(The Rescue)

Episode 13

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov:
I closed my eyes and awaited the piercing pain of the gun to take effect on me. But surprisingly, I didn’t feel a thing.

I mean, yes, he did pull the trigger; I heard the gunshot.
But how come I can’t feel a thing?

I heard another gunshot immediately and I quickly opened my eyes and discovered two from the three boys in the room were down on the floor.

What was going on?

Did…did Jeremy…

I opened my mouth and looked at him and he had pointed the gun to the remaining boy in the room.

“What? Jeremy what do you think you’re doing?” He asked abacked.
Shocks was large writ on his face.

“I’m sorry, Tonio” Jeremy replied and shot him and he fell to the floor and passed out.

Oh, my God!

My fear had tripled and my entire body was shaking.

Jeremy came to me immediately and fred me from the ropes that bounded me.

I was transfixed with shock and couldn’t even say a word.

He held my hand and started running away with me.

He led me through the back door and we came out to a silent dark passage.

My entire body was hurting so badly and I found it difficult to even move.
But Jeremy kept drawing and forcing me along with him.

I ran with great difficulty and we’ came across two armed men.

Jeremy made use of his gun and shot them.

Oh, God!
Is Jeremy really trying to save me?

An alarm went off in the building immediately and with the look on Jeremy’s face, it seems everyone has been informed of his betrayal.

Oh, God!

More men are definitely going to come after us now.

He kept running with me and made use of some strange dark corners.

We were still inside the building, but after sometime, we finally got outside but unfortunately, we met some men in front of us and they shot at us and one of the bullets landed on Jeremy’s leg.

Oh, heavens!
He shrieked in pains and fell on the floor.
But surprisingly, he still made use of his gun and was able to bring down the men.

His leg was already bleeding and I could see he was in so much pains.
“Jeremy” I called fearfully and went to him on the floor.

“Search for them!” I heard voices from afar and I knew more men were coming.

I quickly helped Jeremy from the floor and making him relax on my shoulders, I started leaping away with him.

We kept running in the darkness, but suddenly, he stopped and fell on the floor.

Oh, God!

“Jeremy?” I called and squatted in front of him.

“Keep going, Alyssa”. He said.
” We can’t make it out of here together.
“I’ve called Mico already and he’s going to meet you at the third junction.

“Just keep running. A fence is right ahead. Climb out and start running and you’ll get to the road. Keep running till you get to the third junction and there you’ll find Mico. Hurry”.

I didn’t even realise when tears started running down my cheeks.
Is Jeremy actually risking his life for me?

And…and he had called Mico a long time. Meaning…He actually had plans of saving me?

Oh, God!

“Come on, Alyssa; go.
I’ll stall the men when they come.” He said, his face crinkling up in pains.

My heart was tearing apart.

“I…I can’t leave you here” I said ruefully.

“Damn it, Alyssa! Don’t make everything I’ve done be in vain.” ” he spoke a little raucously.
But it was obvious he was only being frustrated from the pains.

How can I leave him all alone?
What would the other boys do to him?

“B…but, what about you?”I asked and he sighed.

“Don’t worry about me. Just go” he said bitterly and I wept.


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