David picked up his phone and called Margret (the lady he wants to marry)

“Hello! Margret, am in my family house now. You can come over let me introduce you to my mum.”

Margret was happy, she jumped on her bed.

“Is your mum at home now?”

She asked with a lot of excitement. Trusting that David’s mum will accept such a beautiful girl like her.

“She went to the market in town but she will be back shortly. Please hurry up and come over.”

She threw her phone on the bed, picked up her towel and rushed to her bathroom.


She was seated in a bus. The bus conductor was still calling for more passengers.

A woman in her mid fifties walked in to the bus.

“please my daughter let me sit close to the door while you shift in because of my load, please” said the woman.

Margaret replied
“Madam abeg no disturb me oh, I first you enter this bus oh. If you no fit sit down for inside you better go find another bus.”

The mid fifty woman felt embarrassed, but she didn’t utter any more words.
She squeezed herself in and sat down quietly.


“Oya make una come down sharp sharp” said the bus conductor.

They’ve gotten to the final bus stop.

Margret and the woman were standing under the sun waiting for bike.

Suddenly a bike came their way. They both beckoned on the bike man at the same time


The bike man took a reverse and Margaret rushed towards the bike while the woman came behind her.

*”please, my daughter let me enter the bike because of my load, am expecting a guest soon and I have to go and put something on the fire for my visitor please.”* Said the woman.

Margaret looked at her angrily and said

“Madam, them send you come for me this afternoon? Abeg ooo tell them say you no see me oh!”

She entered the bike and the bike man drove-off to her destination.

She got to David’s family house, David gave her a warm embrace.

“I believe my mum will like you, who will reject such a beautiful girl like you?”

Margaret smiled believing David’s mum will love her, after all she’s a beautiful girl.

They were both seated waiting for David’s mum.

David’s mum walked into the sitting room, and to her greatest surprise she saw the same lady that spoilt her day sitting on her chair.

“David, what is this mannerless thing doing in my house?”
“Ah! Mum, she’s the girl I talked to you about” he protested looking confused.

Margaret was already soaked in shame.
Her hands and toes were already vibrating.

David’s mum explained all that happened to her son.
David was so disappointed at Margaret. And that was the end of their relationship.

Margaret soaked her pillows with tears that night, her bad character has destroyed her.

“Beauty is INDEED not enough”

With all thine BEAUTY sister add CHARACTER

“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”