MY SWEET HEART: Episode 11-20

?My Sweet Heart? Episode 11 . . Written by, Rejoice . . . … Valerie’s POV (continues … “Aunty Valerie.” He said just as he got to where I stood. His face down. I shut my eyes, making sure I don’t remember what just happened few minutes ago. I opened it and saw him staring … Read more

FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 41 – The End

?FORCIBLE WEDLOCK ? ?Village Girl ? ?Written by Khalee ? ?Episode 41? ?Mrs Philips ? “Honey”. I called my husband whose attention was on the newspaper in his hands. We have TV but still he loves Newspapers alot. “Yes Dear”. “Let’s talk about Tiwa’s marriage to Alex”. He dropped the newspaper and removed his glasses … Read more

FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 11 – 20

?FORCIBLE WEDLOCK? ?Village Girl ? ?Written by Khalee ? ?Episode 11? ?Alex? I growled at Tiwa, how could she be this stupid! She had hit her glass hard against others and it smashed with the others spilling all over the table. She had ruined everything on the table. I went ballistic. “Are you cr@zy?!! “. … Read more

FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 1 – 10

? FORCIBLE WEDLOCK? ? (Village Girl) ? ?Written by Khalee ? ?Episode One? ? Tiwalade ? “You need to see how my husband insulted him, he was so ashamed and almost hit his head on the pole”. Feyi said and laughing hard. “Thats the best thing, he’ll learn not to pokenose in people’s affair again”. … Read more