MR CEO: Episode 11 – The End

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( Too cold and possessive)

( Back to being cold )

Episode 11
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Alexa’s POV

I stared at his disappearing figure till he was out of sight!
What just happened?

Why did he storm off? Is he angry that I have kids?

My goodness! What if it’s that? I didn’t indicate it in my CV. Is there any need for that?

My eyes met with my kids and I glared at them. What were they doing with him huh?

” Emma, Evan! Did you know you made me worried? Why will you leave Uncle Andrew to stay with a stranger? ” I asked feigning angry and they sulked up.

” We are sorry mummy, we just wanted to look around …”

” And we came across that Uncle, he’s a nice man ” Emma cut in on Evan .

” Yes, he bought ice cream for us and he’s friendly too. He said he wanted to meet you but we don’t know why he left on seeing you ” Evan said.

I sighed placing my hand on my waist! How am I going to face him by Monday? What if he fires me?

” Let’s head back to our table ” I said taking their hands in mine with lots of thought in my mind.

” Have you forgiven us mummy?” Emma asked pouting.

” Not until you promise me that you will behave yourselves next time, what if you get kidnapped? And you know mummy doesn’t have money to pay them off ”

” We promise mummy, except that kind Uncle, we won’t be seen with anyone again ”

I snorted and nodded. Kind Uncle! What did he do to my children that they liked him in few minutes?

” You found them” Andrew said grinning while I rolled my eyes.

” I did found them ”

” So now kids, where were you two?” He asked as we sat down.

” You need to meet that Uncle, he’s just like you. So kind, he said he will see us again but too bad he left in anger ” Evan said shaking his head and I looked away.

If only they know the kind of trouble they have landed me in.

Now I feel like I owe Mr Kingsley an explanation.

Andrew narrowed his eyes at me asking questions through them.

” Yeah right! They were with my boss ” I said emphasising on the word BOSS!

Andrew choked on his drink and I chuckled. The next moment, he began grinning! That kind of grin he gives when he wants to do something cunny!

” Just perfect! My plan will work perfectly with this, you know what kids? I am buying you extra ice cream ” Andrew said excitedly like a kid while they all jumped up.

Seriously? What’s he up to? I just hope it’s not something that will add to my punishment!
But why will he be angry if have kids?


Anika’s POV

I have been smiling often since the day I got the news that I am going to become Mrs Jeffery Kingsley!

That title that any lady will kill to have! I ain’t going to be his mistress.

I will be his fking wife! Nothing can contain my happiness right now, I am just so excited!
I will run it to their face!

” Hey babe ” Adnan my boyfriend said kissing my neck.

Well, I came to visit him for the last time I guess!

” How are you and work?” I asked

” It’s really been hectic especially with a h.ell of a boss, we almost experience lost in our company and we’ve been trying to revive it, its been tiring ”


He replied sitting down beside me

He wrapped his arms around my waist and I slowly removed them, I am not here to cuddle.

” What’s up babe? Are you okay?” He asked

” Yeah, I am fine Adnan. I came here to tell you something ” I said bowing my head.

I know it will hurt him but I can’t sacrifice my happiness for him. Jeffery is every lady’s dream! My dream too and I got the opportunity to be with him forever so I ain’t gonna misuse it .

” Yeah, what did you want to tell me?” He asked.

” I am sorry Adnan, we can’t continue this relationship. I am getting married ”

His hand left me the moment I blurted that out.

He sat there for a while trying to process what I just said.

” You are getting what?” He asked chuckling.

” I know it will hurt you but I am sorry, that’s the truth. I am getting married ”

” You are not serious are you?”

” Of course I am Adnan, I am getting engaged soon ” I replied again to clear his doubt

” You can’t leave me Anika, you can’t. You know I love you ”

” I am sorry ” was my short reply.

I took my bag to leave but he held my hand.

” Did you think I will let you leave just like that? ” He asked and I stiffened. Huh?

” I said I am sorry Adnan, I thought I just said that! We can’t go ahead with this relationship ” I said trying to release myself from his grip but he held me tight

” Let me go Adnan ” I snapped

” Chill babe, I will let you go if only you give me your body as a goodbye ”



? Monday ?

Jeff’s POV

I just couldn’t take my mind off the fact that Sidney is married with two kids!

That supposed to be included in her CV but what? Was she trying to deceive me?

It angered me as the scene of those kids calling her mummy kept replaying in my head.

That means, she’s married to that guy I saw with her in the office the other day.

I thought she was single! How stupid, I was thinking of taking her to my sister’s birthday party as a standby girlfriend.

For fooling me, I won’t make it easy for her here! I won’t!

Imagine I planned on meeting their Mum only to discover it was her!
She’s a mother of two! Two kids!

I opened my laptop and began going through some works!


Alexa’s POV

I gently knocked on Mr Kingsley’s door with a shaky hand.

I don’t know why he asked me to be getting him a coffee henceforth every morning starting from today.

That’s what Stella does but can I complain?
Maybe it’s part of my punishment!

After what seems like forever, he asked me to come in.

With my head bowed, I entered into his office.

” Good.. morning.. Sir ” I stuttered.

He didn’t even glance at me at first and when he does, my blood dried up.

His eyes were so dark and cold! He stared at me with so much hate? Or disgust!

My legs wobble on the floor, the coffee in my hand started shaking due to so much vibration from my body.

He’s back to being cold but why is his eyes so dark!
He just gazed at me without replying!

” Y…your coffee Sir ” I stammered lifting my legs that now seems heavy to his table.

I was about placing it on his table when his hand purposely brushed the cup and the hot coffee poured all over me and on his desk!

I shrieked in pain leaving the cup to fall other floor! It broke into pieces!

My hand turned pink, my stomach hurts including my thigh the hurt coffee burnt.

Tears formed in my eyes as I stared down at myself, why did he do this?

” Can you see the mess you’ve caused Sidney?” He asked coldly.

I bit my lip to keep calm!

” I..I..sorry Sir ”
I replied wincing in pain!

” Don’t tell me a d@mn sorry, I give you three minutes to clean up my desk and the mess you did in here. I don’t know how you are going to do it too, I need another coffee in three minutes”

” Failure to do so, you will be fired ”

Even when he sees I am clearly burnt and in pain ?

How will I clean this and make a coffee for him at the same time?

” Am I clear Sidney? ”

He asked with a smirk tugged on his cold expression!

” Yes… Sir ”

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