Kira waited for Tim to get down from his study room. After a while, she heard footsteps on the stairs but it was not Tim, but Vince.

Vince bowed his head as a greeting, Kira responded too.
Vince walks out of the house and left the villa.

Kira waited for another minute but she felt bored, so, she decided to go up.




When Vince left, Tim opened his drawer again, he held the journal and has fallen into deep thought again.


When Tim learns what’s inside his father’s journal. He started to gather information about Kira. At first, it was just curiosity.

He started following her, there are times, that he would wait for her in the second gate of J International School and followed the taxi that she is in, until she reached home. He saw how kind-hearted Kira is. She cares for the people around her. And it made him fall for her!

But as time and days pass, he found himself falling deeply for her. His days wouldn’t be complete if he doesn’t see her. He wanted to be near her every day. He wants to touch, kss, embrace, and protect her from any danger. But Tim knows the two of them shouldn’t be together.

He tried to forget his feelings for her, he stopped following her, and he avoids himself thinking of her, but it only made him gone insane.

When he stopped seeing her, he started seeing things. All he could see around him is Kira. In the bathroom, in his office, everywhere he goes, all he could see is Kira’s face.

The more he suppresses his self, not to see her, the more he wanted to see her. The more he wants to forget her, the more his heart wants her.

One day he woke up and realized that he is crazily in love with that woman and he wants her. He wants to be with her. He wants to give to her, everything she deserves in this world.

Tim decided to do the second condition of his father’s will.
As of his father’s journal? Well, he decided to keep the secret forever. It is a selfish decision, but he doesn’t care. He won’t imprison her with this marriage, he is willing to give her divorce if she wants to.

*(knock, knock, knock)*

Tim snapped back to his senses when he heard the knock on the door. Kira opened the door and peeked inside the study room.

“Did… Did I disturbed you?” Kira asked.

Tim instantly put back the journal and closed his drawer as soon as he saw Kira.


“Nope, I am just done with what I’m doing” Tim replied as he locked the drawer before he gets up and shoved the key in his pocket.

“Are you ready?” Tim asked.

“Ennn…” Kira nodded her head.

Tim approaches her and without saying a word, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

“Ohmo!” Kira was startled.

“Let’s go?” Tim smiled.

He walks forward without removing his arm around Kira.



Just like what he promised last night, Tim bought everything that Kira needs. dresses, bags, personal things that girls use, shoes and sandals. She tried to stop him from spending too much but Tim won’t listen to her.

“Hey, I think you should stop, I don’t need this kind of stuff and these dresses are too expensive” Kira complained!

Tim looked at his wife and smiled, ” Of course you’ll need it. Besides, you are the wife of a CEO, how could I let you wear old and cheap dresses?”

Kira glared at him, “They are old and cheap but they are important to me, You shouldn’t throw them away” She said.

Tim stroked his wife’s hair, ” I want to give you the best, sweetheart” he replied.

“Excuse me, sir, Would you get this one?” The saleslady interrupted them.

The saleslady shows them the dress.
Tim and Kira turned their heads to the saleslady.

“No—” Kira was about to refuse but Tim interrupted her.

“Yes, We will” Tim said to the saleslady.

And then he turned his gaze to Kira, “You can choose more dresses, sweetheart” He said.

Kira tilted her head to Tim and then to their cart. The cart is already full!

“I… I think this is too much” Kira refused.

“I think you need more pajamas” Tim opposed, and then he approaches the other saleslady.

Kira’s gaze followed Tim, ‘He spends too much for my things’ She said inside, but then she froze and her mind gone wild.

‘What if he will ask me to repay him with my body?’ Kira secretly gasped as she embraced her self.

‘No, no, no’
‘Kira, stop thinking too much’ She secretly scolded herself.

“Let’s go to the counter” Kira snapped back to her senses when Tim suddenly spoke as he puts down something on the pushcart.

Kira looks down at the pushcart, her brows knitted while picking up the thing that Tim puts earlier.

“What are these?

“Pajamas!” Tim replied.

She looks at the pajamas with the bunny designs.

“You picked two pieces.” She said.

“Yeah, One for you and one for me!” Tim replied.

“It’s a couple’s pajamas, sweetheart” He whispers.

“Tsss!” She scoffed.

“Too childish” She mumbled.

“Yeah, I’m being childish because of you, you make me feel like a teenager with its first love”Tim said in a low yet naughty way.

Kira rolled her eyes on Tim, but Tim saw it and without saying a word, he suddenly smacked a kss on her lips.

Kira’s eyes went wide opened.


Tim revealed a faint smile, “I already warned you didn’t I?” He reminded her.


Kira was speechless as her face flushed red.

‘This guy is so shameless’

Tim pushed the cart to the counter. The cashier started to punch the items one by one and Kira’s eyes went wide open as she saw the total amount of everything they buy.

“Hey,” She secretly nudged Tim,” let’s take back some of the items” Kira whispers.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, your husband can afford to pay that amount!” Tim replied her.

Tim took his platinum card and gave it to the cashier. She just silently watch Tim and his words earlier flashed into her mind.

“I want to give you the best”

‘Did he really mean that?’ She asked her self.



Kira and Tim felt hungry, so they decided to eat their lunch before going home.

In a restaurant, the two of them sit face to face, while reading the menu.

“What do you like to eat, sweetheart?” Tim asked.

“I’m on diet, so I want light foods,” Kira replied with her gaze on the menu.

Tim put down the menu book and look at Kira, “You don’t need to have a diet, I won’t divorce you even if you get fat” he said.

This time, Kira lifted her gaze and was about to roll her eyes to him but then…

“Try to roll your eye on me and I will kss you again in front of these people…” He warned her.

Kira automatically froze…

‘Argh!’ She secretly roars due to frustration.

She had no choice but to close her eyes tightly to suppress her annoyance.

“These are our orders,” Tim named the cuisine one by one and the waiter noted it.

Kira opened her eyes, “Wait! I haven’t chosen my order yet” She said.

“Don’t worry, I know what you like!” Tim replied.

After about thirty minutes their foods arrived.



Two days since Kira and Tim’s wedding…

Alex stared at Kira’s table in the admin office. It’s been two days, two days that he did not see Kira and he doesn’t know where she is. He tried to come to her house but nobody is there.

” Alex, why are you just standing there?” Myla asked..

“Ah, ” Alex snapped back to his senses.

“Myla, why Kira did not come to work yesterday and today?”

“I think she filed for three days of vacation leave,” Myla replied.

“Oh, is that so?”

” Rose is the one who is handling her class during her absence.”

“Oh, Thanks for the information, Myla.”

“No worries!” Myla replied and then she turns to leave.

Alex took his phone to call Kira but the bell suddenly rings indicating that the class will start. Alex shoved his phone back to his pocket and went to his class.

In the evening, Alex decided to go back to Kira’s house, but still, nobody is there.

Alex tried to think where Kira could be, and then one place came into his mind. Alex went to Lea’s convenience store.

“Alex?” Lea blurted out when she saw Alex entered the store.

“Hey, Lea!” Alex greeted her.

“What brought you here?” Lea was stunned to see Alex in her store.

“Oh! Uhm,” Alex tried to look around before he looked back to Lea.

“I… I haven’t seen Kira at School, and I heard from a co-teacher that she filed for a vacation leave. I went to their house but nobody in there…” Alex paused for a moment.
“I wonder if you know where she could be?”

“W-Where she could be?” Lea repeated.

Lea thinks for a moment, ‘I can’t tell him that Kira got married!’

‘But what should she say?’

Lea scratched her head and tried to think for an alibi.

“Ah! Kira and auntie have moved to another house”

Alex knitted his brows, “They moved to another house?”

‘Oh no!’
‘What will I say?’
‘Okay, Lea, just relax!’
‘You can make up a story! He wouldn’t know it!’

“Y-Yes!” Lea said.


“Uhm, I… I don’t know the address but Kira told me that they need to move to a smaller and cheaper house,”

“But, why?” Alex asked again.

“Auntie sold her house to pay for all the expenses for her medication.”

“What? Why shouldn’t she tell me?” Alex was stunned.

Kira did not tell him that she needs money, if she does, he would be willing to offer her help.

Alex took his phone and called Kira. He felt relieved he heard the ringing on the other line.


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