THE BLUE SEA: Episode 1 – 10

?The Blue Sea?

Written by Victoria?


She is from a rich family and never believed in Love until she met Kenneth Hewett
What happens when it is only you two in the midst of the World???..
What happens when you see only one person???
A person who accept all your buts and characters..
A person who controls your actions..
Growing used to him was not hard…
How can you not love a person who ignore your bad side and understand you completely

Enjoy the Dramatic life of Belinda and Kenneth

They were all on a flight to Dubai..
Belinda Sylvester walked to the rest room,On her way back.. She bumped into a guy

“Are you blind??.. Can’t you see??
Did you need Cash for eye treatment? or Did you want that Old man glasses??”She shouted creating attention

“I am so…

“Shut up and get out of my way.. You Idiot”..She screamed walking back to her friends

“She is so rude”He said under his breath

“You just got embarrassed”One of the on lookers said

Kenneth ignored him and walked to his seat.

“Oh My God.. Was that you??.
That girl is so hot,I guess that is why you couldn’t talk”Scott mocked him

“Shut up.. I bumped into her”..

“You bumped into a politician daughter expecting love at first sight?… Sorry she just trashed you”..

“Any more words Scott.. I will punch you”..


?The Blue Sea?

Written by Victoria?

Episode 1??

I opened my eyes slowly.. Everything was blurred at first before I regain total vision
Pains rushed into my bone and I groan..
I stood up limping slowly.. Looking Backward I saw Forest and Forward it is a river

I was so surprised to see a lifeless body stained with blood beside the river.. It was a Female body
I walked towards her.. It was the politician daughter who insulted me
She was wounded badly..
I revived her life using the Mouth to Mouth process

She sat down really weak.. staring into thin air, Refusing to say a word

“Wait here.. I will go and look for a herb that can heal our injuries”.. I said

“And who are you to order me around”She replied weakly

“Ohhh.. sorry,You can go into the bush for all I care
The Wild Animals can maybe devour you and the Vultures would make out with your corpse?.. I really dont care”..

“Are you scaring me or what??” She smirked

“I am not supposed to help you.. You insulted me and if you don’t need these help.. I can’t force it on you”I replied ignoring all other words she said

I lived with my Grandmother all my years so I can identify some herbs.. I kept searching and dropping some seeds to know my way back to the river side.

I couldn’t leave the spot where he left me.. I was so weak and scared
I saw him coming back after hours with some kind of leaves..

“Sorry I am late.. It was not so easy to get this” He said limping towards me

“How is that anyone business??”I replied and he glared at me

He squeezed the leaves until it became soft..
He grabbed my arms and applied it on the surface of my injuries.. He went to my leg and applied it all over

“Ahh.. Ahh Ahh”I cried in pains and he concentrated

“Any more wounds?” He asked

“My waist”I cried

“Can I pull up your top a bit”He asked and I nodded

“It is so deep”.. He said on seeing it

“Sh!t” I said in pains as he applied it..

When he was done.. He applied it on himself and I watched him.. Guess he is used to pains.
He was struggling to apply it on his back

“Can I help?”I said and he nodded

I applied it softly and also feeling disgusted

“Thanks”He said with a smile

“I returned your favour.. I don’t need a thank you” I replied..

Night fell gradually and Cold increased rapidly I was shivering..
He was no longer beside me.. Only God knows where he went to..
Hunger devoured me and I felt so dizzy

I saw Fire faraway from me and I can clearly see him sitting by the fire and eating something
How dare he??..
How dare he abandon me here in this Cold and Hunger
I will teach him a lesson..
I walked towards him in anger..

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