By Authoress Rhema

Inside The Plane**

The attendant walked up to Jenna and Brayden with two bowls of ice cream

“Hey that’s their second bowl, why are you still giving them?” Jake asked

“Brayden said I should bring more sir” she replied

“That’s their last bowl okay??” Jake said and she nodded

“Why are so mad about us having ice cream?” Brayden asked, helping Jenna to open her plastic of ice cream

“Just so you both know, brain freeze is real” Jake replied and looked at Irish who’s still sleeping on his shoulders


“Won’t you wake up?” He asked

Immediately he said that, she sneezed and opened her eyes

“Mum, you’re awake” Jenna smiled while eating up her icecream

“Hmm, are we at Las Vegas yet?” Irish asked

“Yes we are, my parents are calling you downstairs” Brayden replied and Irish stood up immediately

“He’s lying” Jake pulled Irish back to sit down

“But the way you two are acting, it’s as if there’s something going on, is there something that I don’t know?” Brayden asked

“Mind your business” Jake glared at him

“Whatever you two are hiding I’ll find out sooner or later” Brayden shook his head and continued eating on his icecream

Irish scoffed and looked at Jake with a pout

“They are eating ice cream, what about me I want to eat melted chocolate” Irish pouted

Jake immediately called for the waitress to get some melted chocolate for Irish

“Bro why aren’t you eating any of these, you’re really missing right Jenna?” Brayden said and Jenna nodded

“I never liked dessert” Jake replied

“They are the sweetest snacks so far, try it out” Irish tried giving Jake a spoon of chocolate but he refused to collect it

She scoffed and licked it herself

“Why do you hate dessert thou?” She asked, taking another spoon

“Who said I hate them?” He asked, staring at her lips

“Huh?” Irish turned to look at him, she opened her mouth to say something but he shut her up with a quick kiss

“See, I love this kind of dessert to me they are the most sweetest” he smiled

Irish gasped and looked at Brayden and Jenna, they were too busy in eating their icecream that they didn’t look at them

She looked at Jake and he winked at her, then she looked back at her chocolate, unable to hide her blush

This Jake, he always succeed in making her blush crazily, what a sly jerk!


Few hours later**

Brayden now kept himself busy by putting on his headphones watching some movies in his laptop

Jenna already stood up from her sit and went to sleep on Jake laps while Jake rested his head of Irish shoulders and slept off

The only people awake are Irish and Brayden who were just busy with their gadgets

? We are landing already

The pilot announcement came, Irish eyes widened she immediately began waking Jake up

“What” Jake asked

“We are landing already, wake up… Brayden get rid of your headphones come on!!” Irish clapped happily

Brayden removed his head phone and gave her a confused look

“We are landing” Irish smiled

“Baby wake up” Jake woke Jenna up softly

“What is it daddy?” Jenna asked

“We have arrived, get up” he said

Jenna pouted and sat straight, finally they had a successful landing, the bodyguards with them yelled them take all their luggage out

“We are finally at Las Vegas, it’s so beautiful wooooooo” Irish twirled around and inhaled the fresh air

Jake looked at her and chuckled, he dipped his hands into his pocket and began making a call

“Daddy, who are you calling?” Jenna asked

“Our driver that’ll take us to grandma and grandpa” he replied

“Come on let’s take a lot if selfies at the airport” Irish rushed over to them

She carried Jenna up and stood at the middle of Jake and Brayden

“Everyone say Las Vegas” she shouted

“Las Vegas” they smiled and she took a pic

Then the car came, they all entered with their luggage and the ride to his parents Villa started

“Bro, do you know the main reason why we are visiting Mom and Dad?” Brayden asked


“I hope you know dad birthday is on Wednesday, that’s next tommorow” Brayden said

“Oh my, I totally forgot thank you for reminding me, maybe I’ll go to the mall later on” Jake sighed

“I also want to get your dad something” Irish pouted

“Don’t worry babe, we’ll do it together” Jake smiled

“Wait babe?” Brayden asked but got no response

He creased his brows and looked up with a confused look.



Martinez Villa**

Ofcourse the place is like a villa or a large estate, extremely big and just the compound has high flowers surrounding it, there’s also water fountains with a statute of a man and woman sitting on a throne

The guards immediately rushed towards the gate, they opened it for a black SUV to enter, once it entered they closed the gigantic gate

Some guards rushed to open the car for Jake, Irish, Jenna and Brayden to get down. Irish mouth refused to close as she stared at everywhere

“You might want to close your mouth a little” Jake Chuckled and Irish immediately closed her mouth

“Let’s go in” he said and took Irish hands with his tightly, he looked at her and smiled, she looked at him and smiled too

Brayden stared at their interlocked fingers with creased brows before facing his front,he took Jenna and they both stepped in together


“Ma’am, Sir, they are here” the maid announced

Mrs Martinez stood up happily while Mr Martinez sat down, acting like he’s reading a news paper

The maids opened the door when they got there and they stepped in

“Grandma” Jenna was the first to rush you to her

“My little angel” Mrs Martinez hugged her tight immediately

“Mom, dad” Brayden moved to hug him dad first since his mom is still busy with Jenna

Irish body grew really tense, they look more rich and classy in real life, it was as if she was standing at the front of the king and queen of a palace

Jake noticed her tensed behavior so he squeezed her arm tight, when she looked at him, he gave her a reassuring smile

Mrs Martinez let go of Jenna and walked up to Jake

“No matter what, you’ll always remain my little boy” she pinched his cheeks

“Mom stop” Jake muttered

Mrs Martinez laughed and looked at Irish

“You are more pretty than that you I saw during our video call” she smiled

“Thank you ma’am” Irish smiled

“Ma’am, call me mom” Mrs Martinez hit her shoulders lightly

“Mom” Irish cleared her throat and smiled

“That’s more like it, hunny won’t you come say hi” Mrs Martinez turned the Mr Martinez and spoke up

Jake held Irish hand and walked up to him

“Dad” he smiled, Mr Martinez put down his news paper and nodded

“This is my girlfriend Irish” he said

Brayden who was sitting next to his daddy eyes widened

“Girlfriend?” He repeated in shock

Irish heart kept pounding hard with the way Mr Martinez was looking at her

“Irish what” he asked and she looked at Jake

“Irish Martinez, cause that’s what she’ll become real soon” Jake replied

Mr Martinez rose up from his chair Instantly, his face shows no emotions at all as he stared at them

Irish stared at him too,her palms are sweaty already, what if he don’t like her

“Come on hunny stop scaring them already” Mrs Martinez pouted

Mr Martinez laughed immediately and Jake breathed out

“I’m sorry I had made you scared, welcome to the family Irish” he shook her hands

“Thank you sir” Irish bowed

“It’s not sir it’s dad” Jenna corrected and they all laughed

“Okay, I’m glad to see you all again, we are going to be having lunch at the veranda outside before it gets ready I’ll ask some maids to show you all your room” Mrs Martinez said

A maid was assigned to show them their room, it was cleared that Irish and Jake will share one room, Jenna in a separate room and Brayden in a separate room

Brayden got to his room and fell on the bed, he breathed out and looked up

“So that’s it with them, something was definitely going on between them” he muttered but strangely he didn’t feel hurt

“Why don’t I feel hurt why do I feel happy?” He asked himself and shook his head

“Whatever, none of my business I need a shower” he shook his head and walked up to the bathroom to take a cold bath.


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