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I was totally out of control.

I was barely aware of what I was saying.

Why is he so adamant? Tan would grab the opportunity without thinking twice!

A knock suddenly sounded on the door and I withdrew from him, feeling so shy and furious at once.

I picked up the robe from the floor and slipped it on again before sitting on the bed.

“Come on in.” Vicker’s eyes were on me as he talked.

His work girl Doris came in. “Sorry for the intrusion. I’ve got something to tell you sir.” She said to Vicker.

” Go on. Is everything alright? ” Vicker asked.

“Sir… I think we should be on our way back home.

I just received a call from one of the staffs.

Chairman had an heart attack minutes ago… ” Doris said and I gasped.

Vicker stood perplexed and confused. I stood up and went closer to him.

“I think you should be on your way back home Vicker. Your father needs you right now ” I said eagerly.

” Sht! What happened?” Vicker asked and rushed up to pick his phone.

He dialled a number which I suspected to be his father’s bit no one was picking.

“Doris…get ready Immediately. We are leaving.” He told Doris and she left.

Vicker looked at me . ” We are leaving with you,Sarah. Tell me you didn’t change your mind.”

I sighed. ” Vicker….I don’t wanna go home now.” I said and shook my head.

“Please… don’t make things more harder. Please….Sarah…I need you by my side. I’m not complete without you!” Vicker pleaded and the look in his eyes made me nod.

” Oh.. thank you Sarah. You are my world….my queen and I will love you with all my being and every passing day.” He said and hugged me.

I hugged him back with a big smile on my face.

?TAN ?

SHT!! I yelled into the air as I woke up and found out that I slept off in the boat.

“Tom!” I yelled stepping into the sand.

Tom appeared holding wine tools.

“You didn’t fcking wake me up! We are late!” I yelled.
It was already noon and we still haven’t gotten to Singapore.

We were supposed to have gotten there last night but a terribly wave hit us, knocking off the boat.

“I was busy with the guys boss. But we are set now. The boat is back in shape.” Tom replied.

” Come on fellas! Hurry up! Delay is dangerous!” I yelled and everyone got in.

Soon…we started sailing through the cool water.


Dad? An heart attack? What could have caused it?

I was getting so scared. I don’t wanna lose the old guy…not now.

I’ve got a lot of respect for dad and I love him so much.

Nothing should happen to him. I threw my clothes into my bag and looked up when Sarah came in fully dressed in Doris’s clothes.

Wow. Despite my worried state,I still has the appetite to look at her.

She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever lay eyes on. “Doris is a nice girl,I just confess.” Sarah said with a smile.

” Come baby.” I said with a smile and hugged her when she got closer to me.

“You look beautiful. If there is another word than beautiful… I had use it” I said touching her heavy hair.

Sarah smiled. ” Thank you Vicker.”, She replied.

I zipped up my bag and held Sarah’s hand. “Stay with me Sarah. Don’t disappear again…no matter what ” I said unconsciously.

Never knew why I said that but I just has to.

Sarah smiled again. “I’m going no where Vicker.
I wanna see Mr McDonald too. He’s been an angel to us.”

Together we left the room. Doris joined us downstairs.

After paying all the bills,we found our way to the crowded airport.

?TAN ?

We got into the city minute’s later and through a fast means,I located the hotel.

It was a large one and I wondered how I was gonna find Sarah.

I can’t lose that girl. She’s mine.

“Tom…you and I are going in there’s now. Check out the areas while I ask people in the reception for Sarah.” I said looking at the hotel as we walked towards it.

I got into the reception and saw a girl attending to people.

I walked to her and showed her Sarah’s picture.

“Oh….she just left with her boyfriend now.” She said and I felt a jolting spark.

I almost lost my temper. “What did you just say?” I yelled.

“She already left minutes ago. Are you looking for her?

Do you have any business with her?” She asked and I turned away, hitting the table.

Shit!! My breath increased as I tightened my fist.

It’s time to inform dad about this. Sarah has got to be found.

I’m never gonna rest until I have her back under my control!!


My heart was beating very loud and fast as Vicker held my hand and led me into the jet.

I had this mixed feeling as I sat on one of the beautiful chairs and looked around.

I would never have imagined entering a jet so soon!

“Hey….you look amused.” Vicker laughed, sitting opposite me.

I smiled. “It’s beautiful.” I replied looking around.

Vicker smiled back and sighed. I could tell he was thinking about his dad.

I reached forward and covered his hand with mine. ” He’s gonna be fine, Vicker. Have faith.” I said soothingly.

Vicker kssed my hand and nodded.

Doris got in and soon we became airborne, going back to America.

? Hours


“How is he doing,doc?” I asked with tears as the doctor stepped out of my husband’s room. I couldn’t explain what caused his sudden illness.

He was perfectly fine not long ago. Most of his staffs were already in the visitor’s room waiting to see him.

Many other people were in the visitor’s room looking worried. My husband must be a king to many people.

Why all that’s stress? Now they’ve succeeded in giving him heart attack! I felt like driving them off but couldn’t.

Not when I’m still trying to figure out what really happened.

“He’s gonna be fine, chairlady. All you have to do is be by his side and make sure he takes his drugs.” The doctor said.

Miller came out of the room too and I looked disdainfully at him.

He’s feeling like his part of the family now. What insolence!

Just then,I heard the sound of a car coming into the compound downstairs.

“My son is here!” I cried going out to welcome my Vicker.

I got outside the compound and stood at the veranda waiting for him to highlight from the car.

He got down and didn’t even look at me. I frowned as I watched him move over to the passenger side and opened the door.

I watched as someone pulled down her leg and started coming out.

Did Vicker brought a girl home from Singapore?

Who the h*ell is sited in my son’s car?

When this person finally got out of the car and raised her head,our eyes met and I gasped moving back.

No….I must be dreaming.

I must be seeing a ghost…no!

I moved back till I collided with the door behind me and gasped again.

Standing before is Sarah….Sarah again?

Sarah with my son?? What’s happening?

She’s supposed to be dead! No this must be a dream.


My eyes met with hers and I smiled slightly.

She looked dead and shocked. I looked at Vicker and noticed he was looking at his mother too.

Is he really gonna keep to his promises of getting justice done?

I’m never gonna let this slid cos I’ve been through a lot.

Vicker had better be on my side or be against me in this.

It’s either of the two. Will he really go against his mother because of me?

I can’t wait to find out.


The w!tch is shocked!?

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