Episode 21


I sigh, running my fingers through my hair. I was ready for this. I was ready to apologize, even if it meant for me to do it over and over again. I wanted her to forgive me but I know it will be hard since I’ve hurt her a lot but I just hope she does, eventually, and give me a chance to make it up to her. To show her I can be better than this. To start over.

Taking a deep breath, I once again counted to three before I went ahead and knock on her bedroom door without even hesitating one bit. It only take a few seconds before the door was opened, revealing the most beautiful woman, I’ve ever seen, in the world.


She had a look of confusion in her face and I also had one too, well that was after I looked down to her clothes and saw what she was wearing. She was in a mid length, short, summer dress which showed off her soft curves. simple yet beautiful. Her hair was curled and let down, making her look even more beautiful. She wasn’t wearing make up though but her lips were covered in lip gloss, making it glow and shine She looked tempting.

And just looking at her lips makes me wanna kss her again. It remind me of the kss we shared, one of the best thing that ever happened to me.

“Um is there something you want?” A voice asked, bringing me out of nmy thoughts and I looked up to meet her beautiful face. You, I want you- Ohkay Damon! Calm the he.ll down .. “Hello?” She spoke again but this time waving her hands in tront of my face to grab my attention and I tried to clear her from my head before I proceed to talk / apologize but none of that came out .

“Where are you going?” I found myselfr asking.
I mean she can’t just dress up to be home, can she? And plus she might be going out with that’Bianca’guy again and I seriously don’t want her to get drunk again. So this time I need to know ..

“I..I’m going out”she replied in a hesitating tone and her eyes averted from mine to the floor, refusing to look at me but I really need to know where she’s going, She’s definitely not leaving this house to get drunk again.

I was getting closer and closer towards her and when I did, I lightly pushed her against the wall, in her bedroom, and brought my mouth to her ears and whispered.

“Where to?” She immediately shivered and still refused to look into mine eyes but I wanted to see her eyes. I wanted to see her face while l pleasure her. I wanted to hear her moan and whimper as I pleasure her. God, that would be the most satisfying thing to see.

“Answer me gattino” I whispered again but this time a foreign language just came flying out of my mouth. I do know Italian too and find it pretty hot to use, especially on her. And that was all it take for her to finally meet my eyes. Their were dark, just as mine. Her skin felt like fire when I touched it and her smooth less against mine was fking turning me on. I was more than ready to take her right now.

“I’m ..” a small voice began and I brought my focus back to her. She was finally replying to my question and I was eagerly waiting to hear what she’s saying but what she said next wasn’t something I wanted to hear.

“I’m going on a date”

Date? With a guy? That same sentence, those words just set off something in side of me and I growled out, holding her tighter to me.

“S-so if you can excuse me. I need to go now or I’ll be late” she stammered a little then tired to push me off of her but I wasn’t gonna let her leave this house to meet another guy. I don’t care if I sound controlling or whatever the fk it is. And fKing yes! I’m selfish of having her to myself and I’m not even thinking of letting her go.

“Uh Mr. Alexander can you move? I really have to go” she went on trying to push me away from her and I growl again, pulling her closer to me, holding her tighter, not wanting to let her go. Not now, not ever.

“You’re not going anywhere”, I whispered in her ears then moved my mouth from her ears and brought it to her neck.



Butterflies That’s what I felt when my mind went back to the scene where Damon and I kssed. I still couldn’t believe he kssed me but it felt amazing. It awoken a lot of foreign feelings inside of me and I absolutely loved that moment.

I was so deep into it that I wouldn’t even care if he kssed me forever. It just felt so right .. BUT I felt his lips pulled away from mine all of a sudden and I inwardly groan and cry cause I didn’t want him to stop but he did and everything was gone.

The bubbly feeling inside of me, the tingles, the electric fire, And then him. I remember what happened at the ball.

“We’re leaving” I remembered him saying before he turned around and made his way to the exit with me following from behind. The ride home that night was silent. We didn’t talk to each other and he didn’t even glance at me, as he would usually do, and this just made me kinda feel insecure Maybe I am ugly after all. I sigh, getting up from my bed. My mind was still thinking about our kss and let me tell you, it’s very annoying.

Also Damon have been avoiding me a lot which I’m glad about cause then things wouldn’t be awkward between us but then again, a small percent of me hated it. He don’t even look at me anymore and it’s not that I really care but I kinda..miss when he does that? I know I sound stupid or weird but yes, I actually like when he used to look at me, although it would confuse me and make me nervous. i miss it a lot. But I need to get that out of my mind right now cause I have a date to go to. And I know some of you are confused about some stuff so I’ll explain.

You see, after all of that (our kss) happened, Damon ignored me a lot and keeps avoiding me and I would have this weird, foreign feeling inside of me that made me feel very uncomfortable, so I talked to Bianca and he give me some very good advice. He told me I should go on a date with a guy and when Damon finds out, he’ll eventually stop ignoring me and start looking at me again. I didn’t even wanna do it at first but I guess it might be very fun to do so, so I agreed and now I’m getting dress for my date with some guy. But something happened which I never thought would happen, well not so soon and right now I’ma nervous, hot and bothered, Camila, trapped in between the arms of Damon. I was very surprised to see him at my door but confused of why he was here. I did also felt a little better when his eyes were lingering at my body but I felt a little nervous cause its him doing so. And when he began to whisper in my ears, God I loved it. I loved how hot he sounded, how sxy he sounded but the part that made me almost let out a moan was when he called me kitten (Gattino) in Italian. God, he sounded so damn hot. And now my head is running wild with everything I can think about, that can happen right now. With out bodies so closes to each other, I felt hot, bothered and turned on.

I lightly shiver when I felt his lips on my neck and I knew this was it .. WELL it was before that stupid door bell rang!

He pulled away from me almost immediately and i let out a breath but kind of miss his presence. We both looked away from each other and made our way down your the door to see who it was and a frown made its way to my face when Damon opened the door, revealing a tall guy standing there.

“What do you want?” Damon spoke in a tone as if he was annoyed at the man standing there, who did absolutely nothing but interrupted us.

“ there a Davis that lives here?” He spoke in a dark voice and Damon turned to look at me with a little glare and I raised my hands, telling the guy standing there, that I was that person.

“Camila Davis, right?” He asked just to make sure and I nodded my head before proceeding to ask a question cause I’m confused of why he’s asking for me.

“Um Can I help you?”

“Oh no, I’m actually Cody. You’re date for the night” he replied and I frown. Okay, he’s my date but how the hell did he know where I live? Is he stalking me?

“How…do you know where I live?”

“Oh, umm well after I saw that it was getting a little late and you haven’t showed up yet, I called your friend and he give me directions to where you live” he replied almost instantly and Inodded my head in understanding before he continued talking and all while I could feel the stares of Damon on me.

“Wow. You’re actually the most pretty girl I’ve ever been on in a date with. You look very amazing” he went on while his eyes lingered at my clothes but I didn’t like it at all. I prefer Damon to do that.

“Uh thanks?” I said but it came out more as a question and he smiled at me before he continued.

“And is this your brother?” He asked, turning to meet Damon and that’s when Iactually saw how Damon was. His jaw was clenched and his arms fold.

“Brother?” Damon opened his mouth to ask then chuckled darkly causing me to gulp but Cody on the other hand, had more of a confused look on his face.

“Wait, so you’re not her brother?”

“Who told you that?” Damon went on, his voice sounding so cold and scary, which made me shiver and only prayed that there be no violence cause the way he’s looking at Cody is like he’s gonna I kill him.

“Bianca. He said you’re her older brother. That you’re very protective of her.” Okay, at this moment Damon looked more than angry. Steem was coming through his ears and nose, well not actually but he looked so angry, like he was gonna kil someone, so I had to I do something.

“Uh..I-I think Bianca lied to you. He’s..not my brother” I hope I can help with calming him down cause I really don’t want to see anyone fight at all.

“Oh really? So then who is he?” He asked again, looking at Damon with a confused looked. Damon was still angry and I hope I can sayldo something to calm him down like right now.

“He’s uh” I began, trying to find something to say that won’t make him more angry but it’s really hard to do so.


“Boyfriend. I’m her boyfriend” he cut me off and my mouth dropped opened while I looked at him with wide eyes, the same look was on Cody’s face.

“I thought you were single though” He said after a while and I was about to open my mouth to talk but Damon beat me to it.

“She’s not. So leave her alone and rm warning you, if I ever see you around my girl again, I’ll make you regret never listening me” he said in a cold tone before he grabbed unto one of my hands and dragged me back into the house, leaving a very shock and angry Cody out side. I was scared of what he’ll do now but my brain explode when he called me his girl. His girl Damon just called me his girl–



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