By Esther B. Daniels

I remember when I wanted to gain admission into the university, I had a friend that was lucky to gain admission before me. Whenever I went to visit him, his mother would say he was not at home.

My friend started giving me attitudes. He stopped coming to my house. When I asked him what the problem was, he opened up and told me his mother had warned him to stop associating with me because I might not be happy he gained admission, while I was still at home. Ah, I cried. Honestly I was pained.

Fast forward 5 years later, I have gained admission, and even graduated. My friend was still in the university. It was a 5 year course but he changed department and ended up spending 6 years.
His mother saw me in the neighborhood shortly after graduation and asked if I was on holiday. Holiday ke? Mummy, I have graduated. You can imagine the look on her face. Lol. I graduated with 2nd class upper, a year later he graduated with 3rd class.

Some of us are guilty of this:
When we have a house filled with kids…. Our loyal friend struggling to have kids becomes an enemy. We push them away, for fear she might be jealous and unhappy.

Once we get married…
Our loyal single friend becomes an enemy..
We push them away.

Once we get a job…
Our loyal jobless friend becomes an enemy….
We push them away.

Once we get to the top…
Our loyal friends at the bottom become enemy
We push away.

When we are happily married…
Our loyal friend that is unfortunately a divorcee becomes an enemy….
We push them away.

When we have food and water…
Our loyal friend struggling to survive becomes an enemy…
We push them away.

Nobody is your enemy, you are only being an enemy to them. We quickly forget that life is not static. It moves and changes.
When you condemn a situation along with the person in the situation. You are only gambling.
At the end, the winner is always the person you condemned, the person you least expected.

This is food for thought, ponder on these things.
Destiny can be delayed but not denied.