JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 1-10

?Just Two Months?

Written By Tamara Blair

Chapter 1

Brrrrrr!!! The alarm rings out loud,a girl switch off the alarm,she rolls of her bed and arranges it,the girl’s name is Kylie Blair,she cleans the whole house,heads to the bathroom and in no time,she gets on her bicycle and rides away…

Kylie’s p.o.v

My name is Kylie Blair,a college drop out,it wasn’t my fault,ny family is so poor and my dad is not helping,he comes home everyday from work drunk,he beats i and my sister up and he sxually m0lested my mom..

Now,my mom is diagnosed for Kidney Failure and i need money…

Kylie gets to the hospital,she enters her mom’s room and sees her sister sleeping on the chair..

Kris:Kylie, you came.. Kylie:Yeah, how is mom? Kris:She fell asleep, Kylie, Mom is in so much pain, what are we going to do?
Kylie:I will find a solution,Kris,Why aren’t you in school?
Kris:Did you forget?I was thrown out because i haven’t paid my school fees..
Kylie: Don’t worry,i will get it fixed..
Kris:And our rent?
Kylie:I already paid that.. Kris:How?
Kylie:I sold some of my clothes..
Kris:What?you have already sold your phone and now your clothes,you hawk around our street,let me help you..
Kylie:No,Am your elder,am supposed to take care of you,okay?

The doctor arrives…

Doctor:Kylie,can i see you outside?
Kylie:Okay,sir.. Kylie and the doctor step outside..
Kylie:So what’s my mom results? Doctor: She needs to undergo a kidney transplant immediately.. Kylie:how much will that cost? Doctor:$100,000.. Kylie:What?!!$100,000.. That’s too much..
Doctor: That’s the amount,if your mom doesn’t do this surgery,she will die..
Kylie:I will find the money.. Doctor: okay..

Doctor walks away, Kylie walks back into the hospital and her mom is already awake..

Kylie:mom, how are you feeling? Cecilia:Weak..
Kris:Sis,what did the doctor say?
Kylie:Well,he said mom needs to undergo surgery and it will cost $100,000..
Kris:What?!! That’s too much.. Cecilia:You two should just let me die..
Kylie: Don’t say that,mom,you won’t die.

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