By Ella N



? Oh my goodness! Michal is here?

? How’s Alvira doing now,please?

?Heard she’s still unconscious,is that true?

? How’s her twin sister doing too?

? Hope her condition is not very critical,Michal?

? Are we seeing back to school soon? Please answer us”


The students threw questions at Michal,the very moment she entered the class.

She came back to her hostel,she and Jorel,after spending enough time with their friend.

Yep,they stay in school,yuno.

“Alvira is fine and strong. She’ll be back to school sooner than you expect” Michal replied with a smile,though she’s not happy.

She’s very worried about her friend’s condition.

If only she and Alvara knew that she (Alvira) wasn’t actually going to use the restroom,but had other plans in mind. There’s no way they would have let her leave.

She scared them so much last night,when they saw the blood that was gushing out from the area she was shot.

They all thought she was not going to survive it. But well,Alvira is stronger than they all think.

“How are you,Michal?” Jorel went to her desk and asked.

“I’m fine,thanks. Have you heard from them again? Called an hour ago,and Alvara said she’s still very much unconscious” Michal said sadly,and Jorel sighed.

“Same thing she said. Called again not quite long,but she didn’t pick” Jorel explained,sitting on the desk.

“I guess she’s tired and probably sleeping. Gosh! I miss them so much already” Michal replied,and Jorel said same.

“I’ll be going there after school,would you like to follow me?” He asked,and….

“Of course,Jorel. If I don’t,who would?” Michal shrugged.

~I just wish and hope she díes like that,while still unconscious.

That was Mitchelle at a corner,praying for Alvira’s déath.


“Hey…Michal! How’s Alvira doing? Please tell me she’s fine” Niran ran to Michal immediately he saw her.

She had left the class and was taking a walk just to calm her worried self.

“Jeez! Did you just get the news now?” Michal asked,her voice raised a little.

“I swear,I had no idea anything as such happened to her. I just heard students talking about it,that’s why I rushed to look for you. Please tell me she’s alright,please!” Niran said,and Michal rolled eyes.

“I can’t believe everyone heard the news,but you who is her boyfriend,didn’t.

Until this morning when you heard students talking about it,seriously?” Michal folded her arms,shaking slowly with a frown.

“I’m sorry,okay? It may seem like I don’t care,but I really do care,please tell me she’s okay” Niran said,and Michal looked at him with a raised brow,not saying anything for moment.

“So….where were you last night?” She finally asked,and Niran creased his brows.



“Are you okay,baby?” Marisa asked Georgia who sat near Alvira with her head uncomfortably leaning on the sick bed.

Her eyes were shut,but not completely. Half of her mind is here with her sister,and half is somewhere else.

Oh,yeah. Her Mom knows what’s up already,likewise her Dad. But he’s currently not here.

“I’m fine,Mom. Don’t worry about me” Georgia feigned a smile. Because behind that smile is a ripped heart.

“You’re not…I can see that you’re not. You’re only trying to be strong” Marisa said,and she smiled again,repeating the “I’m fine”.

“Mom…? You to go home and rest,please. I don’t want you to fall sick. You’ve stayed here long enough,please” Georgia said to her Mom who wasn’t even listening.

That’s what she has been telling her to do since last night,but she refused to go back home” She said,changing the topic immediately.

“I can’t go home,Gigi. I can’t rest,not when Vi is still lying there unconsciously.

She’s not moving at all,she hasn’t made any reflex,not even a knuckle is moving.

“I need to see her awake,Gigi. I need her to wake up and do the crazy things she does,say crazy things to her twin sister that will make me laugh,and tear up.

“I need her to wake up and behave like a boy,kss my cheeks every minute she sees me.

I told them,oh goodness! I told them to be very careful since they insisted on going to that party.


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