“Now that I have revealed the bitter truth. I will
like to move to the business of the day. My story
was In the past, this is the present, Now let’s
face the future.
I know how greed runs in my family, this is the
reason why I’m making this will for my child. She
might not belong to the Williams, she still belong
to my family.
All the properties I will mention should be handed
over to my baby after she gets married. She might
misuse the wealth if she get it while she’s still
Nancy, Dear family members, this are my
My guest house- A. J Palace, worth 75 million
My boutique – Queens and kings, worth 52
million naira.
I have a restaurant – N&N, worth 25 million naira.
I have a salon – Williams unisex salon, worth 24
million naira.
Your dad owned a construction conpany- he
named it BIN construction, worth 90 million Naira.
We have an estate in Abuja- Williams estate,
worth A billion naira.
Lastly, I own a departmental store in dubai- worth
a billion naira.
I have 5 million naira in my account, your dad
has 15 million naira in his. You are the only
signatory to it, you are our next of kin. I just
decleared my entire asset. This is the little I will
be leaving behind. Work hard and leave more for
my grandchildren.
Now to my will. I’m willing 10 million naira to my
brother (Mike). 15 million naira to the entire
family. It should be shared equally among you all.
I’m donating 5 million naira to any orphanage of
my daughter’s choice.
I’m handing over A. J palace to Nelly, the
remaining properties belong to my daughter
(Nancy). Including our house.
Since most of my assest are secret
establishment, I have people in charge of it all
but now that I have handed it all to my kids, all
the people in charge should vacate position
unless my daughters are ready to work with
them. Any act of disobedient to my will should be
dealt with by law. I’m sure Berry is capable,
that’s why she is in charge.
To my daughters I love you both. Live a life you
will be proud to tell your kids your story.
This is all about Lillian Williams and her will.
Have a good day people, thanks for your time”
My mom ended her speech and the video was
brought to an end. I was so lost and confused. I
carried a fake identity all my life. I was looming in
darkness. “so Nelly is my twin sister and her dad
is my dad. I’m not an orphan after all but how can
my biological dattd be so cruel? How can my dad
love me so much? Even his family?” those were
the questions I asked myself.
Just the way I was confused, everybody was and
most of them did nothing to hide their pain.
I broke into tears right there and wished I never
knew the truth. I was leaving just fine before the
video but I knew it would change lot of things
about me. I wasn’t even blood related to Khloe
and my foster parent. My family are not my family
and the person I knew as a family friend was my
real identity.
With weak eyes I looked at Kelvin and said “Take
me home”
With weak eyes, I looked at kelvin and said “take
me home”
I didn’t even know what to think about who I was
who I was going to become. My heart was so
heavy and it got to a point that my mind went
blank, just because I had too much on my plate.
The man I thought was my biological father
turned out to be just a foster dad, even the friend
[Nelly] I thought I wasn’t related to turned out to
be my biological twin sister and her dad turned
out to be my biological dad as well. I bet she
never knew my mom was her biological mom
before she was laid to rest. “If only I can turn
back the hand of time I wouldn’t have fought
Nelly over Jordan for years”. The thought of
having sex with the same guy as my sister made
me almost throw up in my mouth. I wished Nelly
was not dead, I wished my mom was also around,
I wished my foster dad was also alive but all of
this were just wishes that could never be brought
to life. It was as if the all of this people died and
left me behind to fix the puzzle they all created.
“Baby, we’re home” kelvin said, bringing me out
of my thought. I smiled and he helped me out of
the car. I walked in slowly and went to our room.
I didn’t even bother to eat, the only thing I
needed was a long shower and a long sleep.
Kelvin understood my mood perfectly and he
helped me clear my mind by creasing my hair to
sleep. I let my pain and worries flow away as I
lost myself to the beautiful hands of sleep.
[Three months later]
After the reading of the will and the revealing of
secrets, I didn’t step out for three months. I
needed time to think about my life and learn how
my legs would fit into the big shoe that was left
for me by my mom. I know I was left with lots of
riches but my mind was also opened to the fact
that it meant more trouble as well. I didn’t know if
I would be able to fit into the busy business
woman life style with my condition and my status.
This made me retain all the workers in all the
company allocated to me. Attorney berry visited
me more often over this period of time and we
became familiar. She made sure everything went
according to plan and with her help, I was able to
manage the companies from home. I was able to
meet with the important officials and I had a long
business talk with them as well. My uncle and his
family were also made to vacate my late parent’s
house and the entire building was locked up
under strict vigilance. Everything was under
My foster parent and khole didn’t forsake me
during this period of time and my in-laws were not
left behind. I was showered with lots of care and
affection. Everything was going on fine and all the
people I needed in my life were present, except
my biological dad [Stanley James].
Sometimes I tried to figure out the reason for his
actions in the past and in the present, the only
ting I came up with was that he was in human.
For this reason I decided belive he never exist.
Though, kelvin constantly reminded me of my
mom’s wish to reconcile with my biological dad
but the thought of him having the heart to shut me
out even after he realized that I was his daughter
made me decide to shut him out forever. If he had
any fatherly love for me, he would have come for
me when I lost my mom, he would have looked
out for me and I would not have gone through all
the rough periods I went through. I knew my time
of hardship was a lesson for me and it made me
stronger but I expected him to have reached out
to me. I didn’t even feel connected to him in every
way. Again I was thankful to those who stood by
me even though we were not blood relations.
After the three months of my pregnancy, I was
beginning to have a pump. Lots of things had
changed and I spent my everyday life trying to
get comfortable with my body. Carrying a child is
one of the most challenging roles in life. Kelvin
was of help over this period of time, he even went
to the extent of putting a stop to his work just to
be with me. I received pregnancy tips from my
foster mom and my mother in-laws as well.
Everybody treated me like an egg and this made
me tremendously increase in weight. All in all, my
husband didn’t complain.
I was in my house one hot Friday afternoon, when
one of the securities informed us that an unknown
guest was at the door. According to him, the
guest claimed to be a family member but he had
never seen the person with us in the past. I made
the security describe the guest and after spending
minutes to relate who it could be without success,
I instructed him to let the guest in.
I was about settling in a couch after calling on
kelvin when the security walked our guest in. I
could not believe my eyes when I saw who the it
was. I looked at her from head to toe with my
mouth widely. All I could say was “is this you?”
more than ten years had pass without a word
from each other.


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