Episode 21

(Tears of Roses)

Andre had ordered the IMPERIAL JEWEL for Gianna.

“Miss McKenna, mind if you climb down the bed,so I can get you dressed up for the party.” Alan said to her.

She climbed down from the bed and went to sit down in front of the vanity mirror.

Alan held a rose gown and brought it to her.

She’d been so surprised when she saw the gown.

“Isn’t this the gown from EMPRESS?” She asked Alan,the man nodded.

“Miss McKenna,the president asked you to put on this gown.” Alan said seeing her surprised look.

“He said,you’re the only person that has the body to carry our IMPERIAL JEWEL.” Alan informed.

I thought this man had said I’m not fit to wear this gown.
Why give to to me now?

This man is so difficult to decipher.

Why humiliating her in public to console her in private.

The more she tries to understand the man,the more confuses she became.

Alan was a good stylist,so it wasn’t hard for him to pull up a nice makeover for Gianna.

When he finished,she stood up and admired her self

Alan came afterwards with a necklace on a tray

She looked at it in awe

It’s a ruby necklace.
The necklace was inlaid with nothing but ruby. The dazzling ruby in the color of a pigeon’s blood appeared to be the accumulation of actual blood.

Rumor has it that ruby were extremely rare and only a few of them are in the world,so they’re seldom seen.

Of this rarity the pigeon’s blood ruby was the most precious.

“This is…”

“This necklace is called TEARS OF ROSES and its the only piece in existence.” Alan said.

Pausing for a moment, he slowly informed.

“This is President De Marco’s most priced possession.”

“Why did Andre give this to me?” She asked,Alan was shocked at how she called him by his name and not address him as Chairman De Marco or President De Marco.

People in the entire State calls him by his official name President De Marco and she’s here calling him by his real name.

For President De Marco to give his most priced possession to her,it means she holds a special place in his life and is to be treated with utmost care.

Alan carefully placed the TEARS OF ROSES on Gianna’s neck and he was wowed by what he saw.

She looks stunning.
The necklace accentuated the gown making her look more beautiful than she already was.

With a little more finishing touches he led her out of the room.

Dean was outside when she came out. And seeing him out there feeling dejected she felt bad.

“You look beautiful Gianna.” He smiled,taking her hands to his,he led her downstairs.

He wasn’t gonna question her about what happened between her and Alexandre.

He must have scared her making her fall for his trick.

Meanwhile Reid was upstairs with Agent Lee,looking around the large hall,he couldn’t find his mommy.

“Why’s mommy not here yet?” He asked his manager.

The man didn’t know what to reply,turned to the boy and smiled.

“Maybe she was caught up with something.”

“Stupid. Mommy’s the most beautiful woman and remember the most beautiful comes in last so everyone would see her beautiful face.” Quite impressed at himself,he smiled.

The manager,feeling insulted at the boy’s disregard of his IQ,he frowned.

He looked down again and saw Andre come inside,the man walked to a little boy and whispered something to the boy’s ear and the child smiled.

Reid looked at the kid,
Oh it’s his brother.

The man left the boy’s side and stood close to another woman.

Reid frowned.

His father is so stupid,chasing after his mother in private then standing with another woman in public.

“My father is the most stupid man,I’ve ever met.” He said his thoughts loud to his manager.

The man was astound at the boy’s vicious words on the man who’s his father.

“Why do you say so Sir?” He asked.

“He’s claiming to want my mommy while he’s here standing with another woman and my brother even calls the other woman ‘mommy”. He spat

Agent Lee shook his head.
This boy is something else.
While kids his age have their father as their superhero, he’s making his look stupid.

His eyes moved from his father to the entrance when he heard people murmuring and looking towards the entrance.

“Here comes my mommy.” The boy proudly said.

Gianna walked into the hall with Dean by her side.

“Wow,she’s wearing EMPRESS’S IMPERIAL JEWEL and TEARS OF ROSES.” Someone said and everyone turned to her direction.

“Is that the TEARS OF ROSES?” Another asked.

“No it isn’t, she must have gotten the fake one.
TEARS OF ROSES has only one piece left and it’s not something to be owned by anyone.”

“No,this is the real one,she has the real piece.” The comments were much,Gianna couldn’t keep count of it.

Gianna walked past the Williams sisters and the girls couldn’t help but throw deadly and venomous glares at her.

Katy wasn’t with them.

Andre was with Jasmine when Gianna walked in with Dean.

Seeing her with him again,he became angry and jealous.

This jerk, why can’t he just leave her alone and go look for some other woman.
He cussed.

Andre wasn’t the only who didn’t like Gianna being with Dean. Justin did too. For some reason which he doesn’t know,he felt the beautiful woman should be with his daddy and not another man.

Seeing Gianna and Dean dance made Justin and Andre angry.

While Reid watch with partial happiness and jealousy how his mommy smiled as she danced with the man.

Taking a good look at the man, Reid was convinced.

This man really loves my mommy.

What if his mommy decide to marry this man? He asked himself.
I’ll support them as long has the man has enough money and love for mommy.
As long as he won’t make her sad or bully her cause that’s the one thing he won’t tolerate.

Someone making his mommy cry or bullying her,he’ll make that person shed a thousand tears for one drop of tears that fall from his Mommy’s beautiful eyes.

He doesn’t care who that person his,be it his father of anybody.

He’ll make that person pay.

Meanwhile, Camille was trying to go back home when she bumped into the angry Katy.

“Hey you b!tch,where are you going to?” Katy asked Camille angrily, seeing her she recalled what Dean did to her.

This woman must pay.

Camille wanted to ignore her and leave but Katy wouldn’t let her go,she dragged her back by her hair and slapped her across the face.

“You dare stab me from the back by telling Dean my plan right?” She said.

Not giving Camille any chance to explain,she started slapping her continuously with great effort.

“You should know the people you mess with,you can’t just come on here and mess with anybody.”
Camille couldn’t fight back,she was already weak from those men a$sault, she couldn’t raise a finger on Katy who continue to hit her.

Not satisfied with the numerous scratched she has given to her,Katy brought out a nail clipper from her purse and she ruined Camille’s face with some few strikes.

Then she became satisfied, seeing the girl’s face ruined beyond recognition.

She kicked the bleeding girl’s stomach and walked back into the grand hall.

Unknown to her,the surveillance camera implanted by the wall had captured every moment of her heinous crime.

Feeling satisfied with herself, Katy walks towards Director Hernandez and began to dance with him.

“You look rather beautiful tonight.” The man flattered while her lips melted in a smile.

Why wouldn’t she be?
When she’d gotten rid of her that stupid Camille.

While the party went on,Andre couldn’t concentrate on anything,seeing Gianna and Dean together.

Luckily, she was placed on the same table with him but Dean as her partner.

Lookin across to her,he wanted to drag her from Dean and make her sit by his side all night.

He was so lost,he didn’t notice Jasmine asking him what he would want to eat.

“Alexandre.” Jasmine called again,he looked at her.

“What’s it?” He asked her.

She frowned, looking at Gianna who was opposite Andre,she knew for once he’d been looking at her.

This woman is a seductive vixen.
She cursed Gianna.

First she condoned him giving the TEARS OF ROSES,his precious possession to Gianna but now he’s publicly embarrassing her by fixating his eyes on Gianna who was across the table.

She excused herself from he table and headed to the rest room.
She needs to cool off before she does something drastic.

Gianna wasn’t comfortable sitting across Andre.
She felt the man’s eyes on her and had caught him staring a few times she had managed to look up.

Tugging Dean,she turned to him.

“Can we get another table, I’m not comfortable sitting here.” She whispered to Dean.

He nodded. Actually he didn’t want to sit here but didn’t want to say it but hearing her say it,he stood up holding Gianna’s hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen,mind if we take our leave now.” He excused himself and left with Gianna.

Andre was red with fury as he saw them left the table.
Now,there’s nothing he could do.

Jasmine met Aaron as she was heading to the restroom.

The man seeing her angry, pulled her into one of the rooms and shut the door behind them.

“Aaron what are you doing here?” She asked the man,wanting to vent her anger on him.

“I came for you,” he stroll towards her.

It was no secret to her that Aaron is in love with her.
But she sees him as nothing but a helping hand to achieve her devious plans.

“Aaron, if you’re holding unto that night we spent together, then you must be dreaming.” She moved from him.

“But I love you Jasmine and I’m ready to give you anything you want.” He said.

“You and I know very well that Andre doesn’t love you and you’re still in that house cause of his grandfather”.
“The man’s just a few years from his grave and you know when he dies,Andre won’t hesitate to throw you away.”
“Why not come to me,we’ll elope together and I’ll work so hard to give you whatever you want.” He took her hands, there was so much sincerity in his eyes.

“I can’t betray Andre…” He let out a sarcastic laughter.

“He’s already betraying you by sleeping with her and giving her his most precious possession, do you still hope on him.” He asked.

Aaron’s very right,she knows Andre has slept with Gianna earlier this night but she had to keep her cool not to crest a scene but now,its so embarrassing hearing it from Aaron.

“I want to just get rid of that girl.” Jasmine sighed in frustration.

“I’ll help you get rid of her but first,you’ll have to make me happy.” He lay on the bed and smiled.

She knows what he wants and she’s willing to give it to him as long as her plan succeeds.

She walked to the bed and lay beside him.

“Here’s what you’ll do,” She started taking off his shirt’s button stylishl.

“Get her drunk and send her to Don Juan’s house.”

“The man wouldn’t fail to lay her,then have someone capture every single moment of it.” She said to the man,

“Consider it done.” He uncl@d her and they turned the room into a s*x zone.

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