The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

Chapter 1

Richard’s pov

“Christabel!! Christabel!!” I almost yelled out my lungs.

‘where is she? I hope she’s not in her room still sleeping ‘ I thought as I was about going upstairs when I saw her coming.

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 - 10.

“oga good morning sir, please don’t angry with me” she said as I eyed her.

“whatever, just get me my breakfast” I turned to go but stopped and turned again.

“And one more thing, you must wake up as fast as you can in the morning, don’t let this repeat itself.. Okay?” I said and she nodded.

“Better” I breathe out and head to my bedroom.

I got to my room and lay on the bed and start thinking of my business with Mr Kingsley tomorrow morning.

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself.. Hmm.. I don’t really have much to say about me. Am Richard Williams, and am just twenty-six.

I took over Williams cooperation after my dad retirement as the CEO, I had a girlfriend but we broke up two months ago, coz I caught her having an affair with another guy and this not the first time she’s doing this…

I decided not to date any other girl coz I know girls are the same.

My parents had been giving me a lot of troubles just for me to get married but I don’t want to fall in love again… Just don’t want to. I think that all for now.

“where is that girl? Haven’t she prepared the meal since?” I asked myself.

Few minutes, I heard a knock on the door, I sluggishly stood up, opened the door and saw Christabel.

“what?” I asked.
“oga your food is ready” she said with her head down.

“oh! Am coming, let me take my phone”
“you can go” I added.

“OK sir” she turned to leave, I went in to take my phone and head out to the dinning.

I sat down, and signalled her to open the food and she did.

“sir, I cooked indomie and egg, since you does not telling me what to cook” she said twisting her face.

“it’s okay, but can’t you just speak good English for once” I said.

“Ah! Sir, sorry to say oo, I does not good for English” she replied twisting her face again.

“you know what, I don’t care if you know English or not, just speak good English” I almost shouted, I don’t know what wrong with me this morning.

And guess she’s bad in English, I wonder if she attended school.

“sorry case sir, I will tried” she said and I glared at her.

I turned to my food and began eating, she’s really good in cooking, she walks towards the kitchen.

“Christabel, get me a juice in the refrigerator”
“OK sir” she quickly went in and in a minute, she’s out.

“Here I came oga, let me opening it for you” she said and I paused what I was eating.

“you said what!!?” I asked as my eyes widen and continued my food again.

“oga sir, I saying let me opening the juice for you, while you ate your food” she answered.

I choked, she quickly handed me water while I drank up to two glasses of water.

“you know what? Just leave here” I said before she kills me with another English.
urrgh… she’s bad in English..

The Boss 🕴The Maid: Chapter 1 – 10

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