By Ella N.

GENRE: Contract Marriage, Billionaire Romance, Highschool.

TAGS: Love,Betrayal,Love triangles,Sx, Hates, Cúlts,Cops,Highschool, Bvllying, Rappès, Humor, Celebrities, Obsession,Singing, Dancing, Friendship, Secrets, Jealousy, Heartbreaks, Suspense.

SETTINGS: Thailand,Chiang Mai City.


“Are you in$ane? Let me go!” She barked,trying to free herself from his strong arms that tightly and aggressively held her.

“I will let you go,but before then,I want to remind you of something,in case you’ve forgotten.

“The only darn thing keeping us under the same roof,is the stupid contract marriage our parents signed.

“I do not love you,and never will. I don’t even have any feelings for you” He spat,disgustedly.

“Just so you know,I have a girlfriend that I love. So,stay off my lane and live happily!” He gruffly said,yanking her hand off without caring.


It’s like they always say, ” Marriage is sweet when you marry right”.

That feeling when you say “I do” to the one you love.
That satisfied and sweet feeling when you marry the man or woman you are mádly in love with.


But,what happens when you say,yes! And marry the one you do not have any feelings for?

Not sweet,right?

Let’s meet Caesar Ruslee,an incredibly handsome 25 years old Thailand guy.
A billionaire,Celebrity and owner of CISCO AUTOMOBILE COMPANY.

He’s a hot talented actor whom ladies dìe for because of his incredibility.

He’s got the looks,the money,that kind of body every lady desires in her man.

He is super sèxy,dark hair and eyes. A beautiful smile that will melt your heart away like candle wax.

He smiles a lot,but that doesn’t mean he’s the coolest person you would ever meet.
Caesar is a proud and cold hearted jerk.
The only person he cares about and loves,is Cindy,his girlfriend and maybe his mom.

Caesar has a girlfriend,but is married to someone else,through a contract marriage that was signed and sealed by both parents,right from their childhood.
They did that to save their business alliances.

Now,let’s meet Georgia Singto,a 23 years old Thailand lawyer,who bagged her degree just few months ago.
She’s one of the most beautiful ladies you’d ever meet in Thai.

Feel free to call her smiley, because she smiles a lot. He smiles can heal a broken hearted soul.

She’s so hot,with a kìller body that get men drooling.
Dark and sxy eyes,brown long hair,cute lips,beautiful smiles.
All in all,she’s a beautiful and brilliant Lawyer who has won many cases already.
Yea,she comes from a very rich family too.

I’ll describe Georgia as a chameleon. Because,she changes at any time.
She can be crazy, fun, boring,annoying,loving,caring,sweet,stubborn,or cool at any time.

Well,she’s married to the almighty Caesar,and they both have no feelings for each. They loathe each other more than anything,but live under the same roof.

What happens when she started developing feelings for her husband who she despised?

What happens when Caesar still got no feelings for her?

Now,what happens when Caesar finally falls deeply for her,but it was too late?

You’re eager to know what happens,right?

Then,follow me as this story unfolds,and watch how Georgia gets stuck in a dangerous love triangle.

Have you bought your popcorn and zobo?

Do so if you haven’t.
Cos,this is another banger.

You know how we roll,sweethearts??

A banger as always!




?••••THEIR LOATHE •••• ?


The sound of the shower running can be heard right inside the bathroom.

And in there,stood a masculine, séxy, dripping wet guy having his bath.

He’s taking time having his bath,to make sure every dirt on his body is washed off.

After some more minutes of about thirty five minutes baths,he finally turned the shower off.
His black hair dripping wet,making him look hotter and sxier.

He stretched his hand to the towel bar,and picked his very big towel from it,which he cleaned his body with. After that,he wrapped it around his waist,covering his body.

He walked out of the bathroom with a satisfied grin, as he sniffed in the sweet fragrance of his bathing soap.

“Shooting starts by eight,I should hurry up” He conversed with himself.

Yes! Caesar is an actor,as we all already know.
And right now,he’s getting ready because they have a shoot today.

After doing everything needed to be done,he picked his sweet smelling cologn that Cindy (his girlfriend) loves so much. He sprayed the desired amount,closed his eyes,and took a deep breath.

He dropped it afterwards,then picked his expensive gold wrist watch,wore and picked other necessary things too.



?? I heard Master is getting Married tomorrow

?? Yeah,heard that too. But to someone else.

?? What,why? What happened to Ms. Cindy.

?? That’s why I hate men!

?? Hold on,parrot. Before you start hating men.

?? Heard his parents signed a contract with the parents of the person he’s getting married to, even before he met Ms. Cindy.

?? Wow! International newscaster of the year. I swear,you deserve an award.

The last person said and everyone bursted out laughing.

They are all Caesar’s maids and male servants who work for him.

He has over thirty of them,with each,having his own duty in the enormous Mansion.

“Cancel all the appointments I have at the Company. I don’t think I’ll be available for the whole of today” Caesar spoke over the phone with his P. A.

“But,sir. You have an important meeting today,which you personally asked me to schedule” Reece replied with a trembling voice.
It took him a lot of courage to say what he just said,because he knows Caesar will reply him with an insult.

“I remeber what I said,because I still got my brains working.
Do as I say or get fired,you føol!” He shouted angrily and instantly dropped the call.

He hissed,then pocketed his phone,alongside his hands.

His workers composed themselves immediately they heard his voice and saw him walking towards them.

“Good morning,sir” They greeted in unison as he finally walked up to them.

He didn’t reply,though. He just hummed and nodded his head.

“Where is Brandon?” He asked,as he scanned everyone,but did not see Brandon.

Brandon is actually one of his chefs.

“You gave him a day off,sir” Claire,the female chef replied with a bow.

He still said nothing. He just left with some of his body guard and his driver.



It’s another blissful morning in the big and beautiful city of CHIANG MAI.

A slender figure can be seen curled up in her bed like a little snake,with the duvet almost covering her entire body.

The sun rising slowly,and piercing directly on her body. She rolled to the left,then to the right,her eyes slowly opening.

Gently,she pulled the duvet out of her body,as she finally opened her sleepy eyes. She sat up and yawned lowly,with her left hand covering her mouth.

“I’m hungry” She groaned,holding her growling tummy like one who hasn’t eaten for days.

Georgia loves food a lot,but no matter how much she eats,it doesn’t show on her body.

“Smokes! If I get the chance to go to heaven,I’d tell God to increase the hours of my night sleep.
I feel like I didn’t sleep at all.

“Maybe I should sleep for another ten minutes” She shrugged,trying to lay back in bed,but wasn’t done when….

“Gi Gi!” Her sister,Alvira swung open the door,and it went making a loud bang.
Georgia grunted,hissed and shook her head in frustration at the sight of Alvira.

Alvira does this all the time,even with Georgia warning her to stop barging into her room like that.
You won’t really blame her,though. She’s doing her a favor,actually.

Because,Georgia always wants to sleep for another ten minute,but will most times end up sleeping for another hour.

Anyway,Alvira will always be Alvira.
She’s a ¢razy girl,and beats anyone who steps on her toe.

She’s the real definition of trouble,unlike her twin sister,Alvara.

Georgia actually has younger sisters who are twins.

Alvira and Alvara.

Alvara is the complete opposite of Alvira,quiet,calm and a bit timid.

But,Alvira is something else. She’s always ready to beat the hell out of who crosses her path. She hates bvllies,same way she hates wearing girls clothes.

Yea,they are both still in Highschool.

That’s by the way.

“Stop barging into my room like you own it! What if I was nkèd?” Georgia half yelled.

“Then,I’d see what Adam was seeing on Eve in the garden of Eden.

“For crying out loud,I am a girl. With a P and B,like you. Frack!” She cussed, standing at akimbo.

“Smokes! So,you finally agreed that you’re a girl” Georgia rolled eyes.

She pulled the duvet,and got out of the bed.

“Why are you here?” She esquires,as she started making her bed.

“I came to remind you that your darn Wedding is tomorrow,and you’ve not bought your dress yet” She blabbed,as she picked a comb from the mirror Stan and started flipping it.

“I swear, i’mma break your head this morning” Georgia charged towards her with a pillow immediately she heard what Alvira said.

Alvira took off instantly.

“Get out of my room!” Georgia shouted. She held Alvira,after finally catching her.
She dragged her to the door, and pushed her out with force.
Alvira bursted out laughing at her sister’s behavior.

“Ughhh” She grunted frustratedly.


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