THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 27 – 30


Written by Lanre Olagbaju


Folahan left after that but I couldn’t go inside…I stayed outside for a while, clutching my bag. Tokunbo was inside and I didn’t want any dose of “frenemity’ to poison my loving thoughts that evening.

I was so happy that God brought me such a man. It didn’t matter if I got the job or not; Folahan had taught me vital life lessons, on that day, that would go a long way to form how I saw and carried myself.
I had butterflies doing the merengue all over my tummy…I wish I had a girl-friend I could just talk to about how I felt.

I had thought I loved Captain but there was something pure about this, that my relationship with Captain lacked. Sure, Folahan loved to give gifts as well…little but meaningful gifts. Most of them were inexpensive but I valued them so much. He was the person that introduced me to the gift of flowers…he would write sweet words on a note, attach it to the bouquet and leave it on my desk.

All those “I saw this and it reminded me of you” gifts. I preferred them to the more expensive material things Captain provided.
It look about three days to get the news but I got the offer to be converted to a full-time employee…our manager had to write another recommendation highlighting my achievements during the service year. He threw in the fact that Folahan wasn’t staying. The Bank actually offered to keep both of us and have Folahan move to Lagos but he didn’t take the offer.

Auntie Felicia also called to congratulate me and kept saying “You are such a lucky girl…look how that worked out”
 My mum was ecstatic when I shared the news with her. She laughed, she sang, she danced, she cried, she even screamed…she reminded me of how I had always wanted to be a banker and how God made the seemingly impossible a reality. How God turned around the story of our family. She then told me Sister Grace was expecting and that her husband bought her a car.
 “I will soon become a grandma, one of my daughters owns a car, and another one is now a banker.  Me? The poor and wretched me? The laughing stock me?
Chei! This God is good o”
 Folahan’s Uncle was able to get the interview set up…but it meant being interviewed, in person, by the Deputy Managing Director of the Bank. The interview was in Lagos and as usual, Folahan dazzled the man.


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