just as Kelvin would say “they were the cutest set
of twins” right from the womb.
I only watched as the doctor’s lips moved as he
explained the images on the screen to us. I didn’t
even hear a word from all he said, all that was on
my mind was the joy of carrying a set of boys
twin. I could not wait to inform my family of the
bundle of joy I was carrying . My excitement knew
no bound when the doctor finally said we could
take our leave, his long talk was beginning to
bore me.
Kelvin carried me to the car after we changed into
our dresses,according to him, he didn’t want me
to stress myself. I saw the excitement in his eyes
and I could not help but feel special for been the
source of his happiness.
Throughout the ride home, Kelvin placed his hand
on my Tommy. He kept on rubbing it gently as he
suggested different names for our babies. Before
we arrived home, he had suggested more than
twenty names, I could not help but laugh at his
Finally we arrived home after about forty minutes
drive, I was about hurrying out of the car when
Kelvin held me back. I made faces at him and he
“ma’am, maybe you weren’t informed before, I’m
using this medium to inform you that you are not
allowed to walk on your own, until after delivery”
I laughed and said “so who/what will carry me
around? What if I want to pop? ”
“Right here madam, I’m your new personal
bodyguard” Kelvin said and took me into his
arms. I laughed out loud as he carried me into
the house. He eventually placed me on the bed
and kissed my Tommy severally before he allowed
me make the phone calls I wanted to make.
The first person I called was Khole, she was
super excited when I informed her of my scan
result. She pleaded with me to come over to
Abuja and I promised to see her first when I
After talking to khole, I called my foster parent.
They were both happy to hear the news. Mi dad
almost blocked my ear when he started singing
loudly with his cracked voice. My foster parent
invited me over to their house and I promised to
be with them for dinner.
The third person I called was my dad. He almost
broke down in tears when I told him I was
carrying a set of twin boys. According to him,
having a twin boys had always been his dream.
He got emotional and remembered my mom and
my late sister. Just like me, he wished they were
both alive to share in my joy.
I was still on the phone with my dad when Kelvin
rushed into the room, he handed his phone over
to me and informed me that his dad was on the
line. I quickly hung up on my dad and accepted
the president’s call.
“afternoon dad” I said into the phone.
Just like Kelvin, the president did nothing to hide
his excitement. He sang my praise on the phone
and even went to the extent of singing (something
I never expected)
He told me he heard about all that happened and
he was happy with the way I handled the whole
situation. I never knew Kelvin was keeping his
dad updated but I was happy he was proud of me.
After the whole daughter and father advice, the
president cleared his throat loudly and said “my
dear, I already told Kelvin that the both of you
should come back home tomorrow. I want to see
you and feel my grandchildren. I also want to
hold a small party and celebrate the goodness of
God. The both of you will be taking the first flight
to Abuja tomorrow morning by God’s grace”
I was surprised at the sudden travelling
arrangement and wanted to give an excuse to
stop the journey but the president gave no room
for any excuse. Seeing the way the to be
grandfather was excited looking forward to meet
his grandchildren, I agreed to come with Kelvin
the next day. The president was so happy when I
agreed to come over the next day. I also spoke
with Kelvin’s mom and Loretta before we finally
called it a day.


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