THE ROYAL WEDDING: Episode 41-The End

??? THE

By Debbie

?Episode 41?



I went to my room and sat on the bed. The place was quiet and I felt really bored. My mind shifted back to Liyah. There’s something so strange about her. This minute she’s fine and the next minute, she’s acting all strange. I decided to forget about her. I stood up and opened my bag. I saw a paper. I opened it up. It was one of the painting I took from Liyah, The day I saw her painting. I smiled, checking it out.

Looking at the picture, I realised Liyah had tried to show me she loves me. I just didn’t noticed on time. Her jealousy from the onset, the dozens of paintings she did. They all point out to one thing. She loves me but doesn’t know how to show it.

“Maybe, I’ve been too harsh on her” I thought

“Of course you were” my subconscious mind said

I groaned

It’s right. I’ve been so blinded by my feelings, that I never bothered to know how she feels too and if it was ok for her to let me know she loves me.

“You were suppose to help her love you but instead, you criticize her” it said

I nodded in agreement

“If I wasn’t so harsh on her the very first day we met, she wouldn’t have played double for me. If I had not tell her that night she drew those pictures, not to love me, she wouldn’t have hide her feelings for me as well as avoid me. And I’m sure if she had not avoid me, her jealousy would not have increased. She became a spooky princess because of me”

I sigh. “I’m the reason she became like this and yet, when she asked for forgiveness I did not reply her. I made her tell me her feelings for me nt force and made her run away from me. And when she really did say it the second time, I begin to avoid her and made her look so unkempt”

I sigh, and sit on my bed, still holding the painting. I stared at it and smiled. She’s really good at drawings. My smile faded, when I realized that I have a short time to spend here. After the wedding, I’ll be going back to New York and might not be coming back to North Richland again.

I decided to make the most of the time left. “But how?” I thought

“You start by making up for the things you’ve done” my subconscious mind said

I rolled my eyes. I still doesn’t know how??

“Why don’t you start by giving her a gift” it said

I rolled my eyes

“Like an apology gift or so”

I smiled. Nice idea, but what?


I rolled my eyes. She doesn’t look like a flower girl. She also doesn’t look like someone who will want a girl stuff.

“I’m out of ideas then. You should think for yourself, I’m off to sleep”

I rolled my eyes and yawn. Gosh, I feel so tired right now. But I needed to think of the perfect gift.

“Why can’t you draw her?” My subconscious mind said

I rolled my eyes. I thought it said it’s off to sleep?

“How can I sleep when you wouldn’t stop thinking? Huh?”

I rolled my eyes. That’s a good idea. I have some painted pictures of her. I’ll just choose one of it and then add some things.

“No, you should paint a new one” my subconscious mind said.

I rolled my eyes.


It took me a while to finish painting and also to get some stuff to add. When I was done, I left my room with the gift and went in search of her room. Since I’ve never been there before, i asked for directions from the guards. When I got there, her room was locked.

I groaned. I asked the guard about her whereabout but he said he doesn’t know. So I went back to my room, promising to come back later.


I got to the underground chamber. After making sure no one saw me, I entered and dropped the basket of berries on thee floor. I opened the shelves, and brought out the things I needed for the painting. I’ve decide to start painting the canvases I want to give to Evelyn as her wedding gift.

I dropped them and made sure they were arranged before sitting down to work. I made use of my black aproan, to avoid getting stain and began to sketch, starting from the face. I made a mistake and had to tear it out.

I got a new plain sheet, and tried sketching again but I made a mistake. My attention was divided, making it difficult for me. I tried twice but kept making same mistake. My mind drifted back to Kyle and I lost concentration. I tore out the third paper and threw It into the bin. I don’t know why my mind kept drifting back to Kyle.

“Maybe if I press my Phone, it will distract me from thinking about him” I thought.

I stood up from my drawing stool and went to lay down on the couch, pressing my phone. I got tired and dropped the phone on the couch. I adjusted a bit so I could take a short nap. It was the buzzing of my phone that woke me up.

I checked the caller. It was David

?Hey baby boo

I chuckled


?Hope you didn’t get into trouble last night?

?Well I did but someone saved me

?Really? Who succeeded in saving you. Taliyah of all people?

I chuckled

?Someone who adorns me

He laughed

?Are you for real? You mean someone now adorns you?

?Hey it’s not like I’m that bad right

?I never said you were. I’m just surprise. Who was brave enough to face the king and save you?

I rolled my eyes

?Oh my, I didn’t even ask you who saved you. A guy or a lady?

I groaned

?Why am I even asking. It definitely going to be a guy. Tell me his name. Is he cute? Does he have pink lips like you always wanted?. Is he tall, slim with dreamy eyes? Is his eyes blue like the ocean? Does he love you? Do you also love him?

I laughed

?Hey!!. Your questions are much. Where do you want me to start from?

?Any where darling. Just make sure you answer all my questions

?Ok, I’ll answer the ones I can and ignore the ones I can’t

?No way. You’re definitely answering all my questions

I groaned


He chuckled

?Which one do you want to start from?

I rolled my eyes

?For your first question, it’s a guy and his name is Kyle

He chuckled

?Will you quit chuckling

?Ok. Next question

I rolled my eyes

?He’s cute

He giggled

?My friend sure have a good eyes

I groaned

?Next question

?Well, I don’t know if he loves me or not

He groaned

?That’s not the next question?

I rolled my eyes

?Well I don’t know the answers to those

?You don’t sound like someone saying the truth. You know what, I’m coming asap.

?No!! don’t you dare come to the palace

?Of course I’ll and i’m coming with Melvin

?Is he there with you?

?No, i’ll go to his house first


?You’re going to answer every questions again when we see

?Even with the once i’ve answered?



?Cause I don’t believe them

I laughed

?You know I can’t lie to you right?

?Well, seems you want to start now

?Of cause not

He groaned

?Dont make me talk too much and end up changing my mind. Now get off my phone

I whined

?That’s too harsh

?Sorry baby doll but still get off my phone

I chuckled


?Say that to my face when you see me, ok?

I laughed


The call ended and I groaned. He won’t even let me talk. I smiled. At least he had successfully lighten up my day.

I left the chamber and went back to my room. I need to have a better shower and get dressed before David shows up or he will taunt me with his words.

I got to my room and went straight to the bathroom. I spend half an hour, washing my hair. And another half an hour to wash my body when i wa done, I stepped out of the bathroom.

I was seated on the chair, facing the dressing mirror, when I noticed a package on the bed. I stood up and went closer to it, inspecting it. On it wa written: from friend.

I rolled my eyes. I can’t remember having a friend here, aside Melvin and David. It can’t be Eva either. I decided to check it out. I opened it and brought out a frame or rather a canvas. it was a painted picture of me.

I stared at it in shock. The only person who would have done this is Kyle but I find it difficult to believe. He’s been avoiding me, why will he want to give me this?. I brought out the next one, and it was a painting of nature.

I chuckled. Dropping it, I brought out a black hair clip with a red flowering design. A paper was attached to it. I opened it up and it read thus:

“I feel really bad, writing this. I know, no matter what I say; right now; would cover up for what I’ve done to you. I just want you to forgive me. And i want us to be friends ok?.
I know you don’t like girl stuff but I feel the hair clip will look so good on you. Hope you love it.

Love Kyle

I smiled. He finally apologize!!!. I jumped up happily. I so much love the hair clip.
I quickly got dressed, placed the hair clip on my hair and went in search of him. I sight him at the garden and walked closer to him.

“Hey” I cooed

He turned to face me. “Hey”

“Thanks for the gift”

“Glad you love it”. I touched my hair shyly, caressing it.

“You should sit” he said

“No thanks. I only came to say thank you”

He nodded

I turned to leave but stopped. “Can I hug you?” I asked

He stared at me. “You said?”

“Can I hug you?”

“Sure” he replied

I walked closer to him and hug him. I pecked him on his check and ran off. I don’t know why I’m feeling so shy now. I held the clip, staring at it. I’ve been receiving gifts, but this is the best gift ever!! and I will so cherish it!!.


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