STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 11 – 20

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 11 – 20

By Naomi Cindy B

Chapter 11

” Don’t be scared, go!” Tania said to Kimora when they got to the front of the king’s chamber

Kimora’s heart is beating fast in fear

“Ok, at the count of one to three” she said, holding her chest

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 11 - 20.

” Ok, let’s count together” Tania replied

Hana (one)

Dul (two)

Set! (Three!)

Kimora stepped in and closed her eyes

” Greetings your majesty” she bowed on her knees, still scared to move forward

*Come forward” king Jung Mal said and she did with fear

” I see fear in your eyes, don’t be scared” he said

“Yes your majesty” she bowed, not looking up

” Thanks for saving the prince, and though you were almost executed, I’m glad the execution was stopped” he said

” And for that, you’re getting compensated, be lady Ambrosia’s assistant” King Jung said and she quickly looked up

” Huh!”

*After her from now in in the maids chamber, it’s you, that means you’re the assistant headmaid, I heard your cooking skills are excellent so you’re worth it” king Jung said

” I’m not worth this act of kindness your majesty” she said, still in shock

” It’s my order, go” king Jung said and she stood

“Thanks your highness, I’ll forever remember your kindness” she bowed and left the chamber

“Yay!!!!” Tania screamed immediately Kimora got out, she hugged her tightly

“I’m so happy for you!, I heard everything, you’re the assistant headmaid, right after lady Ambrosia” she said

” I’m not happy” Kimora replied

” Why?”

” As one of the maids I work like an elephant everyday, now as the assistant headmaid, I’ll nearly die with loads of works” she said

” You won’t die, let’s go” Tania said, pulling her along but Immediately they got to the middle of the corridor, Janis appeared

“Janis?” Tania said and Kimora looked up

“Janis” she smiled

Janis took her hand from Tania immediately. “I’ll borrow her for some minutes” he said

“It’s ok” Tania smiled and let her go

Janis took her to the store room and hugged her too tight immediately

“Janis what are you doing I’m suffocating” she said, hitting his back lightly

” Did someone send you to hug me till death?, This is too tight” she said

Janis only let her go after some minutes then he held her face

“I thought I was never gonna see you again, you won’t know how scared I was back then Kimora, if anything happens to you, I won’t be able to bear it” he said, caressing her cheeks

Kimora smiled but shortly

” I’m ok, now let my cheeks go” she said

Janis smiled and let it go but he pecked her forehead immediately

“Heya!, You’re doing things this evening, any problem?” She said

” Kimora I l….

The door opened and Brayden came in, interrupting his words

“So you plan to lock her in here cos you don’t want me to see her too, silly you” he said, coming to them

” Brayden I never knew you’re here” Kimora said

“Come here” Brayden said and hugged her lightly

“I’m glad you’re back, assistant headmaid” Brayden said

“That feels uncomfortable though, call me Kimora, I hate the sound of assistant headmaid” she replied

” You’ll be addressed as my lady just like lady Ambrosia so I’ll switch to calling you lady Kimora” Brayden said

” Brayden!” She said, stumping her foot on the ground and Brayden laughed

“Let’s get out of here, lady Ambrosia calls for you” he said and they both left the place

Janis sighed before following them

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 11 – 20



“As my assistant, no mistakes, address the maids like the headmaid when I’m not around, no sluggishness and no clumsiness, sharp spirit should be one of your qualities, no lagging behind” headmaid Ambrosia said to Kimora

” Yes my lady” she bowed, feeling uncomfortable with all that’s happening

“And to you the rest ” Lady Ambrosia said, facing the rest of the maids, over forty

“Respect her just like I’ll be respected, she’ll take my place whenever I’m not around and direct you guys, disrespecting her means disrespecting me and you all know what that means” she said

” Yes headmaid!” They chorused

” So from now on, address her as what?”

“Lady Kimora!” They all chorused

“No I’m ok with Kimora!, I don’t want lady” she replied and everyone laughed

Lady Ambrosia gave her a warning look and she succumbed

“Yes headmaid” she bowed, closing her eyes in frustration

“Getting killed back then is better than what’s happening right now, lady Kimora?, Only old ladies like headmaid can be addressed as lady, I’m not old” she squinted.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 11 – 20


” Cory?” Royalty said, wondering if he’s the one she’s seeing from the other end as she came out of her room

His hair is down right now and she’s seeing his back only

He suddenly faced her and her heart skipped beats as he walked towards her, he’s handsome!

She blinked, almost falling down without getting pushed when he got to her

“Greetings your highness” he bowed simply and even that looks like the greatest scene she has ever witnessed

“Cory?’ she said and he looked up

His face is just perfect!, So perfect that she felt the urge to touch it and she raised her hand to his face immediately, she touched his face and it feels like the best thing she has ever touched

“Your highness” Cory said, stepping back and she quickly withdrew her hand

Suzy watched from a corner and rolled eyes slowly

“She’s one hell of a tramp” she thought

“I’ll take my leave your highness” Cory said with a bow and left

Royalty looked at her hand and smiled

“How can he be so handsome” she said

“I knew it,you’re a tramp” Suzy said, coming out of her hiding place

“What?, Wanna go tell father?” She replied

“I don’t have time to report your shamelessness, just continue till you get caught by his majesty or your brother” Suzy replied and left arrogantly

” That brat” Royalty muttered

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 11 – 20


Cory kept thinking about why she made that move till he got to the lawn that separated the main palace and the royals chamber

Darrin crossed him suddenly

“We need to talk” Darrin said

“I don’t have time to spare to talk to you” he replied and made to go but Darrin drew his $word and placed it on Cory’s neck

Cory smiled and looked at him daringly

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Work with me, tell me prince Jimin’s secrets, prince Cal will give you a lot of money and fortune” Darrin said

Cory smiled shortly again and used just two fingers to move the $word from his neck

“Go sharpen your sword, it lost it’s sharpness already… and about the money, I don’t need it, to me.. prince Jimin is more than money” Cory said

” How long are you gonna keep being his slave?” Darrin said and Cory moved closer to him

” I should be asking that, how long are you gonna keep being prince Cal’s dog?, Look here boy, anytime this happens again, I mean…you placing a sword on my neck, I can’t promise your safety….be careful” Cory said flatly and left

” Darn it!” Darrin spat.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 11 – 20


Kimora’s room**

She just finished painting a flower drawing and she smiled widely after taking a close look at it

“Good enough to present to the prince for saving my life” she said, folding it before leaving the room

It’s dark already so it’s about time to watch the stars

She went to the back of the palace and looked around, hoping to see him but he’s nowhere

“Is he not coming to look at the stars tonight?, Only God knows where he views it from” she thought, looking around

She smiled when she saw him coming with Cory and she quickly comported herself

“Your highness” she bowed

“The maid?, Hope you’re good now?” He asked

” Yes I am, thanks to you, thanks for saving me” she replied

” Cory excuse us please” he said and Cory left

” Look up” he said and Kimora looked up at his eyes, they’re too attractive that she quickly looked away

“Do you perhaps have healing hands?, Why did my headache leave me when you touched me?” He said

” Oh that…I..I dunno, I just did what I heard in my ears” she replied

” Your ears?”

” I mean…what my mind told me” she replied

“Oh, by the way I heard you’ve been elevated to the assistant headmaid” he said

” It’s uncomfortable…I mean….lady, it just doesn’t feel comfortable” she said

“The title?” He said

” Yes your highness you got it, it makes me feel like an old lady and too uncomfortable, I’m ok with ordinary Kimora, I just hate being addressed as lady, headmaid Ambrosia insisted on it even when I objected and it’s just so annoying and so creepy, Kimora is the best name in the world but it has been ruined with the lady behind it I can’t even listen to it, it sounds too…..

She stopped and looked at him, realizing she has been talking for long

“You’ve been talking for the past two minutes without stopping, are you a talkative?” He said and she quickly bowed

” No your highness, forgive me for talking too much” she said and Jimin smiled

” So your name is Kimora and you love watching the stars just like me” he said

” Yes your highness, and here’s all i can give, a gift for saving me” she said, pointing the paper forward

He took it and unfolded it, he smiled when he saw the flower drawing

“You can draw?” He said

“A lot your highness, do you like it?” She asked

” Of course!, It’s too beautiful!, I love flowers” he said, admiring the drawing with an handsome smile on his face

“How can his eyes be so pretty?” She wondered, stealing glances at him

” Too bad I hate flowers, I can almost perceive the scent while drawing it” she said

” You’re allergic to the scent?” He asked and she nodded

Almost immediately, a loud thunder strike sounded which scared the sht out of Kimora

She lost balance and almost fell but Jimin held her and pulled her back, that made a soft gasp escape her lips as his hand touched hers

Her face slammed on his chest and her hands grabbed his back, maintaining her balance…

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