By Ella N.


“Oh My God!!” Caesar muttered in her mouth as he completely got knocked out.

Wait,she wasn’t sleeping?



Georgia sat up immediately,and held his tie,pulling him closer to herself.

She then tilted her head to the right,getting a better access to his sweetness.

Caesar placed his left knee on the bed,while the other was down.

He then held her face tenderly,now taking charge of the hot moment.

After few seconds,he slowly moved away,tracing his way to her neck and right there,he began to torture her with his bites,licks and sùcks.

Georgia shut her eyes entirely,just breathing hard and enjoying what he was doing to her.

Caesar took a deep breath of her sweet scent,shutting his eyes completely too as he did that.

He walked up to her ear and like a cat licking some milk. He licked her earlobe that way,at the same time,pressing on her left bare and tender bb,which sent Georgia an electric shock all over her body.

“Caesar!” She mò..aned out,instantly opening her eyes.

Okay! When did his hand enter her top that she didn’t even know until now that he pressed on her baby.

Well,she has no idea she’s married to a wonder man,who will keep making her wonder all the time.

It was as though she was suddenly given a pill that will make her not feel anything at the moment.

Caesar opened his eyes too and chuckled at her surprised face.

He kssed her forehead and her lips shortly,then dropped his leg off the bed.

“That’s for tricking Hubby. So,you weren’t sleeping,huh?” He chuckled again,now removing his tie completely.

“You jerk!” Georgia shot,throwing a pillow at him,which he caught with a wink,and Georgia chuckled lightly,buttoning the shirt of her nightie.

“I got in bed not quite long before you came. How was your day at work,Baby?” She asked. She got out of the bed and went to him.

She began to help him unbutton his shirt,after which,she dropped it inside the laundry basket.

“It was stressful,Geo. But when I remembered I have two most important people (Georgia and the baby) in my life,all the stress flew away like magic!” Caesar playfully said with demonstrations.

Georgia burst out laughing at his silly demonstrations,letting go of his belt which she was now helping him to unbuckle,after helping him with his shirt.

“Hey….I am serious,okay? Stop laughing” Caesar said and he also started laughing.

“Smokes! You’re not crazy,but actually màd” Georgia joked while he continued to laugh,slowly pulling down his trouser.

“Should we bath together?” He asked,while standing to look at Georgia who was busy drolling over his body.

Smokes! Is this whole hot body for her alone?

She thought,as she kept staring at him absentmindedly.

Caesar smirked and snapped his fingers,jolting her out of her thought.

“Do you want to taste it?” He shamèlessly asked with a smirk,pointing at his d*ck that was peacefully resting in his boxers.

“Smokes! Don’t you know what they call shamé? Get out!” Georgia barked,pushing him into the bathroom like a kid that has refused to have his bath.

Caesar was busy laughing his àss out,while she was still pushing him until she succeeded in pushing him in completely.

“Psycho,smokes!” Georgia breathed out with a chuckle,and gently sat down on the bed,smiling for no reason.


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