STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 21 – 30

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 21 – 30

By Naomi Cindy B


Maids chamber**

“You look extra happy this morning and you know what?, Anytime you look extra happy, you also look extra beautiful” Tania said to Kimora who’s just coming out of the bathroom after taking a warm shower

“Why wouldn’t I be happy?, Princess Suzy is not bothering me anymore these days, princess Royalty is so kind to me, I’ve got you, I’ve got Ginelle, lady Ambrosia, Janis and Brayden, what else will I be if not happy” she replied, creaming herself

” Wait!, You made another herbal cream” Tania said, standing up

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 21 - 30.

Kimora hid the cream bottle behind her

“You told me you don’t like my herbs so stay back” she said

” But the herbal cream makes you glow, your skin looks fresh than the skin of any of the royals, give me some” Tania said

” Point your palms forward, close your eyes and say please twenty five times” Kimora said

” I’ll take it forcefully then” Tania replied, moving forward

” You don’t dare, I’ll make yours, this one is not for you” she replied

” That necklace!, Where did you get it from!, It’s so unique!, It’s beautiful!” Tania exclaimed, seeing her necklace

Kimora quickly covered it with her palms

“Don’t even dream of stealing it, it’s not something to joke with, I’m the only one who’s entitled to it” she replied

” Wicked the way you haven’t told me what happened to your back two nights ago” Tania said

“I’ll tell you later” she replied, putting on her robe already

” Oh Kimora stop being like this, best of friends aren’t supposed to keep things from each other” Tania said

” I’m not keeping anything” Kimora said and felt guilty immediately

She’s keeping a whole lot from her

“Whatever, be fast you need to serve princess Suzy’s breakfast” Tania replied

” I hope I don’t get lashed again” Kimora replied, loosening the hairband from her hair

“I’ll help you dress your hair” Tania said

“Lady Kimora!, Prince Jimin calls for you right now, you need to mix his bath!” Cory’s voice said by the door and a wide smile escaped her lips

” I’m coming!” She said, taking the painting and rushing out of the room

” Wait!, I need to pack your hair!” Tania said but she’s already out

“Let’s go” she told Cory when she got out

Cory smiled and led the way

” Are you bewitching his highness?” He asked

“How can you even say that” she replied

” Well I just felt that way, your name is always on his lips, Kimora here, Kimora there, it’s getting out of hand”

Kimora blushed greatly

” See that?, You blushed” Cory said and she quickly covered her face

“I never did you lousy fellow” she said and he laughed

“So where did you touch his head last night?” He asked

“Oh that… I’ll tell you later” she replied as they got to the room

They both entered just when Janis is passing by the prince chamber

“Again?’ he wondered suspiciously

” Something is going on” he thought

“He’s inside the bathroom” Cory said to Kimora immediately they got in

” Oh..ok” she replied, peeping into the bathroom before going in

He’s not there

“You said he’s in here” she said

“Yes” Cory replied from outside

She looked around and couldn’t find him, she turned to go out but her forehead slammed on his hard chest, his robe is off already, only the white shorts is on him

She looked up at his beautiful face and found a charming smile on it then her eyes moved to his manly chest, his abs are cute and his bicebs are tempting, she licked her lips while staring till Jimin pulled her cheeks

“Ouch!” She said

“Stop trying to stare at me till I die, you look more beautiful with your hair down like this, too bad you maids aren’t allowed to go around with you hair down” he smiled, releasing her cheeks and she blushed slightly

“Thanks your highness, but…is it right to be.. like this in front of me?” She asked

” oh… shirtless?, I find nothing wrong with it” he replied, pulling her to himself afterwards

He hugged her to his bare chest and she can hear his loud heartbeats

“Your heart is beating fast” she whispered

“So is yours” he said, touching her hair while she hugged him back slowly

” Thanks for saving me again… guardian, and thanks for saving the palace” he said

“I’m glad you know already, our allergies won’t take action anytime we’re together” she replied

He broke the hug and faced her

“I figured that out already and I’m daft a lot, I mean..I should have put the broken pieces together for long… the voice… lips…. necklace…I’m sorry for realizing late” he said

” No your highness… You don’t have to say sorry again” she smiled

“Thanks again, I promise not to hurt you anymore, I’ll never do anything to make you cry again, it’s the first time I’ll be making a promise so it’s valid” he said

” Really?” She asked

” Of course, and….” He stopped

” What?” She asked, nibbling on her lower lip

“Don’t worry, mix a warm bath for me” he said , taking the painting from her

She smiled and went to the tub, she started pouring body treatments and mixed slightly hot water to make it warm…

“This is me!, Kimora I love this!” He exclaimed immediately he opened the painting

“You like it?” She asked, looking up at him

” Like is an understatement Kimora, I love it” he replied, still staring

” I’m glad you love it” she replied, staring at him..

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 21 – 30


Queen Rachel’s room**

” Lioness is not appearing, why?” She thought, dropping the magic fan after waving it countlessly, lioness never appeared

She sat on her bed deep in thoughts

“What if the non-human attacks me now that she’s gradually showing her powers even in the palace?, That she killed only the assassins only means she kills the evil” she thought worriedly

Cal came into the room suddenly

“Mother I think you’re right, there’s a non-human here, have you seen the corpses of the assassins?, It’s a verification” he said, breathing heavily

” I know, but I have no idea of what to do” Rachel replied

“The fact remains that if she continues dwelling here, then she’s an hindrance to us” Cal said

” To your wicked acts right?” Royalty said, coming in

“Daughter” Rachel said

” You haven’t seen me since two days ago despite the fact that we live in this same palace, and all you care about is evil, mother!” She screamed

” Royalty calm down” Cal said

” Don’t tell me that!, Mother do you even know my best food?, Do you know my likes and dislikes?, You don’t care if I eat it or not and it’s not your headache either I’m well or not, you don’t treat me like your daughter and you don’t want me to hate you!, Tell me why I won’t hate you!, Just give me a reason!” She yelled at the top of her voice, crying already”


“I hate you both!, I regret the day you became my mother Rachel!” She yelled and stormed out of the room

She walked in tears furiously down to her room, Cory is waiting already since he has been taking her french

“Your highness, why are you crying” he asked, standing up immediately and moving closer to her

“Cory I’m sad” she said, pouring down more tears

*Why?, Did someone do something to you?, Tell me who it is” he said

” Cory” she said and hugged him

” Your highness…

“Just stay still,. This is the only way to console me” she replied

Suzy listened to all the conversation by the door then walked angrily to her room, she started breaking things in anger again..

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 21 – 30


Miryang town**

“How much is this worth?” Ginelle asked the woman she wants to buy hairpins from, a pack of it

“Ten pieces of silver” the woman replied and Ginelle payed

” Pack them for me I’ll take it” she smiled

“Ok miss” the woman replied

” And the couple lived happily ever after!” A familiar voice said at a part of the market

She took the hairpins and looked at a place where a big crowd gathered at

“That sounds like the annoying face voice” she said to herself and walked there

She found a space to stand and looked at the middle to see Brayden sitting, he’s actually telling stories from his book

“He’s a writer and a storyteller?” She asked herself

” Yes Miss, the most handsome and professional writer and storyteller you’ll ever find in Miryang” a man replied beside her

She returned to staring at him and the way he projects his expressions while narrating his stories, the way he talks cheerfully and answers questions brilliantly all shows his skills

He’s funny too and she’s unaware of when she laughed at one of his jokes

“You said you’ll tell us the story of the flower goddess someday!” A kid asked

” Someday, not today” he replied..

” He’s… lively” Ginelle smiled.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 21 – 30



Kimora hesitated in front of Suzy’s door, thinking maybe she should go in or not

Jimin took long talking to her even after he finished bathing so she was late, she’s supposed to have served Suzy’s breakfast ten minutes before now

She closed her eyes and hoped she won’t get a broken head before going in

Suzy just finished breaking the last vase she layed her hands on

“I’m .. here with your breakfast your highness” she bowed

” You’re ten minutes late, are you trying to starve me till death so you can take my place?” She said, stepping forward

” No your highness.. I was…

Before she could finish, Suzy grabbed the jug of water on the tray and raised it up to hit on her head but…

Kimora can feel her transformation about to happen instantly and she’s hoping it won’t happen, not in front of her but raising a jug on her head means danger and that triggers her transformation

Suzy is still bringing the jug down to her head in a slow mo when the door opened and Jimin entered

His eyes widened at what he’s seeing, he pushed Suzy away from Kimora and Suzy staggered, the jug fell from her

Jimin turned Kimora to himself, her transformation has happened a bit, only her eyes has changed to pink

He quickly hugged her face to his chest and Suzy stared unbelievably

“You just pushed me because of a maid and now you’re hugging her?, Oppa!” She yelled

” Just shut up already!” Jimin yelled back and Suzy shivered

He has never yelled at her like this before

Kimora slowly looked up at him and thankfully her eyes are back to normal

“Let’s go” he said and held her hand out of the room

Suzy laughed unbelievably, like she just watched a comical drama

“Was that my imagination?”

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 21 – 30

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