?Beautiful?? (Ifeoma) EPISODE 1 Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C? When I became the palace maid earlier with the cleaning team batch, I wash toilets, clean kitchens, wah dishes, clean the throne rooms and the palace exterior. I was never allowed to go close to the upper floor where the King, the Queen and the princess … Read more

MY SWEET HEART: Episode 21-30

?My Sweet Heart? Episode 21 . . Written by Rejoice . . . … Valerie’s POV … “Wow! This is beautiful… Vale.. You mean Iyke proposed to you??” Eva said happily. “Yes girl.. Wow.. I was like.. Is this for real?” I laughed. She was in my office, sitting at the edge of my table. … Read more

MY SWEET HEART: Episode 11-20

?My Sweet Heart? Episode 11 . . Written by, Rejoice . . . … Valerie’s POV (continues … “Aunty Valerie.” He said just as he got to where I stood. His face down. I shut my eyes, making sure I don’t remember what just happened few minutes ago. I opened it and saw him staring … Read more