By,Ella N



Ahhh…my skin!!” Cindy screamed,agonizingly as the extremely hot water streamed down her body like a fountain.


Instead of getting out of the shower immediately,she stupídly stood there,screaming.

Georgia who was in her room,heard Cindy’s loud scream.
She sat down on her bed,and laughed her a*s out.

She’s behind it. Because,after the maid had set the water to how Cindy likes it,she left the room.

So,when Georgia saw that she was gone,she entered the room as quiet as a mouse and did what she did,then came out with no one seeing her.

And Cindy was stupíd enough to have fallen for that. She should have at least,checked the water’s temperature again before turning the shower on.

Well,Georgia wanted to pay Cindy back,for calling her an unwanted weed.

“I hope your skin burns and make you look beautiful for your boyfriend. You should even be grateful to me for helping you shed off your old skin” Georgia laughed shortly.

She got her laptop and sat back to start working,when her phone rang.

It’s a call from Linda,her co-lawyer.

“Hey,hey Mrs. Ruslee” Linda’s voice came sounding from the other end.

“Except you want to be sentenced to dèath,you better don’t call me that” Georgia shot at her immediately and Linda chuckled.

“How are you,what’s happening?” She asked.

“I’m all good,what’s up with you? What’s happening over there” Georgia asked back,while turning her laptop on.

“Well,I’m good. Still battling that case I have been handling for long now,yunno” Linda sighed.

“We need to celebrate,once this case is over. I swear!” Georgia said,and Linda concurred with a chuckle.

“I hope you’re good,though. When are you resuming work,anyway? I kinda miss you” She enquired.

“I was actually given a one week break,but I don’t think I can wait till then. My body is itching me already to resume work” Georgia replied,rubbing her forehead.

“I know what it feels like to just stay home and do nothing. But,you have to stay and give yourself a good treat before resuming,yunno” Linda told her,and Georgia smiled from her end.

They talked for quite a long time before the call was disconnected.



“How are you,Babe. Tell me Caesar did not marry another woman instead of you?” Jade asked,eagerly.

Cindy is actually on a call with her friend,Jade.
She finished having her bath minutes ago,after setting the water back to the normal temperature.

She was so infuriated that she almost went downstairs that very moment,to beat the living hell out of the maid who prepared her water.

The hot water burn wasn’t that bad,though. The part that the hot water touched just turned red,which will go back to its normal color in some hours time. So,she just decided to let it go,rather than causing a fuss.

“Not exactly. They got married,but under a signed contract by his parents” Cindy explained.

“A signed contract? You believed him and are okay with that?” Jade’s voice was a little raised.

“Uhm,yeah…? Of course I believe him.
Caesar even hates her,they both hate each other. So, I don’t think there’s really anything to be worried about” Cindy replied cofidently.

“Cindy,they exchanged wedding vows,and she’s right now living with him,isn’t she.

Look,it’s not like I’m intruding in your relationship,or anything. But,I don’t want you getting hurt” Jade spoke out frankly.

“I trust him. And about the wedding vows,that’s even the least of my problems,they mean nothing to me”Cindy replied,dropping her body lotion on the table.

She was still creaming her body when Jade called.

“Alright then,I just called to check on you,though. I tried calling yesterday,but I couldn’t reach you.

Just be okay” Jade said,after which the call dropped.

Immediately the call ended,Cindy started giving a thought about what Jade said.

Come to think of this, how come Caesar never told her about the contract marriage thing?


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