak peek?(?`^´?)?

They were locked in the same room, it was very cold and Ashely wasn’t ready to use her power because of Gabriel.

“Ashely please do something or else we are gonna die here.” Gabriel later said the word Ashely has been dying to hear. Please!

“Oh my my, so you can say please now? It’s too late, we are going to die here together and continue our fight in the heaven.” Ashely smirked and sat on the floor. Bird sang, darkness took over the bright cloud.

“Please Ashely, I’m cold.” Gabriel shivered and sneezed.

“You maniac caused everything, I don’t know how worried my mother would be now. She’d be very mad at me.” She used her thumb to wiped her tears and scoffed. “I’ll never forgive you, never! She yelled and moved around the dark large room.

“What do I do now? Odette is going to kill me.” She’s afraid of one person and that’s Odette. She know what she’s capable of. Despite the fact that she’s more powerful but her power can’t be compared to her mother, Odette power works on Ashely but Ashely was just like a prey to Odette.

“She’s gonna suffocate me to death.” She mumbled sadly.

She was about to take another step when she heard a loud scream.

“Oh my Gabriel? She yelled and rushed to where he was. She met him on the floor holding his leg and a big python. Ashely glared at the snake and used her power to turn it to smoke.

“Gabriel are you okay? She panicked and. Loosened her hair just about to heal him, he blanked out.


You want read about Ashely then this for y’all???

What do you think about Ashely now? Leave it or take it! She’s the real boss. Unbreakable stone! ????


Ashely! She’s the real boss?

???Season Three????
??? Chapter one????




“Tik,Tok… Tik, Tok.” Alarm beeped. “Darn it! I cursed underneath and sprang out of the bed.

“Who the heck set the Alarm? I yelled on top of my voice. “Emma, Sonia, Blair…” I called out their names.

“Oops! My room is sound proof.” I covered my mouth and yawned. I turned on the intercom and ordered ’em in.

“Who the fuck set the alarm? Even when you know today’s Sunday, why the heck would you think of setting the alarm? Huh? You know what? You all are fired.” I screamed and threw my pillows at them.

“But ma’am…

“No word from you Blair.” I cut in and raised a finger.

“But ma’am we ain’t…

“Do you want to die, huh? Do you have a death wish Blair?” I hate it when someone disturb my beauty sleep.

“I set the alarm. Everyone should leave now.” Odette entered already dressed for work. She braided her hair in French style.

“What? You did what? How could you?” I pouted and matched my feet on the floor.

“Enough already Ashley! Get ready for school. Blair tell her driver to prepared her car. And her breakfast Sonia? Odette asked and dropped a new backpack on the bed.

“I’ve set the table ma’am.” Sonia replied and I sent an icy glare at them. I hate them!

“Leave.” Odette ordered and they all bowed before walking out of the room.

“Today is Monday not Sunday Ashley, let me get your dress now. Go in and have your bath.” She said and moved toward the closet. She pressed a button and the door slide opened. She entered and I scoffed before walking into the bathroom.

She’s a bossy type, I wonder why everyone thinks I’m stronger that her, is it because I can read minds while Odette can read only Dad’s mind. That’s it, she’s very power the fact that I lifted book of life doesn’t mean I’m powerful than her. She’s flora the most powerful wtch while I’m just her shadow. My eyes don’t change like hers… There some difference but bear it in mind, Odette will still remain the most powerful witch.

I had a quick shower and stepped out after some minutes, can you believe Odette was still in the room stalking on my things.

“What is this? She lifted a brow and I rolled my eyes.

“For goodness sake Odette I’m 19 not 12, stop being a bossy mother.” I contracted my lips into frown.

“Answer me young lady, for the last time what is this? She raised one of the red stickers I’ve kept in my backpack. How can I tell her that it’s meant for commoners she’s going to kill me.

“Okay, someone gave that to me.” I grinned knowing well that I’m in for it this morning.

“You’re lying, your eyes are saying different things. Tell me the truth now!” She half yelled and her eyes instantly changed to red. I startled back and hold unto the towel.

“It’s just a red card for..for…the… For students, believe me Odette I’m not lying.” She sighed and stood up.

Jinx! “I’m not coming home tonight, I’m staying at Anel’s place.” I released the bomb despite the fact I knew what could be her reply.

“Okay.” She mumbled and walked away. I released the breathe I was holding. That was close. I grabbed my school uniform and put it on after applying cream on my body, I braided my long hair and used pin to hold it together.

“Snow white! I mumbled because that what they called me. I picked the new black backpack Odette had bought and walked out of the room.

I used the elevator, it slide opened and I stepped out. Just about to stalk out ignoring maids and bodyguards greetings, Sonia called out.

“Ma’am your breakfast? She said and I scoffed, I glanced back before walking out. I moved toward parking lot, I sighted as brand new car.

“Oh my gosh! That’s a fortune, it’s a latest car.” I widened in shock and stalked toward it. Someone should tell me that it’s mine.

“Good morning young mistress.” I hate that title, mistress!

“Uh…huh, that car… Is it for me? I asked and he shook his head vigorously.

“What do you mean?

“It isn’t yours ma’am…

“Shut up! I scolded. Kyle and Odette again! “Do you have the key? I asked him and he shook his head as a reply.

I rushed inside and used the stairs instead of elevator. I pressed the button and the door to their room opened wide. Odette was helping daddy with his tie.

“Good morning daddy.” I greeted while he planted a soft peck on my cheek.

“Good morning Angel. Did you sleep well?

“Yes but your wife ruined it all, guess what? I even dreamt about a car that you just bought me a new car… Hmm.” I rest my jaw on in between my fingers. “What do you think Dad? I asked and put on my puppy eyes. Odette glanced at him and I understand what they’re doing. Using mind to chat, jee! And I can’t read their minds and it’s crazy.

“It’s for your mother.” Daddy said.

“Odette again? Daddy, today isn’t her birthday so why did you buy her a new car when she has many cars already? I asked furiously.

“So I can’t…

“Give my wife anything again.” I completed the statement and scoffed. “It’s alway Odette, do you even care about me at all? Both of you always treat me like stranger in my own house…

“Ashley! Odette yelled.

“Don’t Odette, I don’t even belong here.” I cried out and made attempt to walk out but dad called me back. I smiled to myself before facing him.

“You can have the key.” Daddy handed the key but I refused to collect it.

“Please honey, we are sorry about everything.” Odette apologized and I smiled lightly. I collected the key and walked out without looking back.

I inhaled deeply and jumped up happily. You did it Ashley! I smiled with total satisfactory. I know how they’re going to feel once I cried. I’m just a crazy child, kyle got me a new car last week but I want Odette’s.

I stood before the car and admired it, black one! It matched with my dresses.

“Let’s rock it Ashley!

“Ma’am let’s go.” My personal driver said.

“No I’m not using that car today, moreover you should take a break, I’ll drive.”

“What a crazy child, she must have done something crazy inside.” I read his mind and turned abruptly.

“Did you just say something? I asked.

“Me? No, no.” He panicked and startled back as I moved toward him.

“I’m not gonna punish you because of this car.” I said and hopped in, I started the car and drove out in a full speed.


I stopped the car and alighted from it. I curled my finger around the car and moved leisurely. Camera flashes on me as I walked leisurely.

?. Miss popular is here!

? My Queen! She’s adorable!

?. How can someone be this perfect! I love her hair.

?. I love you Ashley, please be my girlfriend.

?. Oh my g©sh! That’s a latest car, it worth $21 million.

?. That diamond bracelet she was wearing is a fortune, it costs $13 million from house of Winston.

They’re talking about Odette! She owned the company.

I kept walking ignoring their roars. I stepped inside the class and everywhere were silenced.

“Wow! They all exclaimed.

I hate this school like shit. I walked over to my seat and sat down.

“Hi Ashley! That brown blonde hair lady called out. Not again! I hate stalkers.

“Hey Ashley, I’m talking to you. Well I got you some candy and you’re gonna love it.” She said again. She was sitting behind me so there’s no where to avoid this wtch.

Mrs Hannah entered and sighed.

“Ashley there’s something I wanna tell you.” She uttered and tapped on my shoulder. I scoffed irritatedly and stood up.

“Excuse me ma’am.”

“What Miss Winston?

“I want to kill someone right now.” I said sarcastically.

“What? They chorused.

“What do you mean?

“You won’t understand.” I mumbled and walked out of the class but the btch followed.

“Wait up Ashley.” She said and I stopped immediately.

“Do you wanna die Mayra? I tight my fist furiously. “Huh, don’t you get it… I hate stalkers and leave me alone.” I yelled and walked away angrily.



“Good morning my baby.” I yawned and sat up on the bed after removing night mask. I glanced at the clock and exhaled.

“Good morning mummy.” I stood up and walked up to her, we hugged briefly.

“Did you sleep well honey? She pecked my cheeks and dropped my uniform on the bed.

“Yes I still dreamt about her again mom.” She’s not just my mother but my best friend too, she’s the only one I can share my secrets with apart from my niece, Adriana.

“Really? How can you be seeing a strange lady in your dream? Did you see her face?” She inquired and I shook my head.

“No mummy, and she kept singing the same song.”

“That anonymous song right? You don’t know who that anonymous is so how would you be seeing her in your dream, maybe you should stop listening to her songs for now.” She suggested.

“I can’t mummy, you know I won’t be able to sleep without that amazing voice. So mummy how about the investigation I asked you to do about that anonymous singer? Did you find anything?” I wore my flip flop slippers and moved toward the drawer.

“No avail honey, she’s really an expert when it comes to hidden identity.” She uttered and clasped her hands together.

“Oh.” Feeble reply. She went out and I used the opportunity and had cold bath. Water drenched down my body. I used the towel to drained my body and returned the uniforms back to the closet. I put on a casual dress and stepped out after carrying my laptop along.

“Good morning young master.” Benjamin greeted and I replied with a bright smile.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Gabriel McGregor, son of the third richest man in the world, (president’s son) Well everyone says I’m handsome and I know I am, well built up and a dark thick hair. Just the only child of McGregor family and their only heir… Let’s stop here. You’d get to know me soon.

Maids and bodyguards kept greeting as I walked down the stairs.

“Good morning daddy.” I greeted.

“Ain’t you going to Harvard school today? And your breakfast?” Mummy asked.

“Later mummy, I have to go now. Bye.” I rushed my words and went out.

“Good morn…

“Don’t worry I’m gonna drive.” I said to my driver and hopped in the car. I drove out.

I parked the car in the parking lot and alighted from it, Adriana was about to enter when she glanced back. Our eyes met and she grinned.

“Hey Gabriel.” She walked up to me.

“Hey how are you doing?

“I’m doing well and you?

“As I ever was.” I replied.

“Let’s go inside, I wanna tell you something.” She held my hand and we walked inside.

“Okay,” she inhaled deeply. “Gabriel I can’t lie to you, you can’t find that anonymous singer in Harvard high school. Diamond Star is top first industry for every successful artists in our continent. You can only find that anonymous singer there, you know Harvard isn’t a match.” She divulged and I sighed.

“You think so?

“I’m not kidding Gabriel, you can only find her in my school. Not because I want you to attend DMH but because of that treasure you sake.” She said firmly.

“Okay but I heard the admission is closed.”

“Yeah, you have to wait for another year.” She said sadly.

“I can’t, I’m not that a patient type.”

“It’s okay, I’m gonna talk to someone. The only person that can help us is that crazy Queen, Ashley. Don’t worry you’re going to make use of a fake admission but on one condition…”

“What condition? I lifted a brow.

“You have to disguise as a commoner.”



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