THE KING AND I SEASON 2: Episode 1-10



Written by: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya
Next morning
Dawn’s pov?
I opened my eyes slowly just staring at the blue painted walls with a clock hung on it.

I sniffed and rolled to the other side of the bed.
King Lee was sitting on a couch with his legs on the table.

He was drinking from a glass cup and I guessed it was wine.

I groaned and dragged myself to sit up resting my back on the numerous pillows.
I could still feel the pains from last night.

I went through h’ll last night. I never imagined it would feel like being punctured with a d@gger down there.

I raised the duvet a little and took a peep from my lower body. There was a little bl©©d that soaked the bedsheet.

At least I’m glad my first time was with King Lee and it’ll forever be with him…right?

G©sh! What now?
Will he toss me aside just like Alicia and Simone?

My heart ached but I quickly suspended the thought immediately King Lee glanced at me.

Oh God…
He definitely gets cuter each passing day.
I felt bashful and pulled the duvet higher so it could cover my chest completely.

“Good morning, your Majesty” I muttered smiling.

He smiled lightly and looked away.

“G©sh! You’re such a sleeper, aren’t you? Guess what time it is?” He asked and I twitched.

Yeah…what is the time?
The sun shone brightly like it was already noon.

“I…I really don’t know” I mumbled.

“Its almost 9a.m” He said and I gawped at the clock in the room.

He’s right! How did I sleep for such a long time???

“I’m so sorry, your highness” I chimed and climbed down from the bed tightly holding onto the duvet.

“You’re forgiven” He replied licking his lips.
I suddenly remembered how he kssed me last night. It was out of this world.

“When are we going back to the castle, your highness?” I asked sitting at the edge of the bed.

“As soon as the pains in between your legs stops – completely” He replied and I couldn’t help but blush.
Muzana Kingdom

King Cedric’s pov?
“Yes, my Lord” The guard replied prostrating.

I cleared my throat.
“Go and fetch me Sir Blade.
Under no circumstances, should you come back here without him” I ordered sternly.

He bowed again and walked out of the office while I continued pacing around worriedly.

I kept reminiscing about what happened last night with King Lee – its dangerous to lie to someone like him to his face.

I was able to know the person impersonating Princess Anna because Blade told me just before the conference started.

That devil kept such an important detail from me until the conference. He deserves to be punished…And what hurts me the most is that my precious daughter, Anna is dead.

I can’t believe she killed herself…Her blood should be in my hands.

I heard footsteps and stopped walking.

“Good morning, your highness” I heard his voice and turned to spare him a glance.

“Blade. I trusted you with my daughter – how can you do this to me?!!” I rasped and he scoffed.

“I wasn’t the one who told her to kill herself and also…you should be thanking me, your Majesty. If I didn’t replace Anna, We would all be enslaved by now!” He chided irascibly.

I stared at him, awe-filled with the whole thing.

“You should have at least told me…this is risky, Blade.
Did you even think about King Lee’s reaction when he finds out about everything??”.

He chuckled and approached me.

“If King Lee finds out about this – Then that girl – Dawn is on her own cause what we’ll do is to deny knowing anything about it. You’ll tell him you had eye defect and that Dawn has a resemblance with Anna. We’ll pin the whole thing on Dawn being an imposter – that’s the only solution now to escape from King Lee’s wrath” He stated with an ev1l grin.


Alicia’s pov?
“What do you mean you couldn’t kill her???” I yelled into the phone.

“I couldn’t stand up to King Lee…He’s a dangerous man. Who knows what he’ll do to me” He replied ludicrously.

“You good for nothing man! Aren’t you a dangerous a$$assin too? My sister recommended you with hopes that you won’t mess up but we were wrong. You’re completely useless!!” I bickered and hung up.

That man is such a chicken..

A guard told me the king went somewhere unknown with princess Anna.
Where on earth could they have gone to?

Today is the worst day of my entire life.

Dawn’s pov?
I took a warm bath and brushed my teeth before moving back to the horrid wardrobe in just my towels.

King Lee wasn’t in the room and that made me relieved.

There was no protective female dress in the wardrobe and that got me worried.
I can’t walk around the house in nighties..

I decided to look amongst King Lee’s clothes in the bigger wardrobe.

It required a password to open and I pondered if it was really a wardrobe. It looked like on though…

What’s King Lee keeping from me?
The door opened and he walked in.

Oh no…
I was backing him and had no idea where he was headed.
Suddenly, I felt his two hands hold my waist from behind.

I gulped getting weak at the knees.

“Your Majesty,
Please open the wardrobe.
I need to get some clothes” I said with a shaky voice.

He turned me slowly to face him.
His eyes pierced into mine and I went numb.

“If I open it…I need something in return” He said breezily.

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