Episode 31

Written By Authoress Buky

“Arrgghhhhhhh!” Zoe screamed loudly and Pete jerked up immediately.

Pete also opened his eyes and moved back in shock when he saw Zoe naked.

“How did we end up nked?” Pete asked, waiting for the next thing she was going to say.

Zoe heart started beating fast, her throats bobbled up and down when she looked in between her Iegs, bI.ood stains, her eyes widened immediately.

“ It didn’t happen right? We didn’t do anything last night right?” Zoe said shakily in fears, Pete also blinked trying to remember what happened the night before.

STRANGER FROM THE WOODS : EPISODE 31 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

They walked into his apartment and then….

“Sht!” Pete rasped and stood up from the floor, he looked around and her pnties and b.ra with cloths were resting on the floor.

Zoe also got what happened, she bursted into tears immediately.

“We did it right? We had sx right?” Zoe sniffed crying loudly and Pete ruffled his hair, he picked his shorts and wore it.

“Look am so sorry okay, I am so sorry, we were both drunk” Pete pleaded, these was a mess up.

“You mean I lost my vrgnty this way, why did this have to happen!” Zoe screamed and stood angrily picking her clothes.

“I am sorry, we can just forget it happened” Pete said and she faced him immediately, her teary eyes held anger and he moved backwards.

“Is it that easy for you to say? To forget what happened just like that?” Zoe asked quietly but dangerously and he shook his eyes.

“We are adults right?”

“How dare you!” Zoe yells and threw her clothes at him, she moved closer and sIapped him hard on the face.

“Do you think it is easy to forget that I lost my vrgnty these way? What do you take me for? A sIvt? Or what! Are you that heartless? Do you even have a sister?” Zoe asked painfully.

Pete jaw moved and he touched his cheeks, what have he done?.

“It was just a mistake, stop taking this far!” Pete snapped and she laughed shabbily.

“Just a mistake? You called my pride just? My boyfriend broke up with me because of this and I ended up loosing it to you! You bstard! Cold bI.ooded animal!” She yelled at his face and started putting her clothes on crying at the same time.

Pete became speechless as guilt filled him, he moved closer to her.

“I..I am sorry, I never meant that” Pete said touching her arm but she flung it off.

“No you shouldn’t be sorry,” she said and picked her bag, she stormed towards the door and turned again.

“I wish you rot in h’ll!” She snarled and walked out.

Pete collapse on the chair and scattered his hair frustration.

“How could I be so stupid!” Pete mumbled angry at himself, he regretted ever getting drunk the night before.



Alice snuggled more into the thick arms holding her but she frowned when she founded no one beside her, she used her hands to touched The place Javier slept but it was empty.

She opened her eyes slightly until it was was clear, but Javier wasn’t there.

“Where is he?” Alice mumbled and sat up the bed, she rubbed her eyes and looked around.

“Javier?” Alice called but no response.

She picked one of his shirts and put it on, it was longer for her as it reached her thighs, her hair was ruffled and scattered.

She walked out of the room and shut the door, her eyes almost popped out at the beauty she was seeing, she didn’t notice them last night.

She kept walking around when she saw a guard walking towards her and she stopped, he was putting on a cold look, his eyes lingered on her body and she frowned.

“Why are you staring at me in that manner?” Alice questioned.

“Who are you?” He asked and that made Alice almost laughed.

“You must be so daft to ask me such question, where is Javier? I need to talk to him” Alice asked.

The guard stare at her and was about to talk when Nick showed up.

“You can leave Josh” Nick said and the guard glared at Alice coldly which sent a wave down her spine before walking away.

“Who the h’ll is he?” Alice asked and Nick smiled.

“He is one of the guards , sorry for his manner Madam” Nick said bowing and Alice almost coughed,

“Madam?” Alice stuttered.

“Yes, that is what the Boss asked us to Address you, he said I should take you to his training room after you have woken up” Nick said and she nodded.

Though she was still finding it uncomfortable.

“Alright,” she said and he started walking while she followed him behind.


“H!t it harder!” Landon yelled as Javier pvnched the pvnching bag repeatedly.

“Don’t slack off!” Landon commanded, Javier was sweating, he was shirtless, just in shorts, his forehead formed beads of sweat which ran down his face.

His dark hair were down his face and his muscled body was a view to never forget.

“Fk am worn out!” Javier muttered and stopped pvnching, he fixed his hands on his waist.

“You have grown weaker” Landon said facing him.

“Yea, maybe that was because I haven’t done these in a while” Javier said going to pick a bottle of water from the floor and opened it drinking from it.

“Are you that happy seeing her?” Landon asked with a smirk, Javier already knew that mischievous look on his face.

“Of course why won’t I be, I am glad that Alice is with me and I can watch over her even if I know Uncle Carl and Drake might use her against me” Javier said and Landon fixed his fingers on his chin.

“Yea you got a point there, they might use her as your weakness, why don’t you stop seeing her to prevent these?”

“That is because there is another bstard out here wanting to harm her, and I won’t bear it if anything happens to her” Javier groaned.

“Ken? What Is their relationship?” Landon asked and Javier faced him.

“That should be me and my lover’s business, best friend” Javier winked.

“Whatever, are we to make a move first? On your uncle?”

“no, we wait, then gather evidence to put them in their right places forever” Javier smirked , just then door opened and Javier drank from the water again.

“Umm, Javier?” Landon called uneasily as he looked at the door.

“What?” Javier asked following his looks to the door and he poured the water out of his mouth immediately.

His eyes turned red and he suddenly felt Possessive.

“What the h’ll are you wearing!?” Javier snapped moving towards her with his training towel and wrapped it around her Waist.

Nick also stare at her and Javier glared at him.

“what are you staring at? Leave!” Javier snapped and Nick rushed out immediately.

“What is the big deal in what I am wearing?” Alice asked staring at Javier’s flaring nose.

He turned to Landon who was looking speechless.

“Can you excuse us?” Javier said and Landon nodded before also walking out.

Alice tilted her neck waiting for explanation.

“You can’t wear these around” Javier said he was looking pissed.

“Why can’t I wear these? It is one of your shirts”

“I know it is, but it is too short and exposing, I can’t have another man stare at what is mine” Javier said Jealousy obvious in his voice and Alice smirked wrapping her hands around his sweaty neck and rubbed her body on his.

“Is my man getting jealous right now?” Alice asked and he groaned planting a kss on her lips.

“of course I am jealous, I don’t want those guards of mine staring at you in such a manner” he said rubbing her waist.

“Awwn that Is so sweet of you, umm Javier?” Alice called and he looked at her face.

“I think it Is high time you found any other name to call me” Javier said and she chuckled.

“OK Honey, how about that?” She asked and he nodded.

“That sounds better, so you wanna say something”

“Yeah, I want to go back”Alice suddenly said and he frowned.

“Go back to where?” Javier asked and she sighed.

“Go back to Bijarim, I mean I can’t stay here with you”

“You can’t stay here with me? Don’t you love me? Don’t you like my home? I could get into my other mansion if you want, don’t you like the maids? Don’t you…..”

“Honey it is not that” Alice cut him off and he shook his eyes.

“Yea, I do love you so much,and I Also love your home, but I don’t feel myself here, I want to….”

“You are going nowhere” Javier said quietly moving away from her and she blinked her eyes.

“boraguyo? (What did you say?)” Alice asked.

“I said you aren’t going anywhere”

“Why? Can’t I leave? Are you going to keep me here for your own sake?” Alice fired

“Look here baby, I am doing these not for me but for you, you aren’t safe out there, that bstard of a Ken must out there, and I can’t let you keep staying with Wendy, I have a feeling you aren’t safe with her too, just try and understand, okay!” Javier said with finality and picked his shirt and wore it.

“she can’t hurt me, I know that ” Alice challenged.

“Stop thinking stupidly, and what made you think she can’t hurt you, she can kill you to have her way!” Javier yelled at her face.

“She is my best friend..”

“And Drake is my blood brother while Carl is my uncle, and they are after my life, what makes you think Wendy can’t harm you? Tell me what?” Javier attacked and she became quiet.


“end of these topic, breakfast should be ready” Javier said kssing her lips and walked out of the training room.


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