By Authoress Rhema

“Beau” she called confusedly

“Can I come in?” He asked and she creased her brows

“Why should I let you come in?” She replied

“Because you had let that man in, even inside you room” he replied and Della laughed, she shook her head and looked at him

“You’re sick in the brain, I’d advise you to go home” she said and made to close the door but he pushed it back opened

“I guess I’m done being nice” he muttered and kicked the door opened then came in forcefully

“Go home, I swear if you try anything stupid I’ll call the corps!!” Della yelled but he began coming closer


“I thought you use to like me?” He asked

“Not anymore!!” She yelled and he shook his head

“You still like me!” He snapped

“I don’t like you, not anymore” she yelled, moving backwards till her bum hit the chair and she sat on it

Beau began walking closer while Della looked left and right, she took the white jug that was at her back

“Step away Beau, I swear I’ll smatch you!!” She yelled

Beau moved even closer and just as she was about to hit him, he snatched it from her and smatched it on the floor making Della flinch

“Go away!!” She yelled

“I won’t, I should have told you this earlier. I really love you” he yelled too

“You’re too late,I don’t love you anymore, go away!!” She yelled

“Lies, you still love me, you are just following that guy because you want money right!?” He said then cupped her cheeks and tried kssing her but Della sIapped him.

The sIap made him turn his face sideways then she took her phone immediately, with shaky hands she began dialing Jeffery’s number

Just as she was about to press call, Beau sIapped her back and the phone fell from her hand.

“Let me go!!” She yelled and cried out, but the door kicked open

Jeffery showed up looking angry, without waisting time, he pounced on Beau and began pun¢hing his face while Della tried covering herself

After be.ating him up to his satisfaction he called the corps and walked up to Della, he took of his jacket and covered her with it, then he hugged her tight

“Don’t worry I’m here already” he whispered, hugging her tight as she cried on his arms

She can’t believe she almost got rapped by her ex crush, it’s so hard to believe. She Kept crying

The police showed up, they took Beau out while Jeffery helped Della stood up, he led her to the chair and they both sat down

“That’s enough with the rate of how hard you’re crying, you’ll get headaches the next morning” he sighed

Della looked at him with red eyes

“I got… I… Almost got raped” she hiccupped

“But I came for you right?” He sighed

“How did you know, I…

“You called but didn’t say anything, I was only hearing your scream” he replied

Della sniffed, the phone must have called him then it fell

“Thank you” she muttered

“I’d do anything for you, I’d do anything for the girl I love” he replied and she smiled

“I love you too” she whispered

“Huh?” he said, looking surprised

Della looked up at him, she kssed his lips slightly before pulling away and smiling

“I love you” she said again then closed her eyes, driffting into sleep

Jeffery slowly brought his hands to his lips.

“She loves me” he thought with a smile.



Next Morning…. Alan’s Mansion**

Naomi was the first to wake up, she rubbed her eyes slowly and looked at Alan with a smirk

“After so long I’ve finally gotten what I needed from you” she said, then sat straight and smiled again

“I don’t need you anymore but how do I get rid of you?” She thought and creased her brows then stood up

“Perfect” she muttered and walked straight to a table where her phone was kept

She picked it and made some calls, after speaking with the person, she dropped the phone back and looked at him

“I’m sorry hunny, you fell in love with a heartless woman” she smiled, watching him sleep

Then she walked up to the drawal and picked up the files of yesterday

“I have full control over all your assets” she smiled and kssed it then dropped it back

She walked back to him and lay next to him

“Farewell Mr nice dk” she kssed his cheeks and rested her head on his chest.



Rainbow Apartment**

Jeffery was the first to wake up, he gently unwrap Della’s hands off him and stood up

He looked at her cute sleepy face then recalled what she told him yesterday, she said that she loves him, he still couldn’t believe it

He smiled so widely then hurriedly stole a kss from her lips and stood up, he walked to the fridge and opened it, it was empty

“This foodie, what has she been eating since” he sighed and borrowed her laptop then pressed some things

After a while the doorbell was heard and he rushed to the door, it was a sales woman with a cart of packed goods

“Your order” she said, looking at him flirtatiously but he just collected it and slammed the door at her face

He arranged all he bought in the fridge and crossed his arms, thinking of what she should cook before she wakes up

He took his phone and went to Google then began texting

“What can a girl eat for breakfast” he searched, Google brought out different foods but he choose to make the omelette and milk

He took some eggs and broke it on the frying pan, while waiting for it to fry, he went to the fridge to take the milk

He poured it inside the glass kettle he just bought and began warming it

The omelette was finally done, he smiled and removed it from the frying, he was about dishing it out on a plate when he felt an arm wrapped around his stomach

Her scent, it’s her… It’s Della

“Good morning” she smiled resting her head on his back, Jeffery creased his brows. She’s acting like she’s no longer shy

“Good morning” he replied

“What are you making over there, I could barely sleep?” She asked

“Breakfast for us, do you love omelette?” He asked and she nodded

“I love it” she said and kissed his back

After arranging it on a plate and turning of the gas which the milk was boiling, he lifted her up and made her sit on the counter

“Last night, what you said, you really meant it?” He asked and she smiled then wrapped her arms around his neck

“You’re the only one that have ever made me felt this way, saved, loved, protected, comfortable. I love you Jeff” she replied

He brought his hands to her waist and leaned closer, his nose brushing against hers

“Say it again please” he whispered

“I said I love you, I’ve actually loved you for a long time and when you confessed, I didn’t know how to say it back, but now I’m saying it back” she said

“I love you too” he smiled and she pecked his lips but he didn’t allow it to go just there

He kssed her.
It went on for some times and they were both breathless when they pulled away

They looked at themselves and smiled before Jeffery bumped his forehead on hers

“I love you” he said again

Della nodded, she was too breathless to say it back so she just rubbed on his cheeks and pecked his jaw

“I love you too” she smiled

The scene of the both of them in that position where Della was sitting on the counter and Jeffery standing in between her tighs was nothing but a beautiful scene to watch.


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