Episode 41

Written by Authoress Buky

“We…Wendy!?” Javier called in surprise and Matt and Wendy turned to him as he still stood by the door.

“Ooh, honey, you are here” Wendy giggled nervously.

Javier gritted his teeth and matched towards them.

“What are you doing here?” Javier rasped stopping in front of them.

“You are here, you never told me you had such a beautiful girl friend” Matt said and Wendy laughed slowly before standing.

She walked towards him and was about hugging him but he pushed her away.

“Watch what you do! If you really know what is good for you, leave!” Javier warned.


Wendy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“I think we shouldn’t do these in front of him” Wendy whispered nudging at Matt who was watching them quietly.

Javier also stared at him and sighed,

“I will be back Dad” Javier said and grabbed Wendy’s hand.

“I will come greet some other time Mr Smith” Wendy said and Javier dragged her out of the office.

“What is with them?” Matt muttered watching them.


Javier pushed Wendy into his office and shut the door, she held her hurting wrist and glared at him.

“What was that for?” Wendy fired

“I should be asking you the same thing! What the h’ll did you think you are doing!?” Javier snapped obviously angry and she moved closer to him.

“Is these how to threat some one who saved your life? If I hadn’t saved you wouldn’t have met Alice?”

“But I did right? I did met her and there is nothing changing that fact”

“But I love you, why can’t you just see me, I am beautiful, curvy and everything” Wendy said twirling for him to see her.

Javier rubbed his forehead slowly and chuckled.

“But you are missing one thing” Javier said and she frowned.

“Tell me, what am I missing?”

“What you are missing is that you are not Alice, no matter what you do Wendy, I can never look at you talk less of loving you, am saying these for the second time” Javier said coldly and she felt her eyes heated.

“Really? Is that so?” Wendy muttered staring into his eyes and He nodded.

Wendy swallowed


“excuse me sir, Chairman Smith sends for you” a voice said from outside.

“Okay, I will be right there” Javier answered and glared at Wendy before rushing out of the office.

Wendy shook her eyes slowly and sat on his table looking round his office.

“he is really luxurious” She muttered.

Soon she heard a phone vibration on the table and turned, that wasn’t her phone.

She saw it was Javier’s call and took his phone, she stared at the ID slowly, my Queen, she scoffed when it hit her that it was Alice and a plan suddenly hit her.

Wendy smirked and picked the call.

“Yobseyio? (Hello?)” Wendy said and she heard silence.

*Javier?* Alice voice rang out quietly.

“ooh , it you Alice! Long time no see bestie” Wendy said.

*Wendy? What are you doing with Javier’s phone?* Alice rasped and Wendy laughed.

“What do you think am doing? I have always told you that Javier is mine from beginning, no matter what happens he will always be mine”

*what the fk are you saying! Where is Javier!*

“Well, we just had a good fk now, and he is worshipping me saying am more good than you, and dmn his father was nice. Has he ever introduced you to his Dad? Oh my bad, I guess it’s a no, you claim to be his girlfriend but you don’t even know his company, so pitiful” Wendy mocked.

*you are lying right, just fk off!* Alice yelled and ended the call.

Wendy smirked and dropped the phone,

” I guess this will toss her off” Wendy said and took his phone again deleting the recent call of Alice.

She dropped the phone immediately when the door opened and Javier came in.

“You should leave now” Javier said and she rolled her eyes coming down from the table.

“I saved you, is this how you should treat me?”

“Fine I get it that you saved my life, thanks to you for that, it shouldn’t be more than that” he said frustratedly.

“Repay me” she said bluntly.


“Yes repay the favor I did, by having dinner with me tomorrow night”

“neo michyeoss-eo? (Are you Β’razy?)” Javier asked and she smiled.

“Do I look like I am Β’razy to you? Dine with me if you are really grateful”

“What makes you think I would even have dinner with you?”

“I will stop getting into your life and Alice’s, I will let you both be” Wendy said with a smirk.

“Wait, you mean you won’t get in the way with me for just the dinner?” Javier asked and she nodded.

“Yes, I know how much you love her, I am sorry for causing chaos with my best friend over you, if this will really be our last involvement, I want to have something to think on” Wendy said calmly and Javier shook his eyes.

“OK, you really sound suspicious right now” Javier said doubtly and she h!t his chest before walking past him.

“I will send you the address” She said and walked out of the office shutting the door behind her.

Javier sighed and rubbed his forehead.

“Gosh, how did I ever get involved with her” Javier groaned and collapse on his cushion.

He suddenly remembered Alice and covered his face, he is doing this for them, because it seems Wendy wouldn’t stop anytime soon.



Alice threw her phone on the bed after ending the call.

“What is happening? Am I dreaming?” Alice muttered and h!t her cheeks thrice but hissed in pains.

“Aiish, Apayo (it hurts)” Alice groaned.

She wasn’t dreaming, Wendy was really in the company with Javier, how? And how was she able to get hold of his phone?

Something is fishy, her heart was beating and she scratched her nose, should she call again? No, she will wait for him to come back and explain what the h’ll is happening, why Wendy was with him.



Zoe walked out of the restaurants briskly when her phone started ringing and she brought it out from her bag.

It was Dreg.

“What does he want?” She mumbled and picked the call.

*Noona!* Dreg called and she rolled her eyes.

“What is it?” She asked flinging her hair backwards.

*I don’t know if you will love to here these but Stanley is here* he said and her frown deepened.

“Busu suriya? (What are you saying?)” Zoe fired and she heard him sighed.

*he insisted on seeing you*

“Tell that bstard to leave immediately!” She yelled and ended the call.

“Piiimmmmmm!” She heard a car horn which almost h!t her and her eyes widened in fear, before she could react some one already draw her hands from the road and she gasped as her face landed on his chest.

Then…then… Wait , that cologne, she slowly looked up and met Pete worried eyes on her.

“Keomchiana? (Are you okay?)” Pete asked slowly and coldly.

She cleared her throats and moved away from him.

“Yea, am okay, thanks” Zoe said awkwardly and started walking again.

Pete sighed And followed her.

“Hey, can we talk please?” Pete requested walking by her side.

“No thanks” she said quickly.

“Common, we can’t Keep acting these way” Pete said and she sighed stopping.

“Then we should just stop talking to each other. we should avoid each other” she said shocking him

“Avoid each other?, do you hate me that much?” Pete scoffed and she rubbed her temple.

“Of course not, I don’t hate you, I just can’t Stand facing you, bye Pete” she said and stopped a cab.

Pete moved forward but stop when she entered the cab and he punched his fist into the air.

why did things have to go complicated, not that he couldn’t avoid her too, he can right? He could avoid her, but…it won’t be easy.

“Not that I have a thing for her, so why am I even bothered” Pete scoffed and also stopped a cab to go home, he missed Alice so much, at least they would have walked home together.


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