Episode 11

Camila’s POV

“Hey Ethan!” I waved at him as I walked into the living room and Ethan shouted out in joy before he got up from the couch he was sitting in and ran into my arms.

“Ms. Davis! You’re here !!!” He said happily and a smile made its way to my lips as I just hugged him back then pulled away to speak.

“So .. what are you doing?” I asked, pointing to TV that was showing toy story.

“I was watching a movie” Ethan replied and I began to made my way to the couch with him still in my arms. I sat down on the couch before I opened my mouth to ask.

“Feel better?”

“Yes and it’s all because of you!” He responded then hugged me after and I couldn’t help but awe at how cute he was being right now.

“Thank you Ms. Davis!” He said after we pulled away and I smile before reply with’Tt was my pleasure

“So.what do you want us to do?”

“Let’s watch a movie !!”Ethan shouted in excitement.


“we were sitting quietly watching the movie when all of a sudden arms were wrapped around Ethan and began to tickle him. I jumped from the sudden noise and tuned to Ethan, who was now laughing, and saw Damon tickling him.

“D-daddy s-stop !!” Ethan spoke between his laughter again but this time, tears were beginning to form in his eyes and Damon continued a little longer then finally stopped. After he stopped, Ethan took a minute or two to die down from his laughter before he finally sat up again and Damon took him into his arms.

“Mr. Alexander” I greeted, my voice sounding a little shaky. He looked to me again, a smile twitching on his lips but it was instantly gone when he saw me looking to his lips.

“You should get going since there’ll be a thunder Strom at five thirty.” He continued and then my eyes winden

“Then I’ll be going”I said to him then turned to Ethan who looked a little sad. Smiling at him, I waved good bye before i grabbed my bag and quickly made my way to the door with Damon and Ethan following form behind.

“Bye Ms. Davis!” Ethan waved and I waved at him once more before l turned around and open the door.


My eyes widen immediately and my mouth dropped open. I was in total shock. it’s raining already? And it raining hard .. very hard. The chill wind was blowing super hard, sending my long hair flying to the back of me. The sky was also in a dark gray colour with lightning flashing through it and loud sounds of thunders could be heard.

“What the he.ll?!!” I mumbled as I looked at the seniory in front of me.

“Well it looks like Ms. Davis will have to stay over tonight” Ethan said with a smirk on his face and I sigh closing the door before turning back to his dad and him.

“I..can’t stay over the entire night.I’l just wait for the rain to ease up and I’ll leave”I said crossing my arms, as much mind went back to my little Coco who’s home all alone.

“Please Ms. Davis!” Ethan plead and I really wanted to stay with him but Ive gotta go home to coco. I can’t leave her all alone

“I-i’m sorry Ethan but I can’t”1 said feeling bad to say that and Ethan pouted at me before he look down to the floor in sadness.

“Please?” He asked again but this time in a sad voice that made my heart ache.

“I can’t Ethan.”

“Why can’t you stay over?” Ethan asked, tilting his head as usual and I was about to respond but was cut off by Damon.

“Stop asking Ms. Davis all these questions Ethan. She probably have to go home to her boyfriend” Damon said in a little rude tone and I frown in confusion.

“Boy friend? Ms. Davis don’t have a boyfriend. Right Ms. Davis?” He said then turned to me and asked, eagerly waiting for my reply.

“Yes you’re right. I just have to go home to my dog ??coco. I can’t leave her alone”

“Then I can send one of my men to bring her here” Damon said shrugging and I sigh, running my hands through my hair.

“Yes but–”

“Plus the thunder storm won’t be over until tomorrow morning so you have to stay over night” Damon added and l sigh in defeat

“Then o.kay. I’ll stay” I hesitantly said and Ethan expression immediately changed into a happy one before he shout out in excitement.

“Yes !! Now let’s go finish our movie Ms. Davis!” He said before he grabbed onto my hands and dragged me straight into the living room.



“Okay, it’s bed time now.” Damon said, breaking me from my thoughts and I looked in his direction to see him getting up. He turned off the TV before he gesture Ethan to take his hands.

“Come on Ms. Davis! We’re going to bed!” Ethan said to me before he dragged me off the couch, with coco in my arms, then connected his other free with his father’s and pulled us up the stairs and into his bedroom.

“You too should get to bed since it’s late” Damon said looking me in my face and I nodded my head. He averted his eyes from me afterwards then opened his mouth to speak again. “And you cannot sleep in that clothes since you’be wearing it tomorrow and it’s not comfortable to sleep in either”

I immediately look down to my clothes then remembered I was only in a jeans and a sweater which would be so uncomfortable to sleep in but i didnt have any other close to wear.

“True but I don’t have any clothes with me right now” God, I was so dumb. I should have told his servant to bring my pajama since he was at my apartment to get Coco. I was so stupid to even not remember ..

“Then ..” Damon began lightly clearing his throat before he spoke again. “I’ll just have to lend you one of my clothes”

“Um it’s actually fine you know. I-I don’t find anything wrong with what I’m wearing to sleep” I lied.

“You don’t have to lie Camila” he began and I felt my heart beat increase when he called me by my name..he said my name once more. “It’s clear that the clothes you’re in is uncomfortable for you to sleep in, so I’d suggest you borrow one of mine. Just follow me” and then began to walk, with me following him from behind.

We stopped in front of a black door which Damon opened then told me to come in and my mouth dropped to the floor as my eyes came in contact with the room. The scent of his cologne hit my nose as I walked inside and I shiver a little from the cool air that the air con brought. The walls of the bedroom were black, giving a dark aroma to it. There was also a wall clock hanging on the wall and a few canvas that made the modern black room looked very manly.

“These are the only clothes I have that’s a little too small for me” he began as he handed a t-shirt and a sweat pants to me and I took it from him. “It might also be a little too big since you’re small but it should fit you comfortable” he continue and I nodded my head.

Then there were silence and I frown as I looked up to Damon and saw him just staring at me and I immediately felt uncomfortable right away. Looking away, I clear my throat which seems to bring him back to earth because he looked away before also clearing his throat.

“Um I should take you to your room now.” He said but did not look at me this time and I only nodded my head before I followed him out of his bedroom straight down the hall until we pulled up at a plain white door. Opening it, he let me enter first before he followed after and as usual my eyes darted to examine very single part and detail of the room.

This room was beautiful. It had plain brown walls, a very comfortable bed and a huge flat screen TV hanging from the wall. There was also an air con in this room since I felt a little cold after I entered but it was quite different from Damon’s.

“This is a guest room and even though it’s not much, I hope you find it quite comfortable to sleep in” he began and I looked at him in disbelief at what he had just said. Not much? This was more than much! “Anyways, I should leave you to get dress and head off to sleep. If there’s a problem don’t be afraid to wake me up”
“Um then goodnight Ms. Davis. See you tomorrow” he said and I responded with a’good night Mr. Alexander’then I watched as he turned and left the bedroom, shutting the door as he left.


–The next morning–

“Ah, I see you’re already awake” Damon began as he slowly made his way towards me. His eyes first went to his shirt I was wearing

“Breakfast is ready. Why don’t you come and join Ethan and 1? Ethan is eagerly waiting to see you” he continued and I nodded afterwards. Picking up a sleeping coco in my arms, I followed Damon to the door and all the way downstairs into the breakfast room.

“Ms. Davis!” Ethan exclaimed as soon as I came into view and that woke I every sleepiness from Coco as jumped out of my hands and down to the floor.

“Good morning Ethan” I greeted after I had him now in my arms and he didn’t reply. He only wrapped his arms around me and sigh in my arms.

“Why don’t we sit and have breakfast together?” Damon asked after a while and only then did Ethan pulled away and we both made our way to the breakfast table

“Daddy! Ms. Davis is wearing your shirt!” He said happily while his eye scanned the shirt and a few maids that were cleaning stopped for a few second and their focus went to me then they resumed their work when Damon send then a glare .

“Yes Ethan. She is” Damon simply replied before drinking from his dark coffee.

“She looks cute doesn’t she?” Ethan asked once again and my heart rate sped up as I wait for Damon’s reply.

“Yes she do” Damon reply again but this time, his eyes met mine for a second before he looked away. We ate in one peaceful silent after that, well it was only for some time before we heard a loud annoying scream and all of our focus was drawn onto Christina.

She made her way into the dinning room, cat walking as she does and battering her eyes lash while pursing her fake lips lips which made her look like if she was out of her mind.

“Oh Damon! I miss you soo-” she began but cut herself off and came to a halt. Her eyes were focused on my well more like what I was wearing and there was a sudden anger that came over her. And she charged towards me ..



Camila’s POV

Everything happen so fast. One moment I was sitting at the table and the next moment I was pushed hard unto the floor. A painful scream erupt from mouth when my head hit the concrete floor hard and my vision began to blur. She grabbed unto my hair and began to bang my head on the floor while I tried to held her hands down and I succeed but that didn’t stop her from cussing at me

“You fking bch! How dare you sleep”

“Stop!” Damon’s cold voice stopped her from saying another word. I turned to look at him and saw that the expression he had earlier was no longer from his face. It was replaced with anger .. Christina shivered in fear as Damon glared deadly into her eyes before he averted his eyes from her and looked down to Ethan.

“Go to your room Ethan and don’t leave until I tell you too” he commanded him in a not too harsh tone and Ethan glanced at me. He then picked up coco before he turned around and dissappear up the stairs.

“Why ?! Why would you sleep with this wh®re?!” Christina continued her cussing while she glare at me and proceed to hit me across my face and this time I didn’t hold back. I was so angry that I couldn’t just let her hit me and Ethan wasn’t here so I don’t have to worry about him seeing me behave so violent.

Growling in anger, I rolled her over so i was now sitting on top of her and began to land a few punches in her face. My goal was to break her fake plastic nose and make her cry in pain.

“You fking bch! Get off of me !! Damon get her off of me !! She’s ruining my face !!!” She screamed out in pai and only then was I pulled away from her and into strong arms. She fking deserve her face to be ruined !! “Ahh !! Look what you did !! Now I have to do another nose job!” She cried once more. Her hair was in a mess and her face was slightly covered in blood. She basically looked a mess and I smiled at my work while I tried to calm down myself .. I haven’t gotten this angry in such a long time and right now it feels so foreign to me but I needed to do this I really did.

“Ugh !! Aren’t you gonna scold her ?! She’s basically your son’s babysitter and don’t have ay right to hit me! She should be fired !!” She yelled at Damon in anger when he didn’t say anything but just held me in his arms. However, Damon ignored her. He turned to me and his eyes immediately began to scan my body and face for any injures.

“Are you okay?” He asked, his tone softer than before and I only nodded. The truth is, I was not. My head hurts like hell right now and I some how have a feeling that my head was bIeeding. My vision was also a bit blurry but I think I’ll be fine.

“Ugh !!! Did you just ignore me?!! Damon! I’m speaking to you!” Christina yelled again as she was trying to get Damon’s attention. And she somehow got it because he averted his eyes from me to her, glaring deadly while he coldly spoke

“‘Shut the fk up, Christina!” Christina mouth dropped to the ground while a shock expression had suddenly came over her face as she stared at Damon in disbelief. Her mouth trembled a bit as she was trying to speak but nothing came out, only air.

“D-Damon what has gotten into you? Since when do you speak to me in such tone?” she asked in a softer voice but it was filled with shock and disbelief.

“Since now. Now get the fk out and don’t even think of showing your face until I call for you” he said harshly and I wince at his words. Dmn, that gotta hurt. She began trying to find words to say then look down to me who was trapped in his arms and she send me a glare.

“I’m not leaving! I will not leave! “She continued, still looking at me.

“Then don’t blame me for what happens next” Damon casually said then turned to a few of his maids that were cleaning near by and gesture the to come over and take Christina away.

“No ! Don’t you dare touch me !! I’m not leaving !!!” She shouted at them but all the did was rolled their eyes and took a hold of her arms while another her feet and dragged an angry, screaming Christina out of Damon’s house.

The place became quiet after that and I let out a sigh but frown after I felt something tickling down my forehead. I ran my fingers over the mysterious liquid that was running down my forehead and my eyes widen when I saw bIood.

“Sht” I wince as I tired to make the bIeeding stop and that grabbed Damon’s attention.

Damon immediately looked over to me with a frown but that changed into a shock expression when he noticed the red liquid, that was running down my forehead.

“Fk, you’re bIeeding” he said, a hint of worries flash in his eyes and he quickly brought me to sit down in the living room then called on one of the maids to bring a few first aid stuff to treat a wound. I continually winced as the painful throbbing in my head didn’t stop and I wanted to cry so bad. I could feel a pair of black eyes on me as I whimpered and wince in pain, trying to make the pain ease a bit. His worried eyes scan over my body then he brought his hands to my face and lightly brush over my bruised.

“It’s bIeeding pretty bad. I think you should lay down.” He said then helped me lay down in the couch. The maids came running with a few stuff in the hands and quickly hand it to Damon who look a little angry
“what the fk took you guys so long?” He asked them as the took the stuff from them and began to tend to my wounds and I let out a few more wince and whimpers as he did.

“I promise you’ll feel a litle better after I’m done.” He continued while he took his careful time and tend to my wounds. A sigh was heard from his lips after he had finished and our eyes met for a minute. “I’m sorry you’re hurt. If I knew she was coming, I would’ve never let her in.”

“It’s okay, if anyone should be sorry it’s me. I shouldn’t have fought her. That was so wrong of me.I’m sorry” I apologize while looking to the floor.

I looked up to Damon after he didnt say anything, only to see his eyes lingering at my face.What’s him and staring at me?

“What you did was wrong ..”he began after I looked up to meet his eyes. But honestly, I would’ve done the same thing if someone had attack me. Plus it was Christina who first attacked you so you’re not really wrong to fight back”he concluded with a shrug and I looked at him. My eyes shinning in surprise and happiness.

“So I’m not fired?”

“No you’re not but you should take the day off since you’re injured”he responded to my question and a bright smile was now on my face and guess what I did next?

I hugged him

His body tense right away and I happily wrapped my arms, tightly around him. “Thank you” I mumbled into his chest and then felt one of his hands on my back.

“N-no problem” he said back after I pulled away and I smiled, looking at his face. A small smile made its way to his lips and he finally smiled back at me. He looked so cute when he smiles and less fightening. “Then you should get changed and get going before Ethan sees you and make you stay” he spoke after a while of us just smiling at each other and I nodded, averting my eyes from him.

Quickly getting up, I made my way upstairs into the guest bedroom. Taking a quick shower, l got dressed into the clothes I wore yesterday and grabbed my things before I left the bedroom and met Damon in the hall with coco in his arms.

“Oh you got coco. Thank you, I thought I would’ve got to get it from Ethan myself” I said as I approached him and he only hum before passing coco to me. “Um tell Ethan I say good bye and that I’m sorry I didn’t get to see him before I leave. Also tell him I’ll make it up to him by taking him to the park tomorrow.. well that’s if you allow me to” I said to him and he nodded his head before walking me downstairs to the door.

“Then goodbye Mr. Alexander” I waved and he said a good bye back before I turned around and left.


Damon’s POV ?

Fk, I can’t stop think about her.

She’s only my son’s babysitter but I’ve got her stuck in my head at work, at home even when I lay down to sleep. I still couldn’t understand how could a plain girl like her make me feel such foreign feelings every time I’m around her. Like my heart beat would increase, I couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful face and I couldn’t help but smile.from the inside. And I really like that my son likes her a lot. She was just another girl who took the job to babysit my son but I knew she meant more than that to Ethan.


Ethan really likes her a lot because he keeps talking about her when she’s not around and would ask me questions about Camila, like’What do you think about Ms. Davis dad? “Or isn’t Ms. Davis pretty?” I also have a feeling that he’s up to something but I can’t put my hands on what he was up to. I’ll find out though, I will.

“What’s up with you ?!” A voice said that pulled me out of my thoughts and I looked up to see lan entering my home office with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Just doing some work” I responded with a shrug as he made his way over to a seat and sat down.

“You sure? Cause it looks like my boy here is thinking about something..something that he can’t get out of his head” lan said, smirking and I inwardly gulp. He’s so good at reading me.

“I’m not” I denied

”Well if you say so”his voice was heard and I looked back up at him to see him shrugging then opened his mouth to speak.
”So .. where’s Ethan’s new babysitter? I only saw Ethan sitting in the living room, watching a movie”

“I send her home to rest because she was injured”

“And lemme gueys..Christina attacked her” he said and l looked up back to him not surprised that he already know who did it. “Seriously dude, I don’t why you got that girl-of-yours around. She’s literally useless and does nothing in this damn house but cause trouble” he spoke truly and I sigh, rubbing my temple.

“I know lan but I can’t let her go. She’s been here for as long as I can remember and my parents like her a lot. And even if I try to put her out, my parents will only bring her back or worse make her move in with me and I don’t want that so it’s better this way”I explained to him and he only rolled his eyes at my explaination.

“Who the fk cares? Throw that bch out and if she tries to come back, throw her out again or just kill her.” He shrug and I shook my hcad at what nonsense he’s saying.

“And go to jail?”

“Well you have the best lawyer so I’m sure you won’t to to jail and if we hide the body really one would know” he whispered the last part and I let out a breath before looking back at him.

“Why are you even here?” I asked, changing the topic.

“Well I wanted to see you and that babysitter who’s got my best friend running crazy because of her” he responded with a smirk on his face and I mentally rolled my eyes at him before speaking.

“She’s not making me run crazy lan” I lied, again and I’m happy that he left it to that.

“Okay, if you say so then. So what does she looked like?” He shot another question about Camila at me and I just wanted to kick him out right now. Like seriously, I’m trying to stop thinking about her and this dude is making it harder for me to do so

“Like every other girl in the world” I responded before I went back to checking my files and he rolled his eyes once more

“Now I’m damn sure that she’s not like every other girl in the world because then you wouldn’t be thinking about her”

“‘M not thinking about her!” I shouted, annoyed at his assumptions that were right.

“Stop denying the truth Damon. Everyone could clearly see that you’re thinking about her.”

“And why say so?” I asked, smirking from the inside because he surely don’t know why I’m thinking about her and he never seen her anyways.

“Well Ethan told me everything about her and everything that happened between her and you. He also said you always smile when he brings her name up” he responded with a bold smirk on his face. Oh my dear son, why did you tell him? “Yup, he’s a snitch and a good one too. I just love that kid” Ian said while a smile on his lips and I scoff before I went back to my work.

“So are you gonna tell me how she looks like–”

“Get the fk out lan!” I yelled at him annoyed and he only laughed before he shut the door.


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