The Effect of Covid-19 on Casinos in United States of America

The Effect of Covid-19 on Casinos in United States of America

Despite the mask requirement being mandatory, Coach Fav, Janie, and Keno Nick were among those gamblers who showed up anyway last June (2020).

People were fearful and few people went to casinos. Medical authorities did not agree what the best course of action was.


Yet nearly every business had a mandatory mask requirement and then suddenly the lockdown was on and the infection rate exploded.

How many businesses were deemed essential and stayed open? Oh, so few. Remember how much fear there was.

Most states made major mistakes with the lockdowns especially with nursing homes.

On December 12, for the second time the casinos closed by order of the Pennsylvania Governor.

Once the vaccines arrived, Janie and I had our second vaccine shots completed on February 20. So Why stay home? The Pandemic ended for us. That was our mindset.

Eventually casinos reopened with masks again and temperature checks. Yet asymptotic patrons…? Why in he..ll did casinos reopen before banks? A million questions still remain.

Still the 15 casinos in Pennsylvania were virtually empty except the new Live Casino in Westmoreland Mall in Hempfield Township, which was drawing a curious crowd of people who never anticipated that Westmoreland County would have a casino.

During this time period of the mask requirement, we all were winning. I went on a 10 straight visit winning streak, Table games were a bit awkward because of the limitations of just 6 players at a craps table and the clear plexiglass dividers between the players.

Janie and Nick had their pick of open slot machines. During this time at the table games, the social aspect was a stretch.

Things are back to normal now (June 25) a little more than a year from the video.

No masks are required and the craps tables are packed. All the plexiglass in the casinos is gone.

The time of open but virtually empty casinos will most likely never come again. Let’s hope.

The Meadows Casino that is so empty is comping players so much now and their strategy is working.

People are coming back. Life in the Twilight Zone has ended.