?The Billionaire’s

Girlfriend ?


By: Kebby NG

Episode 11

? Khalid ?

I glanced at myself and saw my t0wels on the floor. “Oh…!!”I muttered incoherently bending down quickly. I used my long hair to cover and he bursted out laughing.

I glared”Stop looking!!!”

He smirked”You do realize I’ve seen it all right?”

I flushed”Get out!!”I yelled at him even knowing it’s his room.

Surprisingly, he turned to go but stopped”I will have you June, remember this” then he’s gone.

I breathed out relieved, phww! Why is he back so soon?

When did he walk in? Gee the guy could walk like a ghost.

My face heated more as I thought about the look on his face when he looked at me. G0sh he saw me n@ked!

No one has ever done that!

How will I face him again? I stayed there for a long time before putting on his shirt.

I took a deep breath and walked out.


D@mnit!! She anticipated my move! No one has ever done that before.

I wanted to catch her when she moved out of reach and ran into the bathroom.

“Aghh come on Kayla! Open up” I said pitifully, I would have break down the door but then boss wouldn’t like me ruining his house.

I remained quiet and listened to her, I guess she’s asleep cause I didn’t here any noise.

I sighed and shook my head. I can’t believe she’s sleeping in the bathroom just because she wants to live with me. The bathroom!

I guess I should let her stay with me for a day, I mused.

My subconscious mind laughed at me.

*Are you really sure you’re doing it for pity sake or cause you like her?*

I growled at the thought, I don’t like her!

I’ll just keep her for fun, I don’t think I’ve had that in a long while.

A beep sound jolted me out of thought. I checked my phone to see a text from Boss K saying that I should get ready. We’ll be leaving for Orleans soon.

Well fk me!

I had actually wondered if he’ll be going. I knew his mom is setting him up with a marriage, what I don’t know is how he’ll take it.

What is he going to do now that he has the girl with him?

Speaking about girls.. am I going to take Kay with me?

? Khalid ?

I wasn’t doing anything at work so I decided to go home.

Imagine my shock when I entered my room and heard little noises from my closet.

Is there a thief In my house? My room for that matter.

I sneaked towards the closet and froze when I got in. June?

What the h.ell is she doing here?

She hummed a song while searching for something.

I became h.ard when I saw her in just a t0wel. D@mn!!

She’s even more pretty standing there,I drank in the sight greedily wondering what she’ll look like when n@ked.

The t0wel is extremely sh0rt, I’m sure her a$$ will peak out if she’s to bend over.

I cleared my throat and she turned sharply making her t0wel drop. She didn’t notice this,she was busy screaming.

It was like a dream come true,I stared at her pe.rky b.00bs and growled inwardly. Fk!! My hand itched to touch them… I felt like sq.ueezing them. My eyes drifted down to her p$$y.

They were freshly sh@ved just like I want. My j0ystck became h@rder than it was,its becoming p@inful.

She finally realized I was gazing at her so she squatted down. I chuckled at her attempted to cover up.

“You do realize I’ve seen it all right?”

“Get out!!”

I laughed more. I walked out of the room only because I didn’t want her to see my hard-0n. I need a fk a btch to relieve myself else I’ll suffer from a case of blueballs.

I sat down in bed and waited for her to come out. She spent like an hour in there before I heard the door.

June stepped out with with her head down, her hair covered her face like a curtain.

Seeing her in my t-shirt filled me with a manly ego. It practically screams mine! I had deliberately left her with no clothes to see what she’d do.

I watched as she walked fast to the door, just as she was about opening it, I stopped her with one word


She froze but still didn’t look at me. I got up, adjusted my trouser before walked her.

I turned her to face me, then raise her head so she could meet my gaze. I felt satisfied with her flushed face. I’ve never seen a grown up lady who blushes like she does.

“Better” I cleared my throat”Since you’ve accepted my terms.. why don’t you start behaving like one? You need to practice in case we’re in public”

Her countenance changed, her face showed that she’s afraid. She gazed at me timidly her eyes wide like a saucer”W.. what are you talking about?”

“You need to start behaving like my girlfriend and it needs to start from home”

She blinked”How am I supposed to do that? I don’t get you”

I smiled and moved into her personal space then..”Kss me”


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