I will like to explain some impotant terms with you before discussing the power of lead magnet.

To get the quality leads you should have a lead magnet.

Do you know what lead magnet is?

Let me tell you in simple words


Lead Magnet is a free item/ service given away in the purpose of collecting contact details.

It can be given in E-book, Free case study and Free training video.

Why having a lead magnet is very important?

By having a lead magnet it helps you to create trust between your audience.


?You should always have your post pointing out their pain- point.

?Then point out the mistakes which people does in their business.

?Always make post which brings more curiosity to know more about lead magnet.

?Last but the important you should have a call to action.


What services or product do you sell?

Do you crush sales target?

If no, this post will show you how you can now start hitting your sales target everytime…

If yes, this post will guide you on how to start setting new targets…

With that, let’s get into it.

But I want you to understand some terms first.


I will explain in this post, please bring your chair closer.

So that you can understand better.

?What are LEADS: Leads are your target audience a.k.a your ideal customers. If you sell back-to-school, toys, kids learning materials. parents, school owners, guardians are your leads.

?What is Lead generation: It means collecting the contact information of these your prospective customers a.k.a future customers, the information can either be their email or Whatsapp number.

The process of collecting these details is called “LEAD GENERATION”

?What is LEAD MAGNET: It means a bait (read as a useful resource) you use in generating these leads.

Oh, no one just gives out their information without you giving them something in return.

It’s called a MAGNET because it helps you attract and collect the details (read as MAGNET LEADS)

But why do you need leads?
How can you generate leads?
How will you know if you have existing leads?

Plenty questions.

I will answer some in this post so as not to make it too lengthy.

You need leads because that’s how you make more and more sales.

Imagine Selling a medicine for erectile dysfunction to over 500 men who are suffering or have suffered from it, don’t you think you will sell more? Having the information of these set of people is what we call leads generation.

Saves you the stress of selling to people who keep impregnating and satisfying their wives in bed.

To generate leads, you need a powerful BAIT (Lead magnet), something that’s useful enough for your ideal clients.

It can be a checklist, ebook, webinar, videos etc. Short and straightforward.

Your social media followers are leads too, in this case your lead magnet can be valuable content or/and giveaway.
But if you are trying to build your email list and Whatsapp list, use the former.

Some people are confused on what to use as Lead magnet, especially for those people who run physical businesses like fashion designers, hair sellers, skincare brands etc.

I’ve seen a lot of people struggle to sell online,

After having over 3000+ sales conversations the major challenge that people have is… “I’m not making sales”

When I ask these people what they do, they’ll say they display their products and services in front of their customers, they show up early and show it to their face…

In the end, they slept with zero sales.

What is the cause?

Why the hardwork and yet no returns?

The answer is obvious for all to see…

And you might want to jot this down.

1) Showing up early, showing your products to your prospects face, and advertising your products isn’t MARKETING.

2) You can’t ever call someone your customer because they saw your products or services.

3) Business is about perception and if people don’t smell the solution your brand offers, they won’t buy.

4) No customer is your burden bearer, so don’t place your burdens on your prospects by being desperate to sell

5) Ask don’t Spam.

There are definitely a lot more rules to not break when selling online and marketing your products or services…

The focus of this post is to help you start making sales as fast as possible…

And the way to do that is…

What is the power of lead magnet?

A lead magnet is simply something your prospects can grab for free or ultra-low cost products or service that is of immense value which your prospects want.

Having a lead magnet is like inviting your prospects into your home of numerous priced solutions.

What the lead magnet does is, it helps you to get the conversation started in your favour. That’s the power of lead magnet.

Your lead magnet must be so good that will make them wonder if the free offer is this good, then the paid offer is superpacked.

It also gives you an edge and helps to differentiate you from 99% of the same advertisers selling the same product or service as you…

Dear Business Owners,

Pay Attention to This….

I know you are struggling to build your business and you are still learning how to sell online, which totally beautiful.

As you are about to give out your free lead magnet, ensure that you use a landing page….. especially when you are running ads.

You might be wondering what a landing page is used for when running advertisement.

Here are few but important reasons why you should use a landing page:

1. It helps you filter the crowd and selects quality audience into your funnel.

2. It serves as a mini website, explaining and building the curiosity of your prospects as well.

3. It has different features depending on how it is designed to capture your audience details.

Don’t just design any kind of landing page, use a landing page that will convert strangers to clients.


I hope these tips helps you and you have understood the power of lead magnet?

I am rooting for you.

The question now is…

What will you create as a lead magnet, and How will it help your target audience today??

Comment below if you got value.