THE BLUE SEA: Episode 11 – 20

?The Blue Sea?

Written by Victoria?

Episode 11??

General pov

“Sasha open this door” Logan shouted.

“No Logan.. I am going to kill myself, I am jumping down
Tell my brother I am so sorry and my grandma that I love her?” She replied.

“Sasha have you totally run mad.. I forgive you,I forgive you wholeheartedly..
Grandma has regained consciousness and she wants to see you”Ken shouted.

“Ken are you serious??”She asked.

“I am so serious Sasha, I love you and I can’t watch you die”. Ken replied and Belinda gave a puzzled face. Sasha opened the door and hugged her brother
They disengaged from the hug.

“Ken please come”Belinda said.

“I need to talk to you” She added. Belinda took Ken away leaving Logan and Sasha.

“So you really want to kill yourself” Logan said and Sasha hugged him.

“I am so sorry Logan”.
Logan kssed her.. He removed strands of hair from her face and pulled off her top slowly.

“Logan” Sasha called.

“Please Sasha don’t deny me of this again.. We will be married within seven days” Logan pleaded with his hands roaming around her body.
He is a big time play boy with ladies on his bed every night but ever since he met Sasha.. He abstained himself from all of that.
Sasha closed her eyes leaving him to explore her body.

“I am not Joking Ken.. I don’t want to see you and Sarah together ever again”..

“Common baby, She is my childhood friend and nothing more”..

“I really don’t care” She snapped.

“Are you Jealous”.

“Yes I am and I would always be when it comes to you..
In this case, I am not only feeling Jealous.. I am also scared.. So scared of her”..

I held her hands and said

“I would always be yours Linda.. you have no Rival”..

“That Sarah is just…

“Just my Childhood friend and nothing more so don’t be concerned about her”..

“Ken trust me I feel so scared of her.. I feel she can do anything”.. She complained.

“It is your insecurity Belinda.. Deal with it”.. I said.

“Okay fine.. If you think I am feeling Insecure”She picked up her credit card.

“Belinda, I will go pick Grandma from the Hospital then go home to take some rest so this will be a goodbye”..

“What did you mean by goodbye, We are going together.
Pick Grandma from the hospital, I will do a little shopping before it gets late”..She said and we both walked downstairs.

“Be prepared, I already make plans for the joint engagement party this weekend” Mrs Sylvester said.

“Okay Mom.. Goodnight, I will be staying at the Hewetts home”..

“Its No problem and to you Ken, Her father would like to see you tomorrow”

“Okay Mrs Slyvester” I replied
Belinda and I left in different cars.
I went to pick Grandma and Sarah from the Hospital and Belinda went for shopping.

I bought clothes for Ken and I. I also bought 2 mobile phones.
I know Ken really need this but things are just so clouded for him to think.
I stopped at the Vegetables’ store and got some food ingredients.
Its 7pm already, Ken should be home so I drove straight home.
Sarah was massaging Grandma legs in the living room.

“Welcome Sweetie” Granny said.

“Thanks Mother” I replied.

“What about Ken??” I asked

“He is in his room”..
I dropped the Vegetables in the kitchen then walk up the stairs
I entered the room, He was so busy on his laptop.

“Welcome Sweetheart” He said still busy.

“Will you shut the system down, Your baby is here” I replied.

“Trust me Belinda.. There are tons of mail” ..

“Me first.. Any other things follow” I said and he shut it down.

“Ken I got some things for you” I said and he pecked me..
We both checked out the dress. He loved everything I got for him.

“Ken you can continue with your work, I will be back”..I said leaving the room.

After working for hours, I went down the stairs.. Belinda was setting in the dining with Grandma.
We ate dinner few minutes after and all went to Bed..

The Next Morning ?
Mr Slyvester instructed Ken to meet him in the mansion.
Ken drove to the Mansion and was allowed to see Mr Slyvester almost immediately.

“Good morning Mr Slyvester”..

“Good morning Kenneth, How was your night??”..

“It was Fine”..

“I called you here to know more about you as my daughter will be getting married to you.
What are your Qualifications??
What are you busy doing??
How are your Family??
What is your financial status and your net worth??
Where is my daughter going to stay after Marriage??
I need to know the answers to these questions before you are allowed to marry my daughter….

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