?{I never knew her,never met her but she gave birth to my child}?

Written by Bella writes???


?max pov?
“Yoo hoo it’s time to party” Alex my partner in business and also a close friend said beside me as we walked into the club

“Wow isn’t that babe hot”Peter another close friend of mine said as we were led to a VIP sit in the back

I turned on hearing what Peter say because I like girls a lot and am known for my reputation, am a big time womaniser and a rich one at that

Am still in my prime years and I will make use of it before am old and grey

” cheers “Peter said as we all raised our glass

” what are we toasting to”I said as I took a sip of the champagne the waitress had brought for us

“To every crazy things we three have done together” Alex said and peter nodded

I shrugged at them and drank more of the champagne

For the whole week have been working like crazy just to get a particular contract for the company and I finally got it last night and when Alex and peter invited me out,I took the chance,after working hard for a whole week,I need to rest and I won’t mind having a sxy lady with me to night too

“Like when we all went to eiffle tower and began to scream or when we stood in our balcony naked” I heard Alex saying and peter laughing

They were talking about the crazy thing we three did together

“Or like when we three gave our sperm to that hospital,I think that is the craziest thing we have ever done” I said to them and they burst out laughing

“It is not being crazy,we were only helping the ladies who couldn’t give birth” peter said and we all laughed

It had been Alex idea that we donate our $p£rm,I was against it at first because thinking of a lady giving birth to a child that is mine gave me the chills but eventually he managed to convince and the hospital promised to be discrete about their donors

“I wonder if my sperm has been used yet,I wonder what baby I fathered” Peter said

“Then it’s best if you return to the hospital and ask,you disgust me peter” I said

“What???wanting to know the kind of child I fathered is a disgust to you?” Peter said

“Dont forget that Max hates children and he has vow never to have one” Alex said

“Then you will really be missing out,I wonder what Brenda will think about that” Peter said

“Hey Brenda shares the same point with me and that’s why am marrying her,she doesn’t like children and I do too,so we are the perfect match”I said

Brenda ray is the girl am getting married to in a few weeks,just thinking about that gives me the chills

Both my parents have been insisting that I get married and when I met Brenda and also saw that she shared the same point with me,I decided to propose to her and she agreed and in a few weeks time we will be getting married

” but its…….”

“Oh shut up Peter,stop looking for max trouble and instead let’s focus on that sexy thing that just walked in” Alex said interrupting peter

We all stared at the entrance and behold there is a beautiful Lady walking in

She looked so beautiful in her body hug gown and sxy too,she might just be the perfect bed companion for me tonight,I thought as i stared at her

“Wow she is perfect, why dont I try my luck with her” Peter said

“No peter,she is mine” I said standing up and walking up to her

?lily pov?
I stood outside the club, looking around, trying to make sure that the person I was looking for was in there

I was still searching when I saw him laughing with his friends

Yes finally!!!! I will be able to talk to him

For weeks now have been trying to talk to him,trying to get An appointment with him but they keep on telling me that he is busy

Well tonight I will finally talk to him,I thought and without thinking much I Walked into the club making sure that I didnt look around

I walked to the counter and sat down,I knew that a lot of guys were starring at me and its due to the clothe am wearing,never have I wear such clothes but its the only way to attract the great max tores,I just hope that he falls into the bait

Suddenly I felt someone pull my hand,I turned to find him there starring at me

“Care to have a dance” he said pulling me to the dance floor

“But I haven’t even say yes yet” I said suddenly feeling nervous

My first thought had been to get him to notice me so I can talk to him and now here is with me but I don’t even know how to Start

“You look so gorgeous,why don’t we go to my hotel room,its not so far away” he said

At first I wanted to stop him but I realized that it will be good to talk to him in his hotel room,far from the noise

I nodded gently, giving him a $exy look before walking off with him

All through the ride in his car,I kept on wondering if I should tell him or not,what would he do? How would he react ones he finds out the truth

I shouldn’t get cold feet,this is for little jenny,I have to do this for my child

We got to the hotel and as soon as he closed the door he pulled me to him, kssing my neck,I felt so disgusted that I pushed him off angrily

?max pov?
I stood starring at her in surprise?what’s wrong with her

“I don’t want you touching me” she said

“But we both came here to do something,don’t be a tease and come to me” I said

“I mean it mr max,I don’t want you touching me”

Mr max?why is she being formal all of a sudden

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I came here to talk to you about something very important” she said

“Like seriously you did all this just to talk to me?”

“Yes I did and this is not something little,it’s a big issue” she said and I walked towards the drinks cabinet

Bringing out a glass to pour myself a drink I said”about what then?”

“Its about your daughter”

Immediately she said that the glass fell from my hand and I turned to stare at her

“What did you just say!!!!!!” I yelled at her………..

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