LETHAL BRIDE : Episode 31 – The End



His mind raced as he waited for her to come downstairs. This was not going to be a normal date they usually had, this night was going to be a memory that would last a life time. He touched his pocket and felt the little bulge. He had never asked a girl the question he wanted to ask Crystal, he felt weird. He almost gave up the idea of asking her yet, but he had to.

Crystal unaware of the turmoil Easton was passing through downstairs, hummed as she dressed in front of her mirror. She loved going out with Easton, it was always fun. She finished dressing, and then she took her small purse and left the room.
As he watched her come downstairs, he swallowed; he could have sworn that she heard his heartbeat. “I adore and love this woman”, he thought. She looked so pretty with her hair down. Every sound of the steps she took registered in his head. He shoved his hands into his pocket to stop his hands from shaking. Watching her come down to him seemed like eternity.
Finally her feet landed on the floor. She walked with a majestic slow poise and planted a k!ss on his lips. “I’m ready honey”. Her perfume always had a way of making him more attracted to her.
“You smell nice”. He removed his hands from his pocket and cradled her face then k!ssed
her on her forehead.
“Where are we going to?”
“You would see”.
She noticed how tensed he was and wondered what the problem might be.
“Are you alright Easton”
“Yes I am” “you look so tensed and worried”.
“I am fine Crystal”
“Look Easton I have known you for years now and I know when something is eating you up”. He drew her closer to himself, “well you are wrong this time because I am fine”.
He took her hands and k!ssed both of them.
“Let’s have a beautiful evening.”
He took her hand and walked to his car. She wasn’t fooled by his smiles and k!sses, she knew something was bothering him.
“I will ask him again. He thinks I would stop persisting”, she thought secretly.


They got to an exquisite restaurant. Easton had already booked a table for them. She felt an odd kind of silence in the restaurant. They seated and she ordered the menu for the both of them. She watched him closely as they waited for their food to arrive. A waiter brought a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. She sipped from her glass watching his every
movement. She noticed how his fingers trembled around his glass, but stopped herself
from probing further.
“Why are you staring at me like that”
“Give me a reason not to stare at you” “Sincerely I am fine”
“I doubt that”, she frowned.
“I am fine”.
Don’t just let your mood spoil this evening for us. When you are ready to tell me what the problem is, I am always there to listen to you”.
“Thank you”
“You are not welcome”.
Easton laughed. Their food was brought to them. Easton tried all he could to compose himself, making sure he didn’t ruin his planned evening. He watched her eat slowly and smiled. He just loved the sight of her. They talked on and on, she laughed most of the time. He treasured every ounce of her. She wasn’t perfect but she was the perfect woman for him.
The time drew near for his plan to unfold. A waiter gave him a signal; he stylishly shook his head, telling them to wait a little longer.
Ignorantly Crystal kept talking unaware of what was happening around her. Finally the time was right to execute his plan. He nodded to the waiter who constantly kept his eyes fixed on them. He got really uneasy this time but maintained a neutral composure.
A lady walked into the restaurant. She looked really classy and attractive. She seemed to have the gaze of people in the restaurant for
while including Crystal. The lady walked towards them.
Easton had his back facing the lady, but Crystal watched her.
The lady kept her gaze on Crystal as she walked towards them. Crystal instincts knew that this lady was up to no good. The lady kept coming closer; her cologne seemed to fill the air. “she is heading straight at us, what does she want?” Crystal thought.
The lady got to their table. She was visibly angry and fuming. She glared at Crystal for a while then dozed her vicious gaze on Easton,
Crystal throat went dry, she wondered what next would happen.
“Easton, I can’t believe you, you are here with another woman, while I wait for you helplessly to pick me up”.
Crystal’s heart slammed against her chest.
“What the hell are you talking about?
Where do you know him from?” Crystal voice was firm and already shaky.
The lady turned to her, “you see this man here”, she pointed at Easton, “he is my boyfriend, if you think he is in love with you then you are really mistaken and fooled”.
Crystal couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. She couldn’t bring herself to believe that Easton had been lying to her the whole time. Her fingers began to tremble. She looked at Easton who already looked like a little child who was caught doing something wrong.
“Easton, tell me everything happening here is a dream and that I would wake up soon.
Tell me that everything this lady is saying are all lies”. He seemed to be struggling with words, he looked really confused.
“Easton, I am talking to you”, she raised her voice higher this time.
By this time everyone in the restaurant paid attention to the drama. The lady stood
watching them.
Easton took her hands and looked deep into her eyes. “Forget about this lady, I don’t know her, don’t listen to a word that she is saying”
“Oh! Really, is this what was eating you up. When were you planning on telling me?”
“I don’t know her”
“What do you mean you don’t know me Easton”, the lady was so infuriated. She took the wine bottle on the table and drained it on his head, “We are over”, she said and walked away.

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