LETHAL BRIDE : Episode 31 – The End

LETHAL BRIDE EPISODE 31 (PROPOSAL) His mind raced as he waited for her to come downstairs. This was not going to be a normal date they usually had, this night was going to be a memory that would last a life time. He touched his pocket and felt the little bulge. He had never asked … Read more

LETHAL BRIDE : Episode 21 – 30

LETHAL BRIDE EPISODE 21 (BRUCE) BY BRABAR AUSTIN Brian noticed his stare “Do I look out of place?”. Easton shook his head “No you don’t” Crystal wasn’t in any way finding this funny. She wondered if Bruce came back from the dead to haunt them. She never believed in ghost or any thing related to … Read more

LETHAL BRIDE : Episode 11 – 20

LETHAL BRIDE EPISODE 11 (NANNY) BY BARBRA AUSTIN Days passed quickly, she had not gotten instruction from Easton on what to do. The fourth week was nearly over. Ella had developed a strong attachment for her, she centered the whole of each day around her, and she didn’t care about her grandpa anymore, all she … Read more

LETHAL BRIDE : Episode 1 – 10

LETHAL BRIDE EPISODE 1 (Reminiscence) BY BARBRA AUSTIN Graceful and with poise she walked towards the stage set for her. So many eyes followed her in anticipation. Her gold shoes hit each stair gently as she climbed. Her long red dress glittered so much, she held the microphone, her wrist wore a gold bracelet, her … Read more